BEST GAME EVER – War Thunder Gameplay Never Played it Promise

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  1. Id like to see the walker bulldog

  2. Lets get this series (re)started with a bang play the king of all that has
    ever derped the KV-2

  3. KV 2!!!!!!!!!


    or go to gulag

    then dropped into a pit of kv2s

  4. Would be nice if they lowered the price of the calliope. 50 bucks for a
    tier 2 is insane.

  5. Baron, I’d like you to do any tank as long as it’s with Phly and DevilDog

  6. Icelandicfartpolice !

    You need to play in the box of Stalin the SU100Y

  7. Elizabeth K. Brunn

    Why can’t they add the ju-52?

  8. how do you get the master of russian bias title?

  9. play the churchill

  10. ur friend is trying rlu hard to be funny

  11. Mikkel Storm Jensen

    Play a centurion please

  12. super hellcat

  13. Almost nobody takes it out because almost no one can afford to spend $50
    usd for 1 tank.

  14. MrJohnycomelately21

    Crusader please!

  15. No one uses it cause its fuckin dumb, the thing cost like 50 bucks

  16. pls play T92

  17. GAZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

  18. M103 please! :-)

  19. Take out the hetzer

  20. pz iv h

  21. Panzerwerfer anyone?

  22. Only fucking Baron would start singing LL Cool J – Head Sprung in the
    middle of a video lmfao

  23. GFG neeguh

  24. MesterSmileyface Gaming

    Comet please

  25. Barron was listening to metal all day and just needed to rocket

  26. pls do the m26 Pershing and p51 with f*ck you rockets

  27. Panzerwerfer 42 rocket artillery, learn the angles and attack from afar
    hitting cap circles being capped by the enemy team

  28. E-100!!!!!

  29. Ja I have a request! I wish to see the dicker Max!

  30. TheStalkerZone 51

    Literally, your eyes so blind cant tell where the shots came from. Just
    open your eyes and watch the direction impact shell shrapnel on your tank!

  31. Play the maus

  32. Divenire Blitz survival Games

    STRIDVARSON 81, I saw a real centurion mk3 yesterday it looked amazing,
    play ze Strv 81

  33. Play the tiger 1

  34. Captain Dreadnought

    the sherman had a decent top speed but it had narrow tracks for its weight
    so the mobility was bad

  35. 20mm flak car and Wellington >:)

  36. Let’s bring in the struggle bus! PT-76!

  37. the doom turtle t95 pls

  38. Matilda

  39. Play as the Panzer 4 H or maybe the Panzer 4 M

  40. M3 stuart

  41. Dude, why are you always so blind? “where did that came from?!” “where are
    they shooting me from?!”.. *looks everywhere except for your 6* *Dies*
    “oooohhh they were behind me” > happens all the time and it’s so
    frustrating to watch… But then again, once you’re playing well you see
    tanks in bushes or far away I couldn’t even see so maybe you’re not that

  42. I wanna see u play m6a1 …..i dunno maybe that tank got buffed or what but
    its so much easy to play now …so give it a whirl u might be in for a
    treat!!! U can bring what u want for a aircraft ….still havnt touched the
    skies yet

  43. You can’t spell Calliope with out OP

  44. Wish i had access to most vehicles without handing over my credit card

  45. m3 Lee or tiger

  46. BestofShooterGames

    today i had a 18-0 with the KV-220 😀
    the best WT game i have ever done was a 29-0 with the T-34 1942 that was so

  47. Maus!!

  48. T-29 for freedom and democracy

  49. The tog!!!

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