Best DPM Build for E-50 is MAD! | World of Tanks E-50 Best DPM

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After 2 years, since my previous episode about E-50 it is time to take it back into with this crazy DPM build!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Antonio Merida-Perez
  2. First for a new Dez video and a cup of coffee. Day is now complete!

  3. E50 with the old 8.8 is a lost relic to the world. pure enjoyment machinegunning the enemy apart. but this gun isn’t so bad with better alpha

  4. Is MM actually effected by tank modules ?

    I swear as soon as i got the upgraded gun on emil 1 all Im getting is tier 9-10 games.

    Before it sucked being a stock Emil against tier 8s but ill take it over chieftan/kran gangbang all day.

  5. I realy don’t like using this gun anymore I use to love it before WG buffed the alpha to 280 because DPM was bit better and Type 61 with 90mm has same DPM as E50 use to have before WG buffed the alpha to 280 and Type 61 is a sniper medium, it has a field mod wich reduced reload by 3%. And Type 61 has HEAT shells with 275mm of pen and better gun handling exept accuracy.

  6. Top gun is such a trash. I’m hitting more shells (not kidding, long range also) with Skoda T-56 than E-50. Why? Well, stats mean nothing WG math.

  7. YeeeHaaa Dez, Dezians

  8. Syahareen Sha Rani

    How about which gun barrel is the longest ?

  9. I miss old 240 alpha it has more than 1 s faster it was mad

  10. Since it is a Press Account, you should show the Max DPM 🙂
    So with *Bond* Equipment 🙂

  11. E50 is the only tier 9 i am willing to say i love.

  12. This gun is great, or dog shit. No in between

  13. i also have this build, and a Pershing with 2.48 reload time. I use them both in Frontlines. seems tanks that are not so good in pub matches, are not bad in Frontlines… one example is the panther 2, fast, good reload, great gun play, plenty of ammo, good view range…excellent sniper and support tank.

    • But you have to be conservative with it, so it makes it hard to be effective in the yolo rush style of frontline play.

  14. Making up for other shortcomings with that gun, Dez? LOL Interesting set up. thanks for the entertainment.

  15. I remember this gun on the E-50 way back in the early days when the E-50 topped the tree and there was no M version. Sniper too. Longest barrel in the game

  16. Comon Dez dont be so cheap slap those bind things on it 😛

  17. Now do panther 2 with the long 7,5

  18. It annoys me that they nerfed the fire rate when they buffed the damage, even with the bump to 280 it still doesn’t have the fear factor required to keep enemies from peeking, and since the E-50’s armor isn’t very reliable it still feels lacking.

  19. Great meme is a T-150 with 57mm gun. You can get over 3k DPM as tier 6 which is quite nice. Also, people are not going to expect that.

  20. Miguel Montenegro

    Old school gameplay > whatever t9 bullshit premium comes out next.

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