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Thumbnail Credit!
0:00​ INTRO
4:04 IM HAVING (game one)
12:46 A BABY make (game 2)
17:50 BOY (game 3)
25:13 OMFG (outro! later dudes)!!


  1. 7:58 a UFO just downed a leopard 2A5 (check the kill feed)

  2. 12:24 just look at that dart doing backward and forward mechanics. Pls Gaijin make shells make up their mind …

  3. Phly can an Italian boi see the 104S in a capable hand.
    Attempt 89

  4. SaifulBohram Usup

    Test me how to be warthunder youtuber. I from Malaysia.

  5. “I am having a baby make boy.”
    Is it mig or make that’s the question?

  6. Polish Power 💥💥💥💥❤️

  7. I play 9.7 and the russian are op at this br please make a video about this

  8. You should try Russian top tier to experience one of the lowest WR in a game and to feel the power of the mighty Leos.

  9. eXclusive The Kid

    This may rise up the repair cost for this tanks.

  10. Im waiting for the day that phly get his nuke

  11. Charles Leclerc… 😀

  12. Phloppy Woppy Special Phorces>Phloppy Woppy Army

  13. My brain at 3 am: 12:37

  14. Smigol Time is another great Polish youtuber. Check him out.

  15. Me: watching the Video and seeing the diffrent sektion having Hidden words that make a sentence.
    Me after thw Video: He’s Gonna be cute i know it!


  17. How do you survive so many hits in the leo… I usualy blow up after the first or the second

  18. Congrats Phly!

  19. phly is getting a co-pilot 😀

  20. how can you be 46 points from getting a nuke and be like aahh to bad, whatever? how are you not absolutely loosing it?

  21. POLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Phly’s Artillery: Sir? May I be of any assistance in getting this nuke?
    Phly: *NO*

  23. Jean Michel Outayek

    They should add T14 armata to russian faction

  24. *bUt GeRmAnY sUfFeRs*

  25. GimmeBackMyPancakes

    12:25 what the ph.. was that

  26. The first game was like watching 1500 toddlers trying to take down Godzilla

  27. Congratulations on having a boy phly ❤️

  28. Sorry Phly I like you. But u r wrong about Kowal. He is real dickish not humble guy…telling own audience to get the fuck out etc.

  29. The Leopard 2 are actually probably the best tank in the world so….

  30. 19:32 Oh, sparks left. Phly, look left someone is shooting you.
    19:37 Phly continues looking right talking about how smart he is.
    19:50 Okay it must have been a teammate.
    19:53 Phly gets killed from the left.

    Tbh it happens to me much more often but now I see even the best of us make mistakes.

  31. GyroscopicChicken


  32. too much ammo on the game 2

  33. Ply can say potato in fluent Australian!! this is incredible 😂……..

  34. Ggggggg

  35. Nnnnnooooo so close

  36. Will you check out Enlisted again? It’s in open beta now

  37. Alejandro Madero Gonzalez

    phly is having a baby boy thats the message when are you expecting phly ??

  38. Viktor Gustafsson

    That was a very awkward video…. very awkward

  39. Gniewomir Ciołek

    2:28 And it’s Polish! – plays some russian disco xd

  40. 1940: France 0:02

  41. So Germany is best at virtually every tier? Got it, very nice game gaijin 10/10

  42. meat potatoes chant was my favorite part

  43. Day 122: can you play the 75/34 M43?


  45. Meat potatas

  46. But germany suffers😱😱😱😱

  47. Hi phIdaily u rock

  48. Tank Destroying ASMR right here

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