BEST JAPANESE TANK | Paper Armor = Best Armor (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BEST TANK | Paper Armor = Best Armor (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. CaptainRTS Steam

    Then they need the absolute snide out of the tank 🙁

  2. Patrick Gilmore

    I like how War thunder is doing it in the chronicles where tanks like the tiger and planes are expensive but tanks require no spawn points. I hope they change the main game to that system.

  3. Yesss japanese tank d=(´▽`)=b

  4. Is this the japanese BT-5?

  5. [TSN] Stonepilot

    “Harass until you can penetrate” – PhlyDaily 2018

  6. I Love initial D

  7. Honestly, most fun playing this game Iv got with this thing.

  8. Chi-Ha Kai or whatever it’s called, I smash with that bad boi.

  9. finally someone noticed how great this tank is XD

  10. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    Dang… You really make this look easy ply. Geez! I don’t throw around complements, but your freaking good!

  11. Please play my favorite French tank AMX-13 FL11 attempt #2

  12. While I agree its pretty good tank.. I have to say “Ta-Se” is much better at same BR (1.3) but at tier 2 if that makes any difference. Ta-Se is the same thing basically as Ke-Ni but with AA turret, with little less pen, but much faster turret and rapid fire. And its pretty good plane shooter on top of that =)

  13. limescale onetwo

    The opening, yes.
    A meme old and lame, made new.
    The opening, yes.

  14. Tankdaily

  15. Mikhail Gorbachev

    This isn’t what I meant by Paper Fortress.

  16. hey phly i love you videos

  17. I second the lower SP for tanks.


  19. DontFear Respect

    Even phly agrees his name should be tonkdaily

  20. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    Nice !

  21. Feel with you… I wasn’t able to use my nose to breath since 2 weeks or soo😬🤧

  22. Can I get 1000 subs no videos?

    T-50 crossed with a t34

  23. They killed Ke-Ni. You basterds!

  24. Can I get 1000 subs no videos?

    It looks like its going backwards

  25. Keep up the Great Amazing Game Play Storm Trooper Growers Love My Friend! 🎮🎤😎🎧🎮

  26. Garrison Childs

    phly, play the maus at top br for the fatherland. attempt #7

  27. I agree. Lower SP requirements for tanks only means more time in tanks and more opportunities to turn the tide.

  28. Play the ARL 44 TD version

  29. Lower SP

  30. Need to lower SP for sure. No one waits for teammates to cap, then they Iver push and get cleaned out. Remainders gets flanked about 2 mins in and game over. I joint a game that was 1min 30 sec old the other day and there was already a spawn camper!

  31. Challenge time: take out the T64B and get 3 kills using only its missile. Best of luck tovarisch

  32. The Japanese way of fighting in ww2 never really suited tanks, there was a lot of jungle combst and they had till the western allies joined the war been fighting a enemy who had very few tanks. So, tank combat, construction and designing was a very low priority. By the time they started to change their minds about that it was too late. Hence not many good tanks to choose from and even fewer that can go up against the likes of the t34.

  33. Might be a bit extreme , but I think we should only have ONE spawn per battle . Or a fix amount no matter how you performed .

  34. The Ke-Ni goes skrrrrt skrrrrt

  35. This thing sounds like it’s deploying soda cans. =)

  36. *E-ni*

  37. Ee-ni

  38. The_Alpha_Raptor

    Ke-Ni vs Top Tier?!!!

  39. Thomas De Jager

    Play french tier 1 tanks plz…

  40. when did you change your ingame name to tankdaily?

  41. They killed Ke-ni!!! Bastards..

  42. Sadistic Spece Marine


  43. I remember when comebacks were a thing. Was fun.

    Unless it’s AA I can’t justify using what can be killed by an mg to the toughest part.

  44. Here again, the French tanks (1RANK) were found to be waste 😀

  45. six pec guy guy

    use the ka-mi to drift faster with aluminium foil armor and rusty turret rotation!

  46. Ke ni best tank

  47. Rodrigue Lemaire

    As always the radiator of this tank manages to explode with no reason.

  48. Edward Jonathan

    What is this tank called?

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