Best Derp Shot Ever – Cavalier Derp Only 3 Mark Highlights

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Source: Circonflexes

You know . 3 Marking the Cavalier with the derp only!


  1. Imagine if they just replaced all the SPGs with tanks like these instead.

  2. If you are far enough away the shots land on the top armor, like party.

  3. YOU’RE PLAYING THE DONKEY KONG COUNTRY INTRO ON YOUR OUTRO! One of my favorite video games of all time

  4. Golfing is for sportsman!


  5. They took away that gun from the tier 3 Cruiser tank. It was my favourite tier 3 British KV-2 substitute… RIP fun

  6. I swear Circon’s laugh could cure cancer

  7. At this point wargaming needs to release a World of Golftanks game. Its only fair. But we aint allowed to have fun in World of Tanks, so it probaly wont happen

  8. People: what is art?

  9. Look how much fun Circon is having playing arty 😀

  10. I have an iresistable urge to buy this fat cromwell

  11. Henning Horn Galtung

    F… that was funny

  12. The grown-up tankers of the future will witness this and weep with tears of joy. Circon, please don’t ever change 🙂

  13. This is almost as cathartic as an arty slaying montage.

  14. The rocket luncher is back!

  15. Absolute masterpiece 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

  16. nikolai berglihn

    Thaat shot at the end😎🤯🤯

  17. Mitchell Gillett

    I feel bad seal clubbing at low tier, but this tank and the T6 make it hard to not want to.

  18. This video only serves to remind me I’ve been missing some fantastic streams.

  19. does anyone know how to get the percentage MoE reading bottom left of his screen?

  20. circon gave us the most precious thing in the world: a childs laughter 😀

  21. The next Joker should watch Circon to take inspiration for his laugh.

  22. A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    Circon once again show us how to play golf!

  23. someone subbed for 78months wtf

  24. Donkey Kong Country OST in the end credits! 😎

  25. Now that’s how ya Arta!

  26. Derp is the only way to play wot

  27. oh I missed those so much <3

  28. Like a Leafblower

  29. The too much fun radar will soon be activated at WG…

  30. Brandon Shermet

    The only *coughs* “arty” I’ll accept

  31. World of cyrille


  32. Jonathan Musser

    Out on the golf course…

  33. Derplarious

  34. Keep up the golfing content 😉

  35. Made my night. Thank you Circon!!

  36. Jonathan Bailiff

    Probably the BEST WOT video ever made… Pure GENIUS and comedy

  37. Circon is just a guy you don’t get tired off

  38. +1 For use of classical music, would give another one for quality memes, but YT won’t let me.

  39. Michael Rugaber

    This is whywe love ur content circon

  40. DKC music at the end was a nice touch.

  41. Tiger woods who?

  42. use the force, Luke

  43. EmeraldSentinel92 Alpha

    That last clip shows the glory of the new Churchill guided heat seeking 105mm missiles.

  44. yup…. guns legit…. =P

  45. Can we get jingle to react to this…..the old man laugh is infectious

  46. 1 word to summarize this video:


  47. Not sure what I enjoyed more… The derp plays or Circon giggling like a school kid 😁

  48. WoT_ GamingElite

    Even with the Tog you can dodge those Shells xD

  49. Circon actually having fun, what is this?

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