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Source: MikeGoesBoom

The is the newest addition to the Soviet tank , occupies the top spot in the medium tank line. Mobile, and with a big gun, is it able to kick the Leopard from its throne and claim the title of Best Tank in the Game?

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  1. kopf “kopfauftischhau” auftischhau

    @mike can you do a video about the bf 109 g6/10/14?
    You can carry 3 30mm guns mk 108 or even the mk103. Even with gunpods you
    can climb .
    it is just an amazing setup.

  2. Mike love the vid

  3. That reload isn’t that bad

  4. Good video as always Mike. You improved a lot in your videos so just keep
    it up 😉

    And Mike, I would really like to see a P-47N video! :)

  5. Lounis Ben mokhtar

    am i the only on or does he say War funder not war thunder ?

  6. 0:45 a 7.9 mjskbdjbla? XD

  7. 0:45 a 7.9 hsbfjslanfjrkd?

  8. ‘No explosive filler’
    ‘Only has apds and HEAT-FS’
    Umm, wanna rethink that one? HEAT-FS is by default full of explosive
    filler, that is what the HE in HEAT means.

  9. Laggin Dragon Games

    Can you do one on the 10.5cm Tiger? I love the thing and would like to see
    your opinion :)

  10. When i Saw the Thumbnail i said in fear like “ITS NOT ENOUGH!!! Cries” (Not
    sure why)

  11. Russia really needs a buff. They can’t keep on playing like this. All other
    tier V tanks outperform each one of them. What a bunch of bs

  12. this could have been a great tank if they gave us a newer version of the
    Just imagine the one with the explosive/composite armor pack, good bye
    heatfs ?

  13. hey mike, why is your hud so huge, can see so little of the actual game.
    You must have a tiny monitor

  14. mike have u got the maus? not a lot of ppl do a video on it

  15. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    I can’t remember if I asked you before, but would you like to join me for
    some collaborative work in war thunder?

  16. Mike, Could you make a video on the M60 series nerf? Which was done by what
    is believed to be a forged source and is completely unhistorical.

  17. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    ooOO..nice camo. engaging video as per.

  18. Hey mike love the vid! However, a small request, at the beginning of the
    video can you be a little less jerk with the camera.

  19. Two suggestions:

    Stop waving the tank when you’re talking about it, It’s distracting

    Turn off grass in gun sight

    Other than that good vid

  20. It’s been a looong time since I got excited about any ground vehicles. The
    T62 … oh man I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing. Love the Russian

  21. I agree with you, this tank would be twice as better with an 8-10 s reload.
    But it still fires the fastest moving shells and its the best sniper in my
    opinion. I casually snipe people from 1.6k + in this thing. Get this thing
    hull down and its damn near invincible if you play it right. Also, the
    apdsfs is quite a beast of a round, one shots ammo racks all day and also
    fragments quite nice.

  22. Great vid mike, would have been nice ce to see you use the other shell also
    though, as I won’t have this tank anytime soon to test it myself, so it
    would have been nice to see you give it a test in a match. Keep up the good

  23. Good video mike! I want to see this on the live steam tonight :)

  24. Peace Army (박준효)

    hey sexy beast, can you play the raketenjpz 2?

  25. Baron Black Music

    Yay, more War Funder :D

  26. Achim Hanischdörfer

    It seems the soviet have saved weight on the amount of gears the T62 has.
    That means you are not at best RPM quite often. Maybe the use of manual
    transmission can help.

  27. spaded it, totally not woth it. go play the leopard 1 or the chieftain mk.3
    and have fun. my opinion

  28. tier 5 is crazy in this game ;/ btw. how do you shoot while looking thourgh
    binoculars ?

  29. Can you play some Tiger II sla.16? I wanna hear your opinion on that tank

  30. nice vid mate. can w8 for the M60A1.

  31. another 8.0 russian tank….hmm….not sure why i still drive the Maus when
    they keep adding tanks like this.

  32. Mitchell Mackenzie

    that sachh guy was slaughtering the enemy in the zsu57-2 that whole time

  33. fun fact mike the 3BM3 had a tungsten tip and came in service in 1961, by
    1965-66 the soviet leadership decided that they needed a cheaper shell
    since tungsten is really expensive and really rare to find in nature, and
    they needed that material to produce industrial machinery anyway, so they
    started making the 3BM4 and the which is made only with steel by the 1970s
    they made the 3BM21 the same ideia of tungsten was used but it had a pen of
    330mm at 1000m which was very good for that time

  34. Free gold eagles inv code: bbv3y

  35. t62 is pretty much like a velociraptor, can take down any target in a pack
    with proper cordination. I also love this tank first game I got 3 kills, a

  36. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    I appreciated the movie settings, as I built my first PC capable of running
    movie a few days ago!

  37. Dommel || Overwatch

    Sehr gutes Video! :3

  38. where in the settings can I find ,Crew replenishment’ to assign a key to

  39. hey Mike i’m the same level as you ATM

  40. I made a Steam guide on the new app for free Golden Eagles. Check it out on

  41. Shame the 115mm APFSDS is heavily underperfoming

  42. that you even bpunce off leopard sides with apds is because the game’s
    bouncing mechanic. When armor reaches a 60° slope or higher, the chance for
    a bounce rapidly increases. My Conqueror apds even once bounced of a
    Sheridan (which just has a aluminium hull). You just have to hit a higly
    sloped pixel and ypur shell will bounce, regardless of its penetration

  43. I’ve already noticed players are going back to the T-10 and IT-1 as first
    choice tanks when spawning in, and the T-62’s are basically becoming back
    up vehicles.

  44. Actually you are playing on very low resolution so nothing to appreciate in
    graphical settings here

  45. Why are you re-researching the T-44-100..?

  46. Captain Dreadnought

    wait, how can this fire a normal HE shell if its a smoothbore gun?

  47. Welcome to the British GF problem

  48. wait wtf 15:30 he measured a rang with crosschair…….is it new feature
    with t62 or I been carrying max ammo just so I can compensate my first

  49. Biggest problem, this tanks ammo doesn’t work like it’s supposed to do,
    apfsds is used today because it ignores angle of the armour. But in game
    apfsds acts like apds which ruins the whole point of having t62

  50. T-72s and Leopard 2AVs! PLEASE MAKE IT!

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