BEST COMBO / War Thunder

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The best plane and combos that don't just work well together, but also sit at the same BR!

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  1. where is the he219a7 brummbar and hetzer combo then?

  2. This is great! Definitely want more of these videos, Gaijin!

    Honorabru Nippon combo, please. o7

  3. That’s the fault of this game : combination , you know why only EU server in WoT have 10 times the players we have here in all of WT servers ? because there is no “combination” because Tankers want to tank only ,not getting bombed the whole match … until then we will always unfortunately comes second.

    • You do realize a small portion of the community doesnt like it and also I doubt wot eu server has over 500k people on at once

  4. Give us one for Japan. High tier preferably 🙂

  5. Best combo is sturmpanzer HE on a tier 10 server

  6. Yes moar
    We need PE-8 and T-34-57
    (Or an ASU-57)

  7. Centurion MK3 and spitfire MK 24. Ruled the meta for ages so it has shown it’s combat potential

  8. WHEN IS 1.97!?!?!?!?!?!? I NEED MY A10 AND sepecat jaguar

  9. XM-1 + FJ4B VMF232 + Down tier = <3

  10. Add mbt revolution on game please

  11. Maximiliano Abarca

    Puma and bf110c with 1tons and 250kg bombs is the real ultimate combo.

  12. they forgot the PzIV G and the 110 G2. Comes stock with 2 30mm and with the 10 different ground kits you can put on it its god. The 37mm can pen all the way to the IS2 the gun NEVER overheats and its amazingly accurate. Pair that with 4 rockets taht can 1 shot anything, the PzIV G has an AMAZING explosive round that is almost god teir at 4.0. ITs my money maker and the BR. is outstanding.

  13. Would be great game but pay to win and cheaters are ruining game.

  14. Abdullah Alkholil

    Comparison between Waffentrager, VFW, and Nashorn please.

  15. yes more videos

  16. Warrior and Meteor mk.8

  17. Where is best combo f Japan?

  18. Completely forgets that the Marder 3H and bf 109 e4 is really good

  19. Thinking About Something

    *literally any tank at any br* + P-47D

  20. elmarinesuculentoso op

    P47 and the m4a3e2 jumbo, the fat american combo

  21. Do more plz

  22. Pz IIC & Ju87 R with the 1000 KG bomb.
    Or the Leopard I with the said plane.

  23. soviet union over powered

  24. Kichiggamynigga Karchow

    Fix ur game

  25. your local communist

    how about get rid of mixed battles in at least air rb huh?

    • Mixed battles are there so you can get matches easier if they were removed queue times would skyrocket

  26. My personal favourite is Cromwell mk5 and hurricane mk4. 8 rp3 rockets at 3.0 is amazing

  27. British 3.0 crusader and wellington 4000lb

  28. Add ships to mixed

  29. Good stuff

  30. Are you going to add Bell FM-1 Aircuda? 😀

  31. Good concept

  32. More pls

  33. Yes, more please, all BR’s to help us noooooobs 🙂

  34. How good is the first tiger variant

  35. another gajin bullshits 😀 like all the times 😀

  36. Wish to see more of that kind of videos.

  37. best combo is for sure the m22 and galers f3f-2 and the most fun

  38. more original nickname

    best combo is some fast ass low tier tank + any plane

  39. Imagine the allies in that time seeing the schwalbe, probably pissed their pants…reports of fire expulsating, super fast aircrafts with giant cannons…uff what a beaut

  40. Russia and germany teams need to stop at rank 3

  41. Best Combo German 5.7 ?

  42. Supreme Spartan OverLord

    Best U.S. Combo is at 0:56

  43. Captain MacMillan

    British combo?

  44. Yes with 6.7 br America

  45. No P-47 or Skyraiders? What a shame.

  46. Agora eu entendi

    Best combo is 5k bomb pe8

  47. Yes! More of this!

  48. Muhammad Rafif Fauzan

    M4A2 Sherman/F6F-5 Hellcat, Jack of all trade for me

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