BEST ATGM or WORSE? Swingfire War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Is this game noob friendly? I am terrible at online games fighting against
    humans. But this video makes the game looks fun. I want to drive some tanks
    after watching the movie Fury!

  2. Worst. Gaijoob hates Brits with a passion.

  3. worst*

  4. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)


  5. They should add a tow missile humvee to the game

  6. it1 is extreme god. one og the best tank in wt

  7. I’m the guy that killed slickbee and Baron at the beginning of the video.
    it’s so cool to be featured in a YouTube video! sorry, Baron.

  8. The fuck is a mars car

  9. eh Baron, that leopard a 6:30 is me i’m p0ux95 XD

  10. 94th!!

  11. Damn terrible rockets. What ? 10km/h. What a low speed ?!?! i hate waiting
    rockets !

  12. Hey baron, have you ever think about summiting your videos at 60fps, just
    an idea

  13. Maybe you should learn to play it before the critique…. Then maybe offer
    a more constructive review!

  14. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    ahhh good old barren…. “my shot hit dirt because it over compensates. I
    better shoot two more into the dirt.”
    “I’m too close to my target to hit, I could drive back and use the incline
    to lower my launcher…. ooooorrr I could try and get closer”

    I suspect you are a metaphor for gaijan as a whole. Good visuals but a
    rather mediocre to shitty man behind the project.
    and much like gaijan I would be pleasantly surprised if you either got gud
    or gave up

  15. TheSteamPunkFox Minecraft And More

    i was just playing ankinator barons only been played 72 times

  16. Baron what happened to men of war Monday’s?????????

  17. The swingfire looks like an anti air rocket truck

  18. can you only o binoculars in ralistic? can’t seem to access it in arcade

  19. at least barons title asks the question rather than, he takes it out does
    good or bad in the video and then has a title saying..worst/best gun in
    game. because he did good/bad. dont know if that makes sense!

  20. missiles=cancer, resort to standard shells or go back to the gulag scrubs

  21. Yeah slick and boron are teaming up again! When I heard Slick at the
    beginning I was so happy, it was music to my ears.

  22. I would like to see the T29 vs King Tiger. The King Tiger if im correct was
    made a year before the T29 and the purpose of the T29 was to fight the King
    Tiger. I could be wrong but would be a good fight tho

  23. It is the worst by far. Brits have many disadvantages at all BRs, and if
    they even get a crumb of competitiveness, that crumb is taken away by a BR
    raise, a nerf to solid shot, or an introduction of a tank that completely
    dominates it [IT1 vs Chieftain for example]. The Swingfire is a terrible
    ATGM compared to the very powerful German and USSR tanks.

  24. Nice to see you and Slick playing together! Even if you both get dumber
    when you play as a team :P

  25. You see Ivan, if you are of use BT-5 to fight Leopards, you are of not die
    because you are of ignore and not get shot!

  26. best atgm or *worst

  27. cant stop laughing baron where you go get your shitty ATGM??? LOL

  28. drive the leopard a1a1

  29. bout time u and slick played again together

  30. One of many to Respond

    If I downloaded this game on my steam it will take 22 plus hours to load
    it. So I have to figure out what I’m going to do while I’m waiting.

  31. play the p26 :D

  32. You gotta fire high, aim it above your target, let it correct then bring it
    down ontop the tank… you want to be firing over the tank more than firing
    at it.

  33. In real life the russian ATGM had also a minimum range. The rockets where
    angled up 5 degrees or something. But warthunder did not do this in the

  34. Hey Baron, I wanna see you to use Japanese Ki-83 :v

  35. 10:0 why are you just watching?! And at 7:00 why do you just think: oh oh
    im aimiong too low, lets keep on doing that and then blame the swingfire!


  37. There once was a man from Bombay.
    Who crafted a cunt out of clay.
    The heat from his prick turned the clay into brick,
    and wore all his foreskin away.

  38. Tu Tu Ru Ru Ru Tu Ru Tu Ru :v

  39. Worst….. easily.

  40. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    Best, optic is 1 meter above tank and missiles fire upwards. Gg hills

  41. The War thunder community is just cancer they wanted this atgm and now they
    shit on Gaijin, the community will end this fucking game.

  42. Play out the Tortoise and the Brigand

    good luck >:D

  43. really it sucks swing fire ! #

  44. “thanks maaannn see u back at baseeeee” lol that cracked me up

  45. Damn, grinding through this thing in armored warfare right now, it looks
    like shit compared to the one in WT! missile launchers don’t go up and
    down, and the model is way less detailed…

  46. 50 meters is nothing when you can get knocked out by AA fire from 500m ?

  47. *Worst

  48. The Swingfire was designed to fight on the North German Plains in open
    country so the best maps to use it on would be Mosdock, El Alamein, Sinai
    and Kursk. If you use it on urban maps you are just going to get killed
    straight away, like anything you use in game you use its strong points,
    Swingfire is a stand off weapon not a close in brawler.

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