BEST MODE EVER! Kamikaze Charges on WW1 Tanks – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

– World War 1 Tanks!

Thanks for watching!


  1. You should try bf1

  2. Worst mode ever. :-€

  3. that thumbnail is not very appropriate

  4. the game says 113

  5. but it the armor sucks

  6. Is this a limited time only deal?

  7. i would go for IS-7

  8. I kinda lost my interest in WOT entirely after War Thunder Ground Forces.

  9. Hitman3000hawk Gaming

    thought this was battlefield 1

  10. Allah akbar

  11. Give us War Thunder or send to Gulag

  12. next in war thunder please do the f9f cougar ,MURICAN POWAH!

  13. Would love to see you and slick play one of my favorite games! And
    ultimately if you enjoy it, play it!

  14. On the console, you can play as a Mark I

  15. banba mahiru/shinya yuri is the best genre

    I quit WOT months ago ….. … .. …. because the game sucks now 🙁 .
    unlike 2 years ago Before i play war Thunder .. .. ….. . also high tier
    matches in WOT is soo unforgiving as if they are pressuring the players to
    pay real money and buy Premium stuff … .. which not everyone can afford

  16. Sooo this whole shit if BF1 themed? or just simply ww1 themed? cant decide

  17. Hey baron you should try out Squad on steam!

  18. “reminds me of American football; I dont know why.” *then immediately
    states why*

  19. Hey baron what about world of warships?

  20. my favourite tank is T29 and pleas start making wot videos I like that game
    more then war thunder

  21. Just a piece of soap

    Didn’t you also drop the devblog overviews? Plz don’t drop WT and do WOT
    because that game is just history to me, it’s that WG won’t come with much
    new as the game engine is 16 years old and not capable of any more.

  22. I see baron half of your subscriber are for war tunder and half are for
    wot.I don’t like wot because money and I don’t like war thunder because no
    balancing .
    But please start making wot videos

  23. i played this Mod today a lot on German Server i love it

  24. It’s a fucking MK 1 not a MK 5 mk 1 was the first tank and also its in the
    game! it says MK 1 in the game! Just want everything to be like your little
    battlefield huh? got a hardon for DICE? or just got your hands in their

  25. Baron I would love it if you played world of tanks!

  26. how much wot have you played baron?

  27. Whats with the WoT hate? Oh wait probably WT fanboys. Got no reason other
    than “muh realism.” Want realism? don’t play WT or WoT, play a real
    simulator durr.

  28. linckyinplayzroblox

    legend says if your kinda late baron will reply

  29. lol I fucking died when I saw the title on the thumbnail of this video.
    Jihad fucking jeep

  30. Baron you pronounce the lt in Renault. You are pronouncing it like Renaux

  31. more of it please a lot more

  32. I think you should play wot it is fun, but has it’s moments were you rage
    and you should keep playing warthunder because it is epic, has much bigger
    maps and has a huge variety of vehicles

  33. on tabs do vikings only

  34. you should do “wargaming Wednesdays”

  35. As much wot as possible plz Baron

  36. Please make world of tanks videos!!!

  37. There’s a lot of WOT haters here why!?

  38. Use national sounds for the crew

  39. play more of WOT plz do u have a press account? if so, maybe you could have
    WoT tank request vids like what u do in WT

  40. allahu!!!!! Akbaaaaar

  41. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Looks like we gonna have to wait another 3 years for Baron to play WoT

  42. Great video but please no Top 5

  43. Shitty tank simulator

  44. use auto-aim bruh

  45. tbh this doesnt look realistic at all

  46. Wow, you are so lucky, I never won once in this typical..

  47. Yo Baron
    Thumbnail not cool bro

    Btw, you’re going to Gulag

  48. TopBunkProductions

    It’s a mark ONE, Baron, not a mark five.

  49. More WoT!!

  50. Sooo after Bf1 every British tank is going to be the Mark V?

    And every WW1 game is going to be a BF1 copy? (according to one guy in the

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