BEST GAME EVER – BaronVonOP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – My Best Game Ever!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Damn im 1st

  2. Oooh baby a triple!

    What tank should I play next?

  3. Nice am the 2nd

  4. Guys, I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about Batman vs Superman.
    Has anyone seen it? Is it good? I’m batman?

  5. You should play got you bitch ever kill to be
    420noscpe blazen

  6. Baron I’m sorry to say this, but your shite at this game :(

  7. Benedikt Bäuerlein

    you mean the KV1 Sport

  8. thanks for playing the tank I requested!

  9. Baron you are OP, but as long as you play Russians Gaijin won’t nerf you

  10. Ashes Of The Wake

    HI BARON <3

  11. guys, technically baron is first. so shut up

  12. Baron baron how do you get your skillz?

  13. baron why don’t you show the comment that was requesting the tonk like you
    did in the old days?

  14. 2:22 this guy is making the KV-1B

  15. play the TOG II next!

  16. The tonk is very stronk. Stalin will send it to the Gulag because it will
    challenge his leadership

  17. Baron why are you kemping a bush? this is unfair plane!

  18. bias is the best weapon in the game.

  19. Wanna hear joke? War thunder Battle Rating XD… ok it was not funny

  20. #MakeWarThunderGreatAgain

  21. Baron can you Drive the dicker Max

  22. cap zones:1
    tank kils:15
    airplane kils:1
    premium:200% exp
    historic battle-win = 4475 exp totally not grind :DDD

  23. How can i see my bombing retical in RB when i use bombers i dont have that?

  24. 11:48 I laughed so hard XD


  26. WHAAAT! Theres a bomb cam what button Is dat

  27. Without Last man standing you can get killt very easy or can kill easy
    Tanks !!! When you dont want the Last man standing goo to Arcade Baron

  28. 301 club!

  29. Yes, Baron definitely is BaronVonOP

  30. how come multiple enemys had 1 crew member left, and die, like that
    tetrarch, and that crusader ( 8:00 )

  31. 10 sherman fireflys vs. 4 shamans with the 105mm deep gun please with phlly

  32. but that tank is so overpriced though. 36000 the next one is not even
    costing half of that

  33. Good morning, Mister von Gamez. A message from Berlin: “You have been
    assigned to test out our new secret weapon, the mighty Selbstfahrlafette
    Nashorn. Show those Flitzpiepen the German Blitzkrieg! You’ll be provided
    air support by our newest invention, the Dornier Do 335 with tank busting
    MK 103 cannons. For the Reich!”

  34. Keep up these Great Video’s man. I watch every one you post. always funny
    and good content!!!!

  35. If you could change terrain people would use things such as the 4K bomb on
    the wellington and destroy the road out of the spawn to the objectives.
    Making it super simple to spawn trap.

  36. 1:0 Music?

  37. tits everywhere

  38. Cool but i. Goo cty

  39. Christoph Rantscher

    If he wouldn’t have a premium account, he would only have gotten 2200
    research points! I get around a thousand with 2 kills at that tier! What is

  40. Hey Baron I have a joke for you.

    Who won the first Tour De France?

    The 7th German Panzer Division

  41. What German jet would you recommend to get first??

  42. Can you imagine if Lancaster’s had the 21,000lbs grand slam bomb? How to
    teamkill 101.

  43. Imagine the crater a 5000kg bomb would leave

  44. Hey Baron can you take out a B-29 in a tank RB and destroy the enemy

  45. You are getting better with your edits!

  46. My most killing session was in low tier too i had like 12 kills with the
    M18 😀 awesome vehicle by the way one of my favorites.
    Awesome game Baron, keep the greatness up! :)

  47. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    It’s the kvlimpics xD

  48. Bombs do cause a change in the terrain.

  49. That Welli must have creamed his pants after that drop.

  50. 11:45 Lmfao.

  51. I Don't Understand Math

    Math is racist

  52. people should had learned that you should only carry a low ammount of
    shells instead of 30+ shells

  53. loving background music

  54. Im still sad they didnt ad the sturmtiger to war thunder in 1,57… its so
    beautiful and derpy… :(

  55. Plz play the super pershing

  56. warthunder tanks vs World of Tanks who wins ? let me know down below so i
    can shit on my friend ;)

  57. T-44-100 Baron GLORY MOTHA RUSSA

  58. Play the M2A1

  59. I am so bloody fed up of playing british tanks and shooting t-34’s in the
    side; killing their gunner and loader, but them still somehow shooting
    back, one shotting me. I’m not even exaggerating >< In reality the amount of explosive filler russian rounds contained was complete overkill and the rounds would be more likely to shatter pre-armour, yet they clearly don't include that in their game, and they completely ignore that solid shot was perfectly lethal...argh fuck this game lol. Rage over ;)

  60. wellington be like, “GET REKT!”

  61. You got more than 15 kills, you also shot a plane.

  62. 0:30 When I smoke da weed

  63. Holy shit.

  64. hey B love the videos n my daughter thinks ur funny

  65. Lel,din Gaijin transfer you 10k GE for the ” best game ever” part? Oh,i
    forgot,that won’t matter since all you do is play off your press account,oh

  66. The nuke was amazing, they must had been so mad……

  67. That intro was on point!

  68. I Don't Understand Math

    AHH CANT WAIT FOR APRIL FOOLS… oh wait i can cuz i cant play Wt

  69. Hang on! Can you excatly get good matches in this game?

  70. I would like to see some American power next!

  71. baron can you play the IL-2(1941) with the T-126(the T-mini) <3

  72. Tanawat Leelayouva

    Russian tank in this game is very op

  73. The American M10 Wolverine

  74. This tank was my jam in WoT and i am totally sure i will have just as much
    fun in this crazed beast
    and your music on action is getting much better good work
    ( i ran an 85 and 122 dont know why we can change guns in this game would
    be sick)

  75. RIP all barons friends died

  76. when i had the last man i made 5 kills and saved our game lol

  77. 6:00
    The wellington killed 4 people…
    Baron killed one person…
    the Illuminati has 3 sides…

  78. black hawk

  79. heliborne black hawk

  80. GG Baron awsome Fight :DDDDD

  81. 2:55 are epic effects ;)

  82. Nice game

  83. So many panzers

  84. plz drive out the jagdpanther or the elephant (Ferdinand)!!!!!!!!!

  85. I only came here for the psychotic Roy Shein!

  86. russians call this tank KVAS )

  87. ‘I don’t like the last man standing, this tank should be abandoned’ kills a

  88. Baron im Watching This In 2:32 AM Y U NO PUT WARNING?!

  89. Karolis Nosevičius

    This tank actually has 2 reverse gears but it does not auto shift. reverse
    speed is 15km/h :D

  90. The wierdest thing about this video is Baron is the only Soviet tank in the
    group of Panzers xD and all of thrm died behind him. the Russian Biaz is

  91. Lauri Mäkirintala

    you missed that tank on right 😀 ( 6.10-6.21)

  92. “get off my nuts afroman!” rofl. where is that from?

  93. and Russian tanks… wait for it, WAIT FOR IT aren’t OP….

  94. Close ur eyes and listen at 0:29

  95. Take out for a run the M60/M103 and the F-86F-2 Sabre/F9F-5 Panther PLEASE!

  96. Baron Cologne is actually pronounced Köln (koeln) :)

  97. premium tank goodness please

  98. He should drive the tiger h1 or the panther tanks

  99. how diddnt you see the sherman

  100. “Never give up”

    “Oh, I’m on last man standing. Which I’m not a big fan of, this tank should
    be abandoned.”

    One of these statements just doesn’t belong here! *Sesame Street music*

  101. what is the first song name? it sounds awesome

  102. Arcadie Condurachi

    Well, the front slope is still 75mm thick, so it’s allright.

  103. AMAZING video Baron, thanks as always for the entertainment and tips.

  104. are you going to play star wars battle front again

  105. are you going to play star wars battle front again

  106. Same as for Slickbee ^^

    British “finesse”: VC Firefly (not the Warsaw Division tank), and the
    Stirling B MkI

    A real challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  107. MrImpossiblyBlack

    The “Wilhelm Scream” never gets old!

  108. 15:45
    That’s actually just a really cool shot.

  109. Jeremy GoneHunting

    t-25 or t-32

  110. Yeh I like dropping 5000KG bombs on blacks also

  111. wp baron !

  112. i was so surprised when we won that match because of baron
    i was McKnight1337 btw

  113. take out the derp combo…the 75mm duck and the dicker max!

  114. 2.25 yes he is drunk off that russian vodka comrade

  115. Pretty good game. Would you play some Panthers if you wanted, because I
    decided to buy it and I just need some ideas how to be effect with it.
    Enjoy Easter :)

  116. Great video Baron, Keep up the awesome work XD I think you should play RB
    with friends more

  117. love ur vids

  118. phly and baron friendship not working anymore?

  119. Nice fucking game bro

  120. K baron 3rd attempt, take out the m4a3 105 Sherman and peanut butter jelly
    1h w 75 BIG GUNS FTW

  121. Ultimate Gundam,mk2

    Hey Baron the kv1s can go a little over 20km in reverse the only way I know
    of is to fire your gun while in reverse and it puts you in reverse gear 2
    hope this helps.

  122. M22 is beast. my friend and i killed alot of leopards and i killed a is3
    with a fuckn m16. no joke. im serious

  123. “A, P, H, E, B, C, Eff Tee Dubbs” -BaronVonGamez

  124. hey baron how was cologne it interesst me because i live there im sad that
    i couldnt see you because i was not 16

  125. Love the vids man, but not crazy about the dubstep injected into this one.
    I am not a big fan of transformers screwing for a sound track.

  126. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Music is annoying

  127. I like how the category is “travel and events”

  128. loving this wubstep

  129. Иосиф Steelin

    It’s ok that you cut a moment from the match and put it at the start of the
    video but you freaking spoilered the fact that you did 8 kills that game
    and that is not good, pay attention to what you do dude.

  130. best game I’ve ever watched

  131. baron pleas stop the annoying background music

  132. Tactical Nuke Inbound!!!

  133. I loved how he was “shot down” by a guy named No_Russian_Bias after he got
    11 kills with Russia lol

  134. Funny shit

  135. BaronVonGamez sponsored by APHEBC shells. Call toll free for your free
    consultation shell!

  136. Back in my day i killed ten of them

  137. the red army

  138. Baron if your wondering why the kv-1s has a slow reverse speed at -4 tap
    “Q” twice it has a second reverse gear it will go in reverse at -16 I don’t
    know why gaijin didn’t put the kv-1s in its second reverse automatically
    when backing up like in other tanks

  139. Minh khoanpk Nguyen


  140. Baron…. If you think the tank should be abandoned, you can just J out. I
    like the idea because most people will actually J out, but if you need the
    extra spawn points or want to take on person down with you, you can do so
    with the last guy

  141. Some ppl say Cologne is now the capitol of gays in Germany.

  142. Thanks for that loud scream at the beginning, i really needed that at 5
    am… i dont need the coffee now…

  143. Damn that’s so OP

  144. Baron, I dare you to play a stock Tiger E in what’s called “realistic”
    battles. See what happens when you meet an IS-2.

  145. Lllllllast-second save!

  146. Baron why dont you record with phly anymore?

  147. Great game.

  148. you and phly with all the gay “mates” YOU NOT BRITISH…….

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