BEST IFV IN GAME | Magic Kill Bus (War Thunder IFV Gameplay)

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IFV IN GAME | Magic Kill Bus (War Thunder IFV Gameplay)


  1. *Enjoy fellas! This thing is NASTY love this IFV. Also sorry about the two pops later in the video… was a miss edit. ANYWHO enjoy!*

  2. just use the bi-noc-u-lars

  3. Surfing on a Bradley Driving though the mud ??

  4. I completely agree with you on Italy, I had a game there earlier where the enemy team was able to sit in their spawn and snipe half my team in our spawn and as we tried to push to the town only minutes into the game. 10/10 map design Gaijin

  5. 1:25 Japanese secret weapon factory 1945

  6. Phly didn’t noticed it but the missile launchers swing along with the barrel upwards and downwards

  7. I wonder if they’ll add the Marder or Puma IFVs or the Wiesel?

  8. PhrizDaily

  9. scouting needs to have higher rewards…100SL for each scout isnt much..and 970 for someone destroying your scouted target is ok-ish..but considering how uncommon that is in the time frame of the marker..

  10. Jesus Christ.

  11. How do you change hangars?

  12. Did anyone else notice that phly forgot about the new main menu setup and went all the way to the end of the crew area to pick a new country then quickly recorrected himself. Just saying 4.01

  13. Magic schoolbus… nostalgic…

  14. Katakoyzenos,MXII Christophoros,D

    I’m just sister didn’t just being a friend and one day play a game together if I was ever and not kicked off of War Thunder. That’s their way of helping people who pay money. Nothing against you

  15. Who even cares if you are scared to lose ad revenue. You do what you want Phly, don’t give in to these loud minorities.

  16. Phly what’s your graphics and monitor setup you use to make the game so pretty?…needing an upgrade after 5 years. LOL I know 5 years….

  17. Holy shit that thing looks like tiny tank from PS1 a little bit

  18. Loving the unloved.. Play the ASU-57 retarded brother, SU-57B..
    Attempt #1

  19. Fucking hate Italy and the new Vietnam as well

  20. Anyone remember when Phly said the Type 60 was the best Japan was gonna get for an ATGM?

    I think it about time Phly eats them words.

  21. 13:19 we got his GEAR LEG

  22. Phly want to be war thunder god?? Challenge* kill helicopter or plane using artillery! I’ve seen it done

  23. Make a video about Cheaters in WT.

  24. Even though Phly has a less than stellar day, I just finished mine in War Thunder with a collateral kill. So I’m feeling pretty fucking good.

  25. Hi phly hows it goin bud

  26. TheCommoner AKA TheKingOfScrubs

    Just gonna say I fucking despise the new magic school bus.

    ♥ 😀

  28. 90/53 M41M. The eight shot warrior. #3

  29. Anyone know the name of the real-life city this map is based upon?

  30. How do you spot vehicles like that for your team?

  31. Phly drive the new max 10rc

  32. Phly, you’re pronouncing OTTOMAGIC all wrong

  33. I personally think the music was garbage and wanted to rip off my ears. I was seriously questioning your judgement. It was way too loud and I had to resist the temptation to skip the video but I knew it would contain epic shit so I endured.

  34. *HOW THE HELL IS THIS THING AT 8.3 BUT THE AMX-13(HOT) IS 9.0???????*

  35. Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious

    Type 89 had a Yaoi’s round that could penetrate your tanks anus.

  36. How to change the hanger?
    Your new hanger looks realy cool to me.

  37. Санек Доронин

    Крысо-педокемпер. А потом жопа горит что какой то горный кепмераст кустовик уебал тебе хуй знает откуда….. пидарас…..

  38. non balance game ever 3 heli can kill more than 30 tanks u have AA but u cant hit helis cuz helis can kill u over 5000 m far ur aa max range 1800 no rokcets more than 2800 m so guys if u wanna be victim player welcome.
    worst br system in video games world . worst amo system just grhapic doesnt mean this game is good worst game mode ever made it thx. u kill 3 tanks u dead 1 x ur in – lol other wise some russian guys use cheat es long allmost 5 years no one bann them guys be ones save ur money stop the playing


  40. 1:26 how to do it?

  41. Top ten best anime : 1st – cory in the haus 2nd Magick school bus

  42. Hey Phly, I found a channel that you might like.
    Greg’s Airplanes and Automobiles If you like it, cool. If you don’t, sorry to waste your time. Keep up the good work. P.S. The old lady likes to watch your vids, but she wont admit it. Making my life easier with out even knowing. Thanks! 🙂 Oh, one more thing. When I was in the Army, my unit had M60A3s, M901s, and M113s with a dragon missile launcher. Could you do a vid with any of these vehicles? Thanks.

  43. petition to have war thunder as “wart hunder”

  44. And its fast

  45. LOL Otomatic Tank not the Otomatic WW2 gun

  46. I love Phly logic when a new tank or plane is released he always say BEST TANK WOW except Javelin it sucks lol

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