BEST ARMOUR WORST GUN – IS-4M HEAVY TANK ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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BEST ARMOUR WORST GUN – IS-4M HEAVY TANK ( War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Hell yeah you’re right!!

  2. DrVinyl Scratch

    Notification squad

  3. Nice tk prediction

  4. CtrlAltDeleteLamiazz

    Hurray, time to make baby tanks!

  5. General Octopus

    @PhlyDaily How do I use Bino’s in War thunder?

  6. love your vids subed today

  7. The Creature666 !

    Ayyyy, why are you looking at this comment?

  8. Matthew Southerland

    Love what your doing phly! I’ve been craving some Russian destroyer
    gameplay in WoW?

  9. challenge, get an air kill with rockets set to explode at 1000 m range

  10. Try out Armored warfare its a game obout modern tanks and its for free ?

  11. Asriel Dreemurr


  12. DrVinyl Scratch

    I thought the IS-4M was better

  13. SIlentXHunter gaming

    phly thats some crazy hype admist a match for a tk

  14. under 500 club 😀 btw challenge : kill a tier 5 with a tier 2 plane or tank

  15. Dominik Sabedini

    nice vid and nice tank

  16. DrVinyl Scratch

    For the next tank play the PBJ.
    Aka land on a hill and snipe.

  17. charioteer mk VII and mosquito 57mm

  18. Allah's Snackbar

    came before the dislikes did

  19. Anthony Victor Bancale

    662th XD

  20. Hey phly

  21. This comemt will get 50 likes

  22. Kommandant Franz

    Intro: War Thunder’s community in a nutshell

  23. Oh man, my Comment isn’t there

  24. the is4 used to be amazing..

  25. the hole in the turret is such a big spot for the tank where its only 50mm,
    kugel can kill it XD

  26. NEXT PLAY T80 XD

  27. Great video! Seriously keep it up, you’re doing great. I liked the video
    for you! Maybe you could check a few vids of mine out too?! Eitherway, keep
    up the good work


  29. webetube sittingdown


  30. I challenge you to kill an air vehicle with bombs do it

  31. #TKhype

  32. Leo + arado !!!!

  33. challange time Boys!!! Phly kill a top tier tank with the Duck or a few
    10kg bombs DO IT!!

  34. Dimitriy “TommyvercettyGT”


  35. marder 3h

  36. Hi Steve what’s up?

  37. The tigers 88 is better than this gun just 18mm less pen.

  38. Cameron Jefferies

    Jagdtiger and the Me 252 A-1/U4 for all the luftwaffles and

  39. Tiger 2 the german Miezekatze

  40. Castorul cu dinti mici Salbatic

    it would be a better tank if gaijin will put some penetration or a fast
    reaload time

  41. btw phly the is4 has only 60mm in the front of the turret in that hole at
    the left of the gun

  42. Next: Helldiver with the Baby Pershing!
    M4A3 105 with P-39 w/ Bazookas

  43. the was the fock is das for combo T3 russian tank (pz3) and the hurricane
    mk IIb (and sorry for le bad engrisch) GL HF from the dutch side

  44. OfficialCasper The Apple

    We need big guns to resist the russians take out the sherman 105 mm with
    the pbj-1h 75 mm gun

  45. Hey man going to stream today?

  46. Orlando Alvarado

    the T-34-100

  47. T-44-100 and Il-10 (1946) please Phly

  48. TiberiousThe Labrador

    the last time I came this early I said this same thing in the comments.

  49. Truman Schroeder

    phly, can you please play the m60

  50. M22 and B29!!!!

  51. nice video xD

  52. 14:09 saw that leo, the but cheak clenching was real!

  53. Cole Kitelinger

    No, always shoot through the gunners sight, it’s actually only 50mm, I’ve
    taken an is4 out with a sdkfz 6/2

  54. I killed a is4 from the front with an m3a1 Stuart

  55. phly I love your job keep doing what are you doing

  56. i15R

  57. Phly, your tank crew is the only one alive. Those Vietnamese bastards have
    us under huge bombardment. Take the last M60 and find any HEATFS shells you
    can find. Kill them commie bastards. Here’s a radio aswell, if you need air
    support, there’s a carrier 50 miles south of here that is loaded with F9F-5
    Panthers. Do not let us down, Uncle Sam is counting on you.

  58. xXButterSlabsXx

    Hey Phly, take out a Maus and a Mig-15 “Double M Combo!!”… why? I just
    wanted to comment cuz I’m bored

  59. Intro had me laughing so hard.

  60. i know it is a game that revolves around tanks and planes but in realism
    tanks would never go into battle without infantry, so where are they?

  61. Chris the pissed off poolee

    Small penis combo. T-10M with Russian nuke bomber. Embrace the chode

  62. do a sea battle ?

  63. sheridan is gonna be add into war thunder!!!!!

  64. M41 bulldog and P-47 Thunderbolt with Full load

  65. Upright productions

    T-60 and I-16 pls

  66. Take out the T-35 and TB-3, you are a giant of the land and sky!

  67. Phly, can you explain what the intro was to me, please?

  68. kv 13 next plz

  69. Kacper Kołodziejczyk

    Probably dumb question, but who the hell thought putting Americans and
    Germans on the same team in RB is a good idea? That is one hell of an
    oddball combo :P

  70. Was that Leopard at 11:20 appearing out of nowhere a spotting mechanic,
    renddering issue or he just climbed there up really quickly?? o.O

  71. how do you get that tank

  72. I love your content so much! Great stuff! You have the best vids and you
    deserve way more subscribers! I can’t wait to see you reach 1M subs! Keep
    on doing what you’re doing, – Ethan

  73. Me 262 a-la and the caernarvon Mk 2

  74. that fucking intro tho

  75. CHALLENGE: Get 16 friends and have them all use the (T-95 DOOM TURTLE)

  76. @phlydaily did you get that account from warthunder or did you grind all of
    those vehicles?

  77. Blue Creeper92_YT

    American Fragile and fast combo!
    M26 chaffe (with the APCR if you want)
    And the XP-50

  78. I am famous i appeared in a phly video

  79. As far as I’m aware, that’s the same gun from the IS-2 Mod. 1944 (BR 6.7).
    IS-3 also has it, but at BR 7.3.

  80. 122mm D25T can use HE efficient. Just shoot under the “belly” of the enemy

  81. do m47 and p47m

  82. the nashorn next!

  83. T10 and MiG 17 :]

    т10 и МиГ17 Слава Россия!

  84. h1 combo. tiger h1 and ta152h1

  85. gun seems ok…


  87. Swordfish and The Fv. 4004 Conway.

  88. Dog Of The Log (DogOfTheLog)

    Phly! I have a challenge for you. To hunt, and kill at least four Tigers
    with a Stuart. Good luck to you. o7

  89. Da comrade. Next you shall play the T-10m. For the motherland!!

  90. Andrew Stadtmueller

    Hey Phlydaily You should play the JagdPanther und die Me-410 B6/R3

  91. Best armor ? You can penetrate the front of it’s turret with a Panzer IV C
    if you aim right of the cannon.

  92. Hey phly my challenge is try to kill as many tanks in a battle but without
    hitting the tank itself. i.e by hitting the ground in front of the tank.
    Good luck!! :))

  93. Anonymousobject Unknown


  94. Nashorn and the FW-190 D-13 with bombs

  95. ahh phly!! you been over editing again in your crossout video lol.

  96. worst gun??? you were one shotting everything, and that wasn’t even the
    best pen ammo you had.

  97. Come back to Germany and get some Panther G, Tiger II P and Fw 190 d9
    gameplay! Do it! Do it now!

  98. I don’t play WT but I can tell this is one of my favourite tanks…this is
    because it is balanced. It requires both players (IS4 Driver and his enemy)
    to think about where they’re aiming. The IS4 has to think because his gun
    is shit, and the enemy has to think because of the armour on the IS4. Well
    done WT for getting something right :)

  99. play the IS-3

  100. On the left side of the turret is a little hole. That can be penetrated

  101. Panzer Optional

    SMK and Yak-9K!!! Heavy hitting combo!

  102. I think I’ve only team killed 1 guy because he was trying to kill me.

  103. play the m15 gmc, i have never seen you play it

  104. Mahyar Barzegari

    PhlyDaily you should play this awesome game it’s called from the Depths

  105. Caffined Uncle12

    Finally is4

  106. Andreas Müller

    To kill a IS-4 from the front you only need a gun with >50mm of
    penetration. Aim for the optic there is a hole in the 250mm plate.

  107. sabot might get through it

  108. Go play the IS-7 XD

  109. Karl Hildorsson

    Kv 2-kv 1

  110. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    With the 122 D-25T you can pen a Maus’s side, I’ve had to do it in a IS-2

  111. phly please m46 tiger and p51

  112. Play the Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer

  113. JPZ-45 and 50mm narwhal

  114. KV-6


  115. I think the vid would have been better if he actually showcased the tank a
    bit more, just so its more than a show of the gun in the second part of the

  116. You can put a round right through the mantlet on the right side if you’re
    looking at it, given they look at you. Smart players will turn the turret
    and give you the left side where there’s no hole, I don’t know if it’s an
    armor bug or not but usually takes out the entire crew in the turret and
    screws up the cannon breach, turret ring, etc. Giving them a lovely 40s
    repair time and crap reload. I do it all the time in my Tiger 2 as the
    lower glacias isn’t really guaranteed to pen, or kill anything worthwhile.

  117. ACHTUNG! Zee General Von Scheisse has asked you to EXTERMINATE all Jews…
    I mean all Russian, British or American scheisse! He himself, has given you
    zee JagdPanzer 4-5, with a anti-ground Ho 229.

  118. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    Prepare your butt holes every high tier player the sheridan is coming in

  119. The gun is great, It is going against Lepords and Cheiftains so when it
    pens it will be a one shot, it will never over pen like the Lepord or any
    other post war tanks.

  120. m2a2 and p26 peashooter!!!!

  121. Abdurrahman Wahid

    Phly Try the Tank dating sim ! on steam!!

  122. almost the 300k subs Phly, there better be some stream games like the good
    old days :D

  123. comet with typhoon

  124. “He should’ve saw”

    Native English speakers… 15:40

  125. Churchill mk3 hurricane mk4

  126. Take out the normal t44! I want to see how you deal with KT spam xD

  127. We need the IS7 to put the hurt on the post war tanks 🙂 .

  128. namelesspistachio

    Lets fuckin go, I saw my name.

  129. stefan talpalaru

    Challenger or cromwell

  130. Be nice if they gave the IS-4M better ammo to use. Both the Maus and E-100
    are getting APDS, so why shouldn’t the IS-4M.

  131. Generalfeldmarschal Phly, we have special mission for you, our new airctaft
    with jet engine needs right hands, ze he 162 is ready to flight. show us
    how ace is doing it correctly

  132. the zero and a king tiger

  133. Bryann Van Der Voort

    F7F-1 TIGERCAT and the T32,Phly!! make Murica great again!

  134. Here’s a challenge you might wanna do… it is much like the one you did a
    while ago with the M2A2 and the F2 sabre, but this time I want you to use a
    Chieftain and a Swordfish!

  135. Swagosaurus Rex

    Plz take out the Churchill MK3 and the Beef wellington with 4k bomb

  136. Can you do the t-54 1951 and mig-17 next

  137. T10 plz

  138. The Beaufighter Mk.21 and the Comet please :)

  139. back in the day when I first got the is 4 the thing was a beast it was
    basically the Russian maus with much better maneuverability and a barely
    acceptable gun but now with the fsh rounds it basically makes armor
    meaningless so now there’s really only 2 ways that I’ve found to do well in
    it and that is if the is 4 is top teir and there’s no leapord or chieftains
    or m60s in the game or do what ply is doing here play sneaky unlike it was
    ment to be played so the tank is basically useless at this point that the
    game is at the only way that I can see that would bring the is 4 back to
    its former glory is if they put tanks with fsh rounds at there own teir
    make them 9.0 br that’s what I say who agrees or disagrees with me tell me
    what u think

  140. Panzerführer Chavez

    Fly the best jet in the game. The Meteor F Mk.3.

  141. Yo phly, what about taking the Tiger H1 out in battle? i feel like there
    are no recent videos on it

  142. HischiAirForce CH

    the start was so funny

  143. Caffined Uncle12

    Phly have you’ve done the cheiftan w/ the hawkerhunter..?? If not plz do :)

  144. brandon SIMMONS

    zis-30 w/ yak-9 do it for mother russia or go to gulag

  145. @2:37 “this StalinWood right here is 160mm, very very good armour”

  146. Superplushbros3000

    Why is it so hard to get tier 5 vehicles


  148. Leopard & Arado-C3!!!

  149. is 7 plls

  150. Lucas Mota Teixeira

    It’s sir Ply Yellsalot!


  151. Christoph Rantscher

    For fucks SAKE Phly! Please stop this “secondary Ammo-Type” BS. If one
    shell is better than another take this one. It’s a different story with
    APCR and APCBC but when you have the IS4M with 3 different APHE(BC) shells
    it just doesnt make sense. Same with the leopard. last time you took
    APDS!!! with you although you had HEATFS!

  152. zoawar213 BF gamer

    Play whit crusader mark 3 against tier 4 tanks and try get 3 kills. And you
    will get a reward: Nothing

  153. 02:55 phly you dum dum that is a weakspot there is a bit there with only 50
    something armor there


    These longer videos are great Phly, how about you try out the A6m2 for some
    low tier fun.

  155. Phly take out the Super Pershing (its only 6.7) and

  156. yeah heatfs will punch clean through this thing

  157. Whats the best tank or most OP tank?

  158. I dont get why you took the other ammo types, the 230mm pen is the only
    usefull and the cannon oneshots everything anyways

  159. challange: try to get a plane kill in RB but you cant use your mouse to
    move or aim, only use your keyboard.

  160. play the coelian!!

  161. its time to show ze world ze fire power of ze germen 30mms use the Me262
    c-1 or c2 (what ever you prefer) and the kugelblitz!

  162. luis tapia aranda

    play the f2 combo, panzer IV F2 and the bf109 F2, both of them have great
    anti-tank weapons

  163. Click that damn “Get Reward” please!! It’s annoying! :O


  165. I hate that what they did with the Game … I mean that with the Last Man
    Standing :(

  166. IM GAY

  167. Stalin’s mighty bias : T-34 1940 with any flavour yak XD

  168. Phly can plz do t29

  169. Adrian the Car Enthusiast


  170. hull cheeks = shoulder blades

  171. “This is possibly the worst gun at this tier”

    One shots everything

  172. I WANT THE MAUS BF110c4

  173. … best armor? i killed one couple days ago with a Venturion 3 frontally,
    thinking it was an IS2
    killed two T54s too :D

  174. i need more aviation

  175. Why was he cheering for the team killer?

  176. Phly dont trust the armor value of the maus cheeks

  177. I love you solo tank only videos, or plane only. I find them the best and
    most enyojable

  178. 7:55 #phly needs glasses

  179. Seriously Phly why do you tell people not to shoot at the main way to kill
    and is4m

  180. Could you please play the Is-3 ??

  181. Amnesiagrunt2356

    Darnit Phly I’m still waiting for the Tunisia map last night where i killed
    you in your M47 Patton, (sorry still so happy about that cause I didn’t eve
    relies it was you until after.)

  182. Medium Tank M4A3 (105) HVSS Sherman and P-39-Q-5 Air Cobra with Bazookas in
    a Tier IV battle

  183. LoadScreenComms

    Hey Phly, got a challenge for you. Kill a IS4M with the Pz. 4 F2. It is
    possible, believe me. You need to shoot for the gunner’s scope and the
    shell will do the rest. Don’t believe me, try it out in a test drive

  184. the TOG 2

  185. its rear

  186. and TOG means The Old Gana

  187. IS-1 with Yak-9T

  188. Maybe the T-92 and AD-2 fun raider. Haven’t see you play the t92 yet. : /

  189. mean Gang

  190. The fw 190 d13 and the premium tiger 2! Show Stalin the might of the

  191. M47 Hellcat, new tank coming next patch :D

  192. Love the IS-4 on WoT, and it seems i’ll like on Warthunder aswell. Aaas
    soon as i get there ^^’

  193. TheFlyingAussie

    Do the M36 JACKSON/SLUGGER and the A-26-45 Invader! TEACH THOSE JERRIES A
    LESSON! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  194. impenetrable frontal turret armor? Uhm I would like to challenge that my
    good sir!

    I have killed Is4-m tanks with my Coelian AAA tank by shooting the mg hole
    in the left side of the turret (looking at the tank from the back).

  195. First Like!

  196. PANTHER F AND ME262 50mm

  197. ReminiscentTuber 11 (RT)


  198. mia_san krüppel

    Hi Phly how about living the Hetzer life again i dont see that beauty
    anymore in my battles:)

  199. If you think that the IS4M has the worst gun for his BR, play the Churchill
    Mk VII ;)

  200. I used to be so scared of this tank then I unlocked the m60 :)

  201. Jaroslav Ksandr

    PO-2 at highest tier. :DD

  202. Last Hans standing Maus+ Lord Arado with the 4 engiens

  203. Well phlyDaily that’s how life is on the IS-4 like I do agree with of the
    is-4 having more penetration and all that but it’s good tank

  204. try using the german T-28,

  205. Play the Leo and the Ho

  206. The Gaming Banana

    better armor then a king tiger
    way more manouvreable then king tiger still lighter then the fucking king

    how the fuck?

  207. This Intro xDDDD

  208. Ufc2 Best Replays

    challenge Phly!: take out the Cheftain mark3 with the swordfish on
    realistic battles and try and kill a tank with a torpedo 😉

    ps: good luck, you’ll need it…

  209. Leopard 1 pls :)

  210. Dominic Peakman

    the m60 has the same gun as a centurion lol. phly don’t know about guns on
    tanks. READ THE STUFF BEFORE LAVING DOWN THE LAW. the 120mm on the Conway,
    conquerer, and M103 (American) is the same. the 105mm is the same on the
    leopard, m60, and centurion (British). that’s the TRUTH.

  211. Screensaving Gamer

    wow I wanted this one badly, thanks!!!

  212. i really enjoy your videos just wanted to thank you

  213. The knights who say Ni

    How do you use those bino’s?

  214. why not just use the 471d shell?? its a lot better, I use it with my IS-2
    its OP

  215. Patrick Inkognito

    how does he adjust his turret while aiming with binoculars?
    i mean, he clicks something, stays in bino, but the turret/gun is aiming
    towards where he is looking down with binos?

  216. Next combo: The Helldiver + M36 Jackson pls

  217. PHLY drive out the Ferdinand!

  218. william leclerc

    t26e4 plz !! :D

  219. Australian Bias!
    Take out the thunderbolt and the beaufighter mk21

  220. Phly take out the su 122-54 and the il 28 plez, for mother russia and
    father stalin

  221. ZUT-37 and the IL2 the best ever!

  222. Ryan mclaughlin minecraft

    spitfire mk1 (roll and blow)

  223. Russian Bias right?

  224. Play the T-10m and use any Russian jet.

  225. Phly, show those Nazi’s the power of Russian Bias!!! Use the SU-100Y, a 5.3
    P.R. tank with 260mm penetration! The ultimate Maus killer it makes the
    KV-2 look like a toy.

  226. That M103 spilled that Conqueror’s tea.

  227. T-44 and the IL-10 1946

  228. ROCKET COMBO!!!!
    T34 Calliope and P-47D-28 with rocket loadout!
    *freedom intensifies

  229. T-35 and MBR-2 and Stalin shall give you a one way trip to Gulag! (third

  230. Phly can you do a video using the Cromwell 1 and 5 and do a little
    comparison on which is better to use.

  231. why did u say gameboys in the end?

  232. Iv killed ton of is4s with king tiger P and H just hit turret cheeks in
    head on and laugh that is4 has calls u hacker that happen to me. the power
    of 88mm is amazing on side note good video keep them comeing

  233. branimir CLASSIFIED

    i just love watching these videos because of how AMAZING war thunder looks,
    my poor PC cant handle it so i have to play it on the lowest of low, still
    LOVE to play this game though even on 13-26 fps :D

  234. Actually, I’ve discovered on the test course that the IS-4M can be
    penetrated from the front even by flak guns if you target the gunner’s
    viewport next to the main gun. Put a round through there and you’ll score a
    crew KO.

  235. What was that binocular thing you used? When you killed the second leo…

  236. do the T34

  237. If you think that gun is bad try the T-60.

  238. racistkiller :3

    @PHLY play the ki44 otsu (40mm variant ) and put it up against it,s target
    it was made to destroy the b29
    short description get slick baron or somone else in a 6.0 aircraft and
    squad with them so u get in 6.0 mm

  239. jagdtiger

  240. play the elephant and fock wolf

  241. Brian S. clemente



    Nashorn + Fw 190 F-8 with 1000kg bomb or Me 410 B-6/R3. play glass
    Ferdinand! :v Let’s show them BR 5.3 Jäger!


    in soviet russia, armoured vehicle doesn’t protect crew, crew protects
    amoured vehicle.


  244. Guillermo piñero

    T-10M y el Mig17 Spain watch u bro

  245. IS-7 though, it’s front armor can’t be damaged by the best shells from a
    T-10M, that uses the exact same gun as the IS-7 too, and it tops out in
    speed higher then 60 kilometers an hour with fast as hell acceleration.
    Basically a Maus with double or triple the front armor going as fast as the
    fastest car in the game with the best gun in the game.


    Do the t10m

  247. Gabriel David Caneo Araya

    Lol, why did the Conqueror TeamKill the M103 ?

  248. What is with the crosshair in tanks it snaps in any direction (most of
    the time up) when you look from close up to far away, and the opposite
    happens when you look from far to close?

  249. The sides are so strong so it can side scrape like a best .

  250. Love your vids phly

  251. Captain Dreadnought

    “we may have problems penetrating a maus”

    *phly then one shots a maus from long range*

  252. Can you do a tutorial on how to play in realistic battle for ground and air

  253. that’s strange, there’s one “rule of thumb” regarding armor effective
    thickness and that is: slope at 60º=2x armor thickness, so it should be
    close to 280mm of effective thickness but I guess phly wasn’t looking at it
    from the best angle (paralell to the ground) and reduced the angle between
    is point-of-view and the armor plate, on the other hand the lower plate
    should indicate a higher effective thickness than normal

  254. Is4 becomes just a joke for the Leopards…

  255. Jagdtiger next

  256. this is why HEAT-FS is a game breaker, if that wasn’t in the game some
    tanks might get a chance to do something against higher BR tanks

  257. Lest get some top their German Td game Play i don’t have the game so i
    don’t know what tank it is because i never see u play tds Phly lest change

    Give this a like.

  258. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I feel like the German top tier has had no love recently… Give us some
    post-war German love with the JPZ4-5 please???? :3

  259. Ğємнєαят

    you always call us ‘boys’ what if there are girls tankers or pilots?

    i played Ash River…. ON NIGHT TIME… BEST kill from the shallows
    ever…. ninja kills

  260. 12:45 “My job, that I am trying to accomplish right now is Tango, Tango,

    Phly just wants to dance

  261. david kammermeier

    T-10M please

  262. I have a challenge try to bomb tanks while flying really low and not dying

  263. Russia best contry in the world

  264. Sounds like Phly has a remix of Everybody with the pulse in the background
    going on during the intro

  265. 13:47 Heavily against spawn camping

    congratulates teammate for spawn camping

  266. Sir Stefan Channel!

    You was about to start throwing money at those bitches at the start.
    Gotta love watching a little team fight breaking out

  267. Ardachoke Onenwalker

    Do you guys think that Germany should get the m47 as a 7.3 medium tank, as
    1,100 m47s where used by the bundeswehr?

  268. Boss4321gaming G

    play more world of ships please

  269. Historically, the IS tanks were presented as the ultimate answer in
    protection against any and all threats on the battlefield, predominantly
    incorporating the lessons learned from the German heavy tanks. They were
    basically designed just to rumble up to the enemy targets and just fire at
    them at virtually point-blank range whilst their armour would soak up all
    the punishment. It’s enormous size and weight however, coupled with the
    fact that they were enormous gas guzzlers caused it to be sidelined as a
    design series. (Plus as a design, it was obsolete by roughly 1950.) The
    much humbler T-34 would pave the way forward for the Russian MBT
    development in the following decades until today. NATO went roughly the
    other way around, by developing a few heavy machines at first, but slowly
    creating lighter models with greater mobility and firepower over armour
    which were in turn derived from WW2 medium sized models. However, nowadays
    the western MBTs have grown heavier again when compared against their
    Russian counterparts and their derivatives.

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    of the hull pen did it with a Ferd TD APCR round

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  278. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

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    relocate… it’s true

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    Russian Bias Master PhlyDaily,
    You have shown much promise over the years and Stalin himself has granted
    your family upgraded living quarters in Saint Petersburg. Now you must
    carry out a daring mission in order to keep your Beloved Lola out of Gulag.
    Use a camouflaged T-34-57 medium tank and a Yak-9K to defend Motherland. So
    go fight for Motherland or spend life sweeping snow in Gulag.

    ~With love, The Kremlin

    If you fail us then you will be in Gulag though your Beloved Lola may not
    be so lucky


    Das vi dania comrade

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    mouse is over the armour and shows the opposite …
    If not for GE yoou wouldn´t be able to have those tanks by yourself. Srsly,
    take a minute to look over the tanks armour before you record … Nearly
    300 k subs and you don´t take this serious? I am not asking for serious
    tank reviews, but I have to say the same thing to you as I say to Gaijin:
    Just don´t fuck it up …
    And the gun is more then good enough for the tanks you face. You play RB so
    you don´t face other russian tanks … -.-

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    instead of 240 which is the thickness of the surviving Maus . Coincidence
    too much Gajin ?

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  383. Vyjayanthi Pakala

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    undertiered. Proof them right by showing that the dicker Max is a tier V
    vehicle. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  390. Just a tip: in bino vision you can hold the left mouse button and move the
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