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Source: BaronVonGamez

Performance in War Thunder!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First :D

  2. I knew its a T34… OP as fuck

  3. First,damndt

  4. Baron stop playing dirty OP Russian tanks!!!

  5. I have never been here so early…
    I can’t think of a joke

  6. early comment?

  7. I have 127 kills and 17 deaths on my T34 1942…Russians aren’t op noooo

  8. baron

  9. sorry I was busy

  10. what a suprize

  11. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, what you’re looking at right now. Is the
    T-34 1942 for it’s battlerating and for it’s performance arguably might be
    the most overpowered biased piece of Russian shit, overperforming
    hilariously beyond it’s capabilities in real life.”

  12. Especially when that thing knocks out stug and pz like no problem… No
    Russian bias

  13. loloolol

  14. Baron, the Hetzer has thicker frontal armour (60mm at 60 degrees compared
    to 45mm on the T-34) and a much, MUCH better gun than the T-34 ’42. There’s
    a good reason for it to be 4.7, even though the T-34 ’42 is indeed a very
    good tank for its tier.

  15. in my opinion..the T-34-85(5.3 version) is the best performing tank

  16. The T34 is my worst nightmare in game

  17. Untill a Wirble Wind kills it in 2 seconds from the front with APCR.

  18. You should do a Maus and Leopards against Cheiftains and Conways custom

  19. T34E – is the best. But I’ve got 470 kills and 53 death on Tiger HI – so
    I’ll go with that as the best performing.

  20. Please do not do maniac laugh.

  21. Baron i love the content keep up the great work fam!!!!!!!

  22. Sebonotik Insertnonamehere


    If Gaijin looks at player performance only. Can’t we influence that by
    playing those tanks and wrecking in them?

    Forget the honour, and abuse the hell out of the T-34 1942, and maybe, some
    day they will see numbers lining in red and act.
    So, if you are even mildly competent; play that tank.

  23. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Shoot turret. 1/2 the crew is dead, breech is fucked, possibly turret ring.

  24. Baron … You Cant Fly xD

  25. CptFlyingFort NmY

    I think M4 Sherman is better than T-34 1942, the turret is much thicker
    with a way bigger gun mantlet and better slope angles, better turret
    traverse speed and gun depression, thicker frontal hull armor (effectively
    102 mm vs only 90) and equivalent mobility. Just my thoughts.


    The german guns have FAR superior penetration, and that’s nt a small thing,
    that means the differacne between penetrating a heavy tank or not
    penetrating a heavy tank

  27. The T-34 is OP for its tier and maybe good against a few above it but its
    not the most op tank in the game its just easy to use

  28. Wojszach Wojciech

    PzIV f2 ! better can fight against IS2!

  29. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Baron. I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this. The T-34 is an average
    tank in all categories, making it “good enough” which is why people
    generally do well with it. But if you have any player skill at all, the
    German 75’s that start at BR 3.3 on the F2 is a much better tank. Greater
    hitting power at range, great reload, snappy turning and movement. To
    defeat a T-34 all you have to do engage at a distance greater than like 500
    meters. And with the recent changes to Russian 76mm fragments being nerfed,
    you’ll see much less killing power.

  30. cromwell used to be good before the stupid last stand mode, but then so did
    most british tanks.

  31. The bf 110 is the same way you can easily get aces at teir 3 with it

  32. I would’ve gone with the first KV-1.

  33. Idiot. This tank is so easy to kill

  34. In WW2 T34 was considered the best performing tank. In War Thunder it is
    also a best performing tank.
    Seems legit ;)

  35. this thing is just ridiculous.
    I had multiple games with this thing where I killed 16 tanks without dying.

  36. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    BARON. You cannot repair anyone else but your squadmate.

  37. 19 kill streak with the t34 1942

  38. Is say the Sherman is. It’s front plate is 80mm thick and the fuel tanks
    aren’t mounted in the side where they can explode. If you take the right
    amount of ammo the Sherman won’t explode. Plus the Sherman has gun
    depression. Something no Russian tank can claim to have

  39. KV-1E used to be really broken, don’t know if it is still..

  40. I never had problem with t34s Just shoot front armor kill a crew one shoot
    with the 75mm and 50mm

  41. Love this tank got like 13 kills

  42. No Panzer IV F2?

  43. So did the BR of your T-34 1942 change after getting 4 higher tier kills?

  44. tracks on the side of the turret = longer reload… Makes sense!

  45. Baron can count

  46. I just love it when you get a kill from arttlary,and I don’t think I
    spelled it right

  47. best…nope xD 3.7 BR KV1 L-11 is better

  48. Damn this game is beautiful.

  49. Wojszach Wojciech

    and even I know better on lower rating for example frist marder 2.7 this
    cannon can destroy is2 and it’s lack of armour means nothigs if cannon is

  50. Funny how such a poorly performing tank in real life does so good in
    Arsehole Thunder. Oh yeah, it is made by *unbiased* Russian dicks.

    The T-34 only ever did good when used en mase versus infanrty and then
    barely. It never had anyting better that 4 tanks lost for every tank it
    destroyed. It is a big myth about how good it was. Only the quantity did
    anything for it.

  51. T-34-76s are the bane of Era II and I’m glad I don’t play in that BR range
    any more

  52. Bitch please! IS-4m?

  53. The t28 is in my opinion is the best tank for its battle rating

  54. I love the T-34 1942 no other words need to be said

  55. Cause you dare talk bad about the hetzer, the hetzer gonna hetzt you and
    you can only stop it by playing the hetzer !!!

  56. T34 is the best?? Its just a Prank bro!

  57. BALLs

  58. Wojszach Wojciech

    Bro you should test pz IV f2(3.3) on 6.7 no problem or EVEN marder 3 on 2.7
    germans from rating 2.7-4.7 has pretty same penetration stastictics,and
    it’s always over 120mm on 500 meters with standard ammo!

  59. baron I love u but… your awareness is terrible xD

  60. this was my fav tank on the Russian tree aswell :P

  61. Yeah saying the german 75 is like the russian 76 is saying that sabot is
    like HE. the german 75 is way better dude

  62. of course its russian

  63. The Hetzers ammo doesn’t even shrapnel that well either. The Hetz life is a
    tough life :(

  64. I don’t know what baron is talking about playing as the us I’ve never had
    any problems killing them

  65. Must say the best tank I’ve ever performed in was the mighty Tiger II H. I
    love that tank. Even with its compromised BR.

  66. it was sure that it is a russian tank

  67. hey baron why not play the m4a3 75 which is a 4.7 BR if i still remember
    lets see if you will be able to enjoy it XD
    If its BR has been changed then disregard this comment :)

  68. pzIV F1????? get 18 kill????

  69. Robert matzenauer

    baron what the fuck is wrong with u from 5:20 to 5:35:D

  70. 13:40 Panther D BR of 5.7 FAIR

  71. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    Who is this ****(=A)/X=Y RUSSIAN BIAS


  72. Nope. Baron, the best tank from t-34’s is t-34 1941 or t-34 STZ.

  73. Nope Baron the T-34 STZ is better !!!

  74. Skip to 5:13 for the actual gameplay

  75. This video evokes PhlyDaily’s SuperPershing review, in which he got
    critically damaged by a T-34 shot penetrating the layer of spaced armour on
    the mantlet, the actual mantlet, and killing everyone in the turret, as
    well as injuring the driver. Or that one time where the angled upper glacis
    of my Tiger H1 got penetrated at around 600m range by a T-34; the round
    killing everyone in the tank.

    Because Stalin.

  76. There is no Russian Bias.

  77. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Baron I’ll play in 3.7 or 4.0 bar games and will have hetzers on a team

  78. The hetzers didnt hetza target

  79. more math with baron

  80. John Underscore Bolten

    You should take out the ONE SHOT KING!!!! IS-2 Revenge with a il-10 with
    bombs and Rockets come on man! do it for Stalin!
    Сделайте это для матери России ! try number 24

  81. How the fuck the zut shoot down planes the turret is moving so slow???

  82. you were fighting with the best tank of the war…Panther

  83. 0.52
    these are the times you suck saliva, edit it out because it intends to get

  84. Slippery™ Sandals™

    This tank is op as fuck

  85. Baron you couldn’t repair that panther because you can only help squad
    mates ;)

  86. My M18 annihilates every T-34 it comes across from the front and sides but
    the back I like to watch them burn before i kill any crew

  87. Matias Pirttilahti

    I suck at this game so it’s all the same :D

  88. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    People always say that the reason why Tiger E and Panther A and G get +0.3
    br because of apcr, yet T-34 1942 has apcr and a beter turret than T-34
    1941 but it gets the same br… Hmm…

  89. T 34 where not that good in real life sorry gaijin

  90. Everyone complains about the russian being OP (due to BR), but no one
    bothers complaining about the completely missplaced british BR. Centurion
    Mk 10 should be 8.0 and the chieftain should not even be in the game.

    Come at me.

  91. roland moellenberndt

    I think the premium achilles and the regular one r the most op tanks I one
    shot everything I shoot at

  92. Alexander Likhovsky

    Antitank with tank? Hmm

  93. Fun fact the T34-57/76 was NOT a good tank in real life.

  94. I think the T-34E is better. And it’s pighead mantlet.

  95. I unlocked the add-on armor for mine yesterday and went on a 9 kill streak
    in my first arcade match of the day, then went on to get 4 kills with it in

  96. Math with baron yeaaaaaa!

  97. Alexander Likhovsky

    I love deuchland tanks/planes, but u…

  98. Pz. IV is the best, with the long barrel it can one shot any T34 from its

  99. hahaha the t34 1942 best tank in wt xD you know april foold is over right?
    what? oh your not kidding…

  100. I once got in a 5.0 BR battle with a T34 1942 because the guy I was playing
    with forgot to change his lineup (had a T34-85 D5T). I ended up as the
    first player in my team and killed two Tigers.

  101. 05:11 to 05:35 BARON what the fuck are you on buddy? Better quit that shit
    if you cant handle it!!!

  102. I have that tank

  103. Again using the worse shell…

    Why do i even bother? You aint gonna get any better

  104. Good thing you didn’t have to shoot at anything that actually had armor at
    that br.

  105. In my opinion…despite it’s slow ass reload, KV-2 is best.

  106. 999is666upsidedown

    Nah. Tiger.

  107. This Name Is Excrutiatingly Long Isnt It

    I feel like the new camo system would be great for SPAA so tanks and planes
    cant take them out when they’re distracted even though the tracers give
    them away

  108. The T 34 Line needs looking at. Their BR is far too low and giving it
    additional armor even though it’s the best tank in it’s rank is just silly

  109. ha this thing is pz 4 f2 and g food and can get fucked by them pretty

  110. Its a pentagon? Learn to count.

  111. I would say the Tiger H1 is the best performing tank in game.

  112. I saw this. I’d and I’m like….screw it I’m playin the damn t34 lineup

  113. From the 1940 – the 57

  114. making war thunder great again. IL2s and T34s :3 Sounds like a bit of
    socialist biznes to me! Trump makes merika great again with Tigers, and
    Ferdinands 😉 If you catch my drift ;)

  115. 5:26 I think baron got posest

  116. Of corse the t-34 because russian bias

  117. No no noooo!!

  118. Make War Thunder great again!!

  119. I wake up every night at 2:00 AM and then i think someone is watching me..
    Then I trow a few glasses at the door..
    Go play Soviet-SU-85


  121. I wanna Hetz something…. :(

  122. any tank is good, but it all depends on ur play style, cuz for me the t34
    is the worst tank but the tiger is amazing

  123. Baron u titty fish play the KV-2 with the 155 only HE

  124. zut-37 for men of war mondays!


  126. i love the hetzer!

  127. a hunnnned and 10 percenttttt

  128. The T-34 42 is the easiest thing to kill….. Just aim for the left side of
    the turret while aiming at it. Gunner kill. Then just finish it off.

  129. yeah lol your awesome, but you completely missed two people.

  130. Russian T-26 stronk tonk most stronk tonk in War Thunder. Stalinium armor
    and Stalinium shells make this tank most OP, even against 100 M60 American

  131. I just got that tank, I agree it is amazing (already maxed)

  132. I like how in the suggested there is a myriad of videos by Baron called

  133. hahaha no its not

  134. I think the m4 Sherman is better at its br. if you sidescrape with it
    you’re unkillable. the aphebc one shots everything at the tier too.

  135. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    butt… butt… the added armor :'(

  136. Baron you try to hard to be funny…I guess… and it’s not it just
    irritates and not to be mean but your becoming baronvonnoob :l

  137. I agree pound for pound, the T-34/42 is the best overall tank.

  138. Is2 mod 1944 if played right 1 hit everything

  139. YourFwiendlyNawborhoowd DOGE


  140. LordHH Nonamehere

    I can’t watch this. It just remind me about how shit war thunder is.

  141. nice vid and gameplay. i like t34s very good tank but that horror gun
    depresion is makes me go nutz sometimes. (sry for my RIP ENG).

  142. War Thunder is made by ruskies so it is good for ruskies

  143. Why am I not surprised it’s Russian… RUSSIANNNN BIASSSS

  144. Let’s do meth with Baron

  145. last time i destroyed 12 tanks with this monster and i was not even trying.
    -good mobility
    -good armor
    -good gun and ammo

  146. I think he was pezest

  147. Theodore Chastaine

    What happend to cross out

  148. I’m still having a heck of a time with the Hetzer. It’s actually my
    favorite casemate TD and I’ve had some really beastly games in it. It’s a
    small target ,has an excellent main gun ,nice mobility and can bounce shots
    like a freaking boss if you hide your lower glacis. 5.7 max BR match-ups
    can be tough ,but it makes this lil devil a lot more interesting to play
    and makes you get creative.

    Also ,there was that 1 match in Berlin where I got to confront multiple
    enemies simultaneously and bounce shots up to 88mm in caliber while picking
    off targets and retreating on reverse. I would have never done that in my
    su 85 ,su 152 or even an su 100 for that matter. As far as I’m concerned
    ,it’s one of the least poorly ranked vehicles in the game and a ton of fun
    to play.

  149. 1100 kills for 100 deaths with t34-42 for me.. Best performing tank ? easy

  150. Nope… most powerful tank is either m10 or m18

  151. War thunder is dead.

  152. barron how about taking the challenger 2 with the 120mm….

  153. I do not understand why everybody thinks its OP af… I just do not get
    it… It is penetrated so fucking easily… The turret ring, the place
    where the canon breech is located right beneath the barrel, machine gun on
    the front… And don’t even get me started on the annoyingly slow velocity
    76mm… The penetration is very low… Its “okay” for its tier but thats
    it… It is not as good as everybody says… I know how to play the T34…
    So I conclude that it is not as “OP” as everybody says…

    Btw, the long barrel 75mm on the hetzer is incomparable with the 76mm on
    the T34… The 75 gets 135mm of pen at 100 metres… The 76 gets like
    76ish… Yes its a powerfull tank to play against… But the only reason
    that is so is because certain people can only complain and they have no
    fucking clue about playing against the T34 so they get angry…
    If I am wrong… I am wrong… But that doesn’t change my opinion on the
    T34… It is my favorite tank… Let it be the way it is…

  154. in world of tanks the hetzer comes before the stug in the german TD tree

  155. I have that tank in War Thunder

  156. Do the panzer for H with added tack armour.

  157. Why even put a question mark in the thumbnail when there is a T-34 in it

  158. I have killed T34s with my M1A5

  159. Did he say the German 75mm is comparable to the russian 76mm ?
    the german gets 50mm more pen

  160. The fact that this tank can perform 2 br’s above it, shows that Russia is

  161. pls try to use the t-28

  162. Best tank in WT is the T-34-76? I never would have guessed…


  164. Baron pinging their tracks work, but shooting machine guns at a uncrewed
    tank now blows it up, and you should be able to tell if it’s fuel or ammo

  165. 23:15 in his clan

  166. 23:15 in his clan

  167. so many funny qoutes here lmao

  168. “for those of you that are not aware…”
    Aka those of you that haven’t ever played war thunder, as there’s about 40
    t34s in every game from 3.0-6.0
    At which point people are pried from their beloved t34s, for the fleeting,
    but lovely 6.0 bracket, only to be slammed back down to earth at 6.3, when
    you start running into the equally popular t54.

    “theyre not op, it’s just a coincidence they make up half of every game”

  169. Guys what do you think about adding the F100 Super Sabre to War Thunder
    huh? That will even out the Russians bias for sure :D

  170. Hetzer on bush!

  171. PANTHER G

  172. Do the panzer IV H with track armor. It’s like twice as good as the normal

  173. omnipotank oakframe

    This is my go to tank for golden eagle wagers ez mode. . . 95% win rating

  174. for me it’s m1a1 76

  175. Mister Torgue Flexington

    has artillery yet decides to waste time shooting mg ammo box smh.

  176. Not the PT-76 or T-54? I’m surprised…

  177. branimir CLASSIFIED

    damn this game is awesome, if only I could plat it again

  178. I bounced a German 88 she’ll in my t34 1942

  179. I have that tank on world of tanks blitz ?

  180. Pz. IV H nice gun can shred T34

  181. my backside

  182. flipping useless when 1943 came

  183. german 75mm is great

  184. good point in tier 2 that thing ok

  185. Baron have you ever thought about playing games like call of war or
    supremacy 1914? sure they may be bland but those are really the only games
    I can run on my pc.

  186. i have it 🙂 i use it everyday

  187. Xx_MLGallstaR_John_xX XxMLGxX

    Why does my war thunder say that my graphics are low???

  188. -skips to 05:20
    -HE HEH
    -me: UHHHH….

  189. Fiesta del Chorizo

    ZUT bucket OP

  190. ya the Russian tanks are so op it’s stupid. Did you watch any of the
    Thunder league tournament. Literally all T-44s even on Kuban. I laughed so
    hard I almost wet myself.

  191. The best tank is the ZSU 57 no contest.

  192. I am the exact 1,000 liker!

  193. 11:23
    Baron: Just saved panzer’s life
    *Bomb whistle sound*
    Baron: Well maybe.

  194. Russians now moaning about Leopard 1 asking for T-90 to fight it. Typical

  195. pls try to use su122 its too hard

  196. Jespen van den Berg

    baron, how did you get all of those golden eagles?

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