Best Light Game EVER in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Orrie is going have arguably the best light game in World Tanks history, in my very subjective opinion.



  1. Hello fellow gentleman, Quickybaby.
    Thanks for featuring my replay.
    My equipment setup is CVS, Optics and Vents with vent purge directive. The crew skills on the loader are just relics of the past that I never retrained after intuition was changed.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  2. was intense play! 😀 Thanks Orrie, Thanks QB!

  3. Why don’t people capture? Winning is way too overrated.

  4. Hi Quickybaby. Claus Kellerman featured a VERY F*cking interesting video about game CORRUPTION the other day. Will you address the issue? Or carry on as if you bum this game too much?

    • Peace be upon you. Do the right thing, not the PAID thing.

    • It’s ‘just a game’, but people I know have spent A LOT of their ACTUAL wealth on this COMPLEX FRAUD. ARE YOU IN OR OUT?

    • Additional: I have enjoyed Quickybaby’s videos and found them VERY educational and learned a lot about how the GAME works, directly from him. BUT! When people realise that computer games can be a LUCRATIVE DISTRACTION from REALITY for the RULING CLASSES (loved by many wishing to escape from REALITY), then you see that YOUTUBE CELEBRITIES are just PAID TOOLS. Live long and prosper my tanking friends. I have enjoyed this GAME for 9 years, mostly free-to-play. No WEALTH necessary.

    • Quickybaby, please put your loveable personality and friendly demeanour to better uses and for MUCH MORE HONOURABLE causes. Thanks.

    • It will make no difference to THE SYSTEM, but I’m about to unsubscribe.

  5. the even 90 made a huge mistake by not being inside the bushes, so our hero had more bush cover and thus negating the even 90’s cammo advantage. Had he been in the bushes, they would have probably proxy spotted eachother.

  6. Believe it or not, WoT actually keeps track of how many trees you knock over. It’s insane!

  7. Keeping pace with that T100 an not being spotted was a thing of beauty.

  8. arty always looks for trees going down

  9. QB Best Sales Rep WOT has lol,…..

  10. good

  11. First win of the day with premium too. Ugh, ya just love to see it.

  12. players like that skoda t50 that does nothing and talks sh*t for the entirety of the match to their own teammates is what keeps me off wot and wot blitz

  13. Fantastic performance in a tank that is difficult to play

  14. I havent played WoT since before Equipment 2.0, but I was a light main and could get upwards of 10k assistance (which has got me top of the team even though i did 0 damage). Tanks like the ELC Even 90, AMX 13 57 and the T92 were my favourites bc of their high view range and camo. I think I was once in the top 40 on the EU server for assistance damage in the 13 57, which is a bit of a crazy feat

  15. knocking over trees is giving them something to mark as a spot to drop arty

  16. it’s a good thing he can spot cause he can’t shoot very well.

  17. How the hell was this the best light game ever? Megalol

  18. That was a brilliant Scout match. I just unlocked this tank and I’ve had some fun in it. Nothing like this though. That was awesome!

  19. man, that was fun to even watch

  20. Very good game from Orrie!
    It’s one of those games where you have a few good players on your team, and lots of regular ones, that allow you to have a fantastic result. One in a thousand sort of game for us so-so players.

  21. I noticed that at 3:00 that rhm was unspotted and got killed because the grille was sitting behind him. I bet there was some choice language coming from the rhm after that happened considering his game got ruined by that grille.

  22. I can imagen that he felt just as good as i did when i managed 8321 spotting with the tier 6 amx 12t.

  23. wow, even watching it I got soooo nervous. If this was me, I would have stop playing at the end just because the anxiety LOL gg!

  24. as a scout support enthusiast, i too am amaze at the skill of this player, kudos to him for gracing us with this high level of gameplay

  25. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Great game but he’s got to get rid of the chainsaw.

  26. Eh, not quite everything. There is one thing Orrie could have done better. When running circles in a light tank around another tank and that tank starts turning in the other direction, it is better to turn away from the tank you are circling to turn yourself around to start circling in the other direction. Especially with artillery watching. Just switching to reverse makes you an easier target to hit in so many ways.

    Clearly Orrie is more experienced in being a sneaky light tank player than an aggressive light tank player.

  27. Pony_Pincess_Butterfly

    Kalasnikova … best platoon mate ever <3

  28. This was an incredible game but I reckon your video called “MOST SPOTTING in 2021 in World of Tanks!!!”, where the T 100 LT got 23k spotting damage was better. Although, that Orrie was in a tier 8 tank makes his achievement very impressive.

  29. Notice the Skoda T 50 who bitched like crazy in the comments finished mid-table with a very mediocre contribution.

  30. In other news, dizzy with light tank perfection and overcome with infatuation, QB has ditched Tanya and was last seen skipping into the sunset with Orrie.

  31. IMO its not the best Light Tank Battle , its more like “holy shit , waht a Toxic game” … this Chat all the time at the beginning 🤣
    but GG and WP mate

  32. This is art light tank magician.

  33. Awesome game. I recently had a good one myself in the gsor on Westfield. 11k spotting. Cudos to a good team 🙂

  34. HafizFirdaus AbdulGafar

    Amaze GG WP

  35. i hardly disagree about the draw being a lose.
    if i have even small chance then i always will go for a win.
    but if there’s no chance at all then i rather have a draw than a lose. i’m not saying i’m running away from enemy, i’m just gonna use the safest of campy positions and if they decide to not come for me then i say i did all i could. no point to rush in on tanks who are 2 tiers higher and are heavily armored and are all on full hp.

  36. nice. i had game s in my light tank with 6000 spot but my champion is superpershing with 10000 on this map.

  37. My friend got a Burda’s medal years ago with his E50M when he destroyed 5 spgs. He said it was a rare medal.

  38. Im not a great player, below average I’d say, but I had one match where I got the Burda’s medal. It was in my M4A1. I will never forget the match though, I felt emboldened in my M4A1, so I was playing aggressive, I had fought and flanked my way to the back of the map, then cut across the back of the map and picked off each SPG along the way without hardly slowing down. It happened so fast. This video was amazing. I like these great replays, but I definitely find the light tank matches more thrilling due to the knowledge and skill needed to play that class. Restraint is an understatement.

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  40. That was the Crown of lightplay!

  41. What badge does his platoon teamates have?

  42. what a snake,however, he could help a little by shooting and not just breaking records…

  43. I love light tanks, come take a look)

  44. Countering that enemy ELC that close and then outplaying T100LT was amazing.

  45. Great game, the T92 is bad enough having to face Even 90s, EBR 75s, and LT-432s (and Bourrasques), let a lone a tier 10 T-100 as well. Being bottom tier in a light facing higher tier lights is really painful, my heart would have sunk seeing I got Prohk but then was bottom tier facing up a T-100lt, Even 90 and Bourrasque, to triumph against them was amazing. As for the T92 it needs a buff really, look how slow it is, only going 60kph that is slower than several tier 8 meds and they give that little pea shooter gun just 2k base DPM which is criminal when you only have 150 alpha on tier 8. Give it 70kph top speed and like 2.5k-2.6k DPM at least and it might be a fun tank.

    Oh and it has some of the most absurdly expensive premium rounds in the game, 5600 credits for 150 damage and you only get 230mm HEAT pen.

    The only really good things about that tank are that it has great soft stats so never needs a v-stab and the apcr rounds basically have no pen drop off.

  46. I cant imagine playing this game for over 10 years and still pretending to be excited by it. Maybe he is, but my strong hunch is its now about the YT channel. Dude has done well though so its not a nasty critique.

  47. not a perfect game, definetely not the best
    some mistakes were also made, for example letting the t30 get through unspotted

  48. Андрей Кутузов

    Была бы маскировка у elc прокачана, ты бы его только в упор высветил бы и сам бы засветился.

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