Best Free to Play Tanks in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. I’ve been playing A LOT of free play recently… Here’s my top recommendations for picking Free tanks!


World Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Yeah, not super helpful, if the point was to talk about the best tanks for free players. Sure it’s nice to know what the best tech-tree tier 9 is, but free-to-players spend most of their time in the mid tiers — because they have to. Not everyone gets top guns every third game we play, so tier 9 isn’t even credit-neutral, much less profitable. If your point was to talk best tanks for free players, you should be talking tier 5-7, with some discussion of T8 just because of all the premiums.

  2. WG needs to fucking wake up and stop fooling around with making tons of money, they are losing players every damn day because of their bullshit and they dont give a crap about anything except money. NA unicums are crying that we dont get as much reward tank in the clan wars then the other region and just to shut their mouth wg just hand out more overpowered tanks to most of the highest ranking player in the game. they are killing themself trying to please the small amount of player who club seal spamming gold in their overpowered tank, and they dont give a crap about it

  3. Best Free to Play Tanks in Pay2Win?

  4. I REALLY want to see a comparison including of free to play (NO gold ammo at all no premium consumables at all) vs fully premium loadout even improved equipment i.e a fully pimped vehicle that money can buy crew skills should be roughly equal though. There’s so much debate on the forums thats its all about skill and pay2win is not a reality but I’d really like to see an objective comparison say at least 2 x 200 battles same vehicle to compare winrate, average damage, average xp, win8, hit/pen ratios, credits etc.
    And I think you’re the man to do this! its a very important comparison. And people value your objective credibility.

  5. Dear QuickyBaby,

    Im playing the game from beta, im 9.1k wtr and 2.350 wn. I research every tank in the game. How is possible that im playing so bad. I am better in knowing the game, positioning and thats it. Everyone shooting better then me, do crits all the time, burn, ammo rack. On 5k dmg i might do 1-2 major crits and thats it. Ppl on frag become impossible to kill. PPl with very low wtr impossible to hit or everytime go in the impenetrable armor consistently? Why 9-% of the time first dmg is revived crit? Why is 80% of the time i hit low roll and receive high rolls?Why iam much worst player than i was? i was thinking that skill comes with practice and experience, not otherwise. Tell the ppl why anonomiser is op currently, i dont know is he still working. I know that you know, and pls tell me? Thanks you upfront.

  6. WG: Do you want more gold?
    QB: yes.

    WG: ok, just you say the IS is the best russian heavy tank ok?
    QB: But… there are more best tank than IS :/

  7. it took me a week to get the bourasque cause ive kept being put into trashy teams

  8. Me F2P account i dont load GOLD SHELL on my tanks, i just want to test my skills by pen those old and new tanks by my TANKS 😎😎😎 testing new UPDATES bandong011 NA server

  9. As WoT player for 4 years, i hate one thing about Wot it’s a view mechanic, campers wins
    now i’m playing War Thunder realistic, all tanks and armored vehicles are visible , i’m still noob and i have no skills, but as game idea, i liked it

  10. as far as “best” – it always comes down to play styles. the tank i love the most is the tier 10 progetto 65. a close second is the tier 6 vk30.01P

  11. Is the obj 430 grind super easy? Yes! But look at the tank before it. The t44 grind is TERRIBLE and cancels out the enjoyment of an easy tier 9 grind

  12. Hungry Baby eat well, GG!

  13. Ive been trying to get my T9 tanks (Jap and UK Meds) for far too long.

    Its a love/hate relationship with WoT these days, i get a couple of good matchups where im top tier and then the rest im always fighting T9/T10’s.

    Freely admit im no pro-gamer, i’d like to think im decent enough for F2P but playing T8 just doesnt bring in the cash.
    I have a handful of T8 Prem tanks though because i like WoT enough to support it here and there and because who doesnt want a Sabaton or Offspring Tank etc? and they serve me well enough to bring in a few coins, even with a loss, but i find that regular T8 tanks, even on a win still doesnt net me enough to break even for the (regular) ammo i use up.
    I aim for weakspots on tanks as much as poss but still have trouble penning and even with gold rounds i can bounce which only worsens my end of game income, thus i end up sticking to regular ammo to avoid the loss of income /shrug

    And when it takes as long as it does to grind up, i lose interest in the game because all ive done is make a few measly xp points out of the many thousands required to upgrade/research a tank

  14. My first premium was the jg tiger 8.8 and i still love it finished jesterday the 3 moe ist just amazing and you dont net that gold too often

  15. I’m stuck with the KV-1 cuz i always got hit by gold rounds 🙁

  16. IS and T29
    they gave me a minimum 800xp f2p

  17. Grille 15 needs a 12.8 cm with a 180 degree traversable turret, 305mm pen, .28 accuracy, 2.8k dpm, and a cammo bonus. Bring it inline with the rest of the line. Slow it down if you need to. One of the biggest disappointments at tier x. It’s a sniper with shit soft stats, no camo, or pen. Buff it now

  18. May u ask wg adjust kV 85 gun depression 😂😂😂

  19. grinding becomes extremely hard when you have 200+ ping on HK server.

  20. QB:” your first prem tank is important”
    me: looks at my TOG II…. “hmmmm”

  21. I mean, Its not that hard to become the #1 tank game if your only competitors (that I know of) are war thunder, which is hyper realistic so not very appealing to most casuals, and armored warfare, which is dead af….

  22. I am free to play, and i love t26e5 i got from refferal program

  23. Free to play player here. It will take me about 60 hours to do the Marathon. Though I’m actually having fun this time during a good portion of the Marathon oddly.

  24. Make a top 10 vedio about tanks that can ram well
    For e, g AMX 50 B

  25. There’s a reason nobody plays the T110E5 at Tier 10, QB. It’s the only heavy tank at that tier that adheres to your “heavy tanks should have worthless armor so quicker tanks don’t need to flank.” idea.

  26. Fuck this game and it’s grind.

  27. Quickybaby what is more wroth it is-m or is-3

  28. QB didn’t say what it means for a tank to be “better”. I *think* he’s measuring them by damage output / credit gain. As a free-to-play light tank driver (retired) I had a lot more *fun*, and got a good win rate by learning to use my tank to improve my team’s behaviour. So that was “best” for me.

  29. Still easier to grind than the USS Portarico

  30. I personally think there is nothing wrong with gold having less alpha but more pen. That’s already the case in blitz and there it works well most the time.

  31. Falling off cliffs in a real M1A1 will result in death… Just saying. Death.

  32. Donald Trump is winning, Just ask him.

  33. “Spams Gold at arty” 🤮🤢

  34. Shame that the marathons got so difficult. I got the T25 Pilot 1 a long time ago, and that marathon was fairly easy. Just by doing semi-easy daily missions, you could get a tier 8 premium for free.

  35. So what is closer to the consensus? That gold ammo is easy mode and pay to win or that its necessary?

    Reducing its dmg would be rather beneficial for f2p players who use less of it. I don’t think it should be stopped by separate, solveable problem – that stock tanks are waaay too weak and unbalanced.

    Edit: just got to the obj430 part – it’s a fucking joke! No need to unlock anything? Basically maxed out from the start? While all others need like 60k exp to be playable? Totally fair…

  36. No love for the AMX M4 mle 51? On the European server iIt has the highest average damage per game and win rate of any free-to-play tank.

  37. +1 for bigger maps, nowadays almos every tank can get its view range up to 445mt and more, medium tanks even outspot light tanks… Either having less wiew range or increasing the map size would be a good change imo… Ensk for instance is way to small

  38. ah youre playing on the EU server. you see, in the NA server. no one works the dunes in that map anymore.

  39. 18:23 QB, everything in our life now has become about penetration, I give you that.

  40. This finnaly got to unsubscribe!!! I hate you don’t play live and coment… Commenting replays all the time is so boring, also 20min video and not so much about best f2p tanks! You could make some tank tech tree show up but no let’s again put replay and talk…

  41. Having gone down the Italian line to get that (in my opinion) overpowered Progetto 65, I’ve found the tier 8 and 9 to be amazing. The Panthera is incredibly good with good pen and mobility, while the Standard B is so much better when you get the top gun, which is only 200 kg heavier. It’s an easy line, although 1-7 is boring.

  42. kelan tuet iski tilille

    IS. that hole tank is weak

  43. Back when I was F2P I went British medium line and it was actually pretty good with tons of fun in Cromwell and I loved the Centurion I and Centurion 7/1.
    Actually, I started watching you because I was struggling with the Comet so much

  44. Im playing the standart b too and it’s very good

  45. I’m left with one last stage in the challenge the X one and I can tell you this – this “challenge” is not made for humans.
    If you’re an average player which I am don’t even bother.
    The amount of time you must spend on getting that base exp is insane and definitely not worth it.
    This is the first and last challenge like that that I’m doing and it definitelly brought me closer to dropping the game.
    One thing is for sure after I get the tank I’m not touching WOT for a long time.

  46. And still War thunder did 2 things..
    Everything can Pen..
    MAPS…the higher ranks get BIGGER MAPS..HUGE MAPS…
    Arcade, real and REAL REAL..

  47. I did the challange in a ts5 platoon, easy 800+ base xp every game

  48. We NEED gold rounds nerfed. The entire idea of the game is “find the way to penetrate enemy”.
    In the beginning – you suck. More and more skill and experience – you get better.
    If you give players an opportunity to just bypass their lack of knowledge with their credit card (yeah, I know, gold shells are for credits, but… to earn those credits you need a premium account and premium vehicle) – it is just making a FOOL of all those players, that invested time to actually learn how to play.

    It is just saying “pfff, you morons, you can have all your hard training, hours spent on remembering weak spots on 300+ tanks… He has a credit card. And is dumb enough to spend his money on pixels. We will take his money, we will give him an advantage in the game”.
    It is like in the Olympics, if you would give a possibility to start f.e. 100m run 1s earlier for every $1000 donated to referees.
    “So, he has more money and he wins.”
    Pay to win is always BAD STRATEGY for the game.

  49. It’s quite simple the tanks are unbalanced and the players. This is why the games are so short as soon as the strong tanks on the enemy are dead or out of position the weaker tanks cannot fight back . The difference even at same tier is to much. If WOT want to keep introducing theses strong tanks then it must nerf the free to play tanks to balance the game a little.

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