BEST GAME OF THEIR LIFE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T110E5. Today HADNOORISH is going have their best game EVER in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free .



  2. Well done HADN…

  3. Its strange, most cheiftains i have been up against seem to fire mostly gold. Apparently it’s not enough to already have an OP tank.

    • I also noticed chief players firing apcr 99% of the time, but Its understandable in my opinion : they dont want a fair fight, they want to win and farm a lot of damage to get marks and win 8. Plus unlike heat there is no disadvantage in firing premium apcr. Then most chieftains are equipped and used for clan wars, which means full gold loadout. Note that i dont have one myself, i m just projecting, so happy to get corrected if anybody has other opinion

    • @nioutest Yeah I do understand what you mean, however – it sucks for the rest of us since many of these players are highly skilled compared to the rest of us already.

  4. The one that everybody wants
    Truly QB style

  5. Ameer Hamzah Taimur

    I don’t know if it is only me but T110E5 is a bad tank (everyone knows) but the majority of the times when I play it I get golden games. I just don’t understand.

  6. Not taking anything away from his great play in the early/mid game, but the 3 artillery are essentially useless on this map. So it was more of 3v1 and a bunch of free lunch meat.

  7. Watching this brings me back to the days when the E5 was perfectly fine before WG nerfed it into obsolescence.

  8. FletcherTheNoble 45

    Do u reckon he got obj260

  9. Luuk den Besten

    Nice carry on 69 HP;)

  10. Bartholomew Macaluso

    I really need my job LOL 😉

  11. Dang what a game. Well played

  12. My best? In damage that would be almost 7k on Object 704 on Erlenberg. In team carry that would be Kolobanovs on Sacred Valley (old Korean map) on M4 Sherman when I bounced Stug’s hit when he could easilly kill me and my shell into his lfp set StuG on fire. My heart was pounding

  13. Love to see people with situational awareness and a plan. BUT he was flexible enough to adapt to the changes of the battle. Great game

  14. QB picks the worst time to show mission objectives while in the game

  15. my best ever game is in the wt auf pz 4, 8.2 k dmg, 5 kills, ace tanker, first MOE and still lost

  16. Hey QB. Last week I was actually doing the same mission, HT15 but for T55A. Its a huge coincidence but I was also in T110E5, also on Empire’s Border. Managed 7k dmg, 7k blocked but died in the end.

    If you want to feature it please let me know 🙂

  17. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    A nice comeback with 9k dmg and 7 kills in an Obj. 430U back when it was released and was even stronger than now. Also kolobanov with the Amx Elc with an 85% crew 😛

  18. Springbonnie Gaming

    Try War Thunder

  19. I know that at 66 years old I will never be able to play like this but I love watching them. What makes the replays better is your commentary QB

  20. In my opinion this HT mission isnt even that difficult. I find it way more difficult to damage 13 different enemy vehicles in one battle (a french mission for Chimera). Still a good job by the player there.

  21. Why did you ban skill

  22. Amazing game, but seriously a carry like that and without premium he would have lost money.

  23. Hey QB. Could i submit an EBR replay for you to feature? Just wondering how i can do that. Thanks!

  24. And when I play my entire team gets 0 kills on assault defending and the enemy steamrolls 15 – 0

  25. QB looks like the British version of a young Jeff Bridges lol

    Great replay tho makes me want to play again

  26. Well, I'm not lookin' for trouble

    I did HT 15 mission using Type 5 Heavy showing my lower hull to a corner in a grand battle at first game after I unlocked TYPE 5 in my garage.. LMAO

  27. this is so good

  28. can we appriciate how fast he reacted to the bourrasque appearing on the minimap just behind him?! great player, great game!

  29. looks like rick grimes

  30. My best ever game was a loss!

  31. Had the pleasure of being the 69th dislike

  32. Qb at the end: we’ve got a few more months left in 2021.
    Me: ye… Like almost 7?

  33. I wonder why ??!!! why !!!? the 2 artys didn’t go together. I can’t belive they didn’t work as a team.

  34. Wait a minute only 1700 base?? My max base is 2100 and I don’t think I have ever done more than 5.4k damage, somethings wrong here

  35. Funny I was just thinking about the T110E5 earlier

  36. my best game of WoT was when I got featured on Jingles channel in my UDES 14/5.

  37. 69k views nice.

  38. Savvas Greasidis

    This man played as if it was world war 3

  39. Michael Stephen

    Great game.

  40. Did he complete his mission for damage dwslt/blocked? You never said if they did during the video!


  42. God damn, that was a phenomenal game.

  43. What a game. That was a treat.

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