BEST SHOT EVER! – RakJPz 2 German ATGM (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BEST SHOT EVER! – RakJPz 2 ATGM (War Thunder )

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  1. hey phly can u take out the asu85 pls

  2. maus and the orlado

  3. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    ((Fifth Try))

    Russian Bias Master PhlyDaily,
    You have shown much promise over the years and Stalin himself has granted
    your family upgraded living quarters in Leningrad. Now you must carry out a
    daring mission in order to keep your Beloved Lora out of Gulag. Use a
    camouflaged T-34-57 medium tank and a Yak-9T to defend Motherland. So go
    fight for Motherland or spend life sweeping snow in Gulag.

    ~With love, The Kremlin

    If you fail us then you will be in Gulag though your Beloved Lora may not
    be so lucky





  5. ASU-85 with the HEAT-FS at 6.7 BR

  6. Bfw. Jagdpanther! With Fw 190 F-8 and Mk 103 gunpods :)

  7. Nebelwerfers vs planes


  9. Marc-Antoine Pouliot

    Do ISU-152 and IL-10 with rockets plz!

  10. leopard 2

  11. Thepowerfulkiller

    How did you lock on the is4m without putting your cursor over the is4m and
    home the atgm to it?????

  12. Sheridan

  13. Lvt A 1

  14. Hahahhahahah the reaction though! Take Asu-57 and maybe Il-2M with 37mms :D

  15. Historically tanks can take off of aircraft carriers too!
    -PhlyDaily, 2016

  16. Don’t worry, tank is balanced. Takes it out into battle, “Holy shit this
    thing is OP”.

  17. Nice shot ze Phly!

  18. take the ASU-57 the daylight assassin

  19. Cimo Anto (CimoAnto)

    LVT and B18?

  20. Olle Kohanovskij

    ah well fuck warthunder

  21. Raketenjagdpanzer 2 = rockethuntingtank 2
    greatings from germany ;)

  22. Olle Kohanovskij

    atgm no-skill bullshit

  23. do the Tiger 1 aka the t-34 slayer

  24. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    You best. Can’t believe what i saw.

  25. Play Out of ammo

  26. The is-2 revenger

  27. the germans have captured some russian bias use it to defeat communist
    tonks use t34 747 (r) and the la5fn

  28. IT-1

  29. You say it with an english E its nah you say it like rakehhhhten!!!!!!

  30. It’s pronounced Ra-Ket-Ten

  31. If you pronounce the ‘e’ more like ‘ea’ and if the z gets a little stiffer
    (like ‘ts’), you will have achieved a german proof pronounciation of se

  32. 8:27 “his ammo is detonated so he is still okay.” Gaijin logic.

  33. Try to kill yourself wit a rocket :D

  34. warzone379 משיח‎

    IT 1

  35. play the M48 patton


    The king of OP STUFF the German tier 2 fighter not the bf 109 the other one
    with the 20mm its amazing+the Hetzer.


    Fv 190 a1 plus the stug III f otr the hetzer

  38. I made my hangar in colongue, it looks really nice. And btw it’s not
    possible to place you hangar on a carrier, because the carrier belongs to a
    mission (every game in wt is a mission) and the hamgar is only on a map, so
    the carriers didn’t spawn yet

  39. T-10M and the Tu-4 and then compare it to the B-29 and the M60 plz XD

  40. please take out the new visually improved IS-3 along with the Tu-4.

  41. SystemschraubeLP

    could you try out the asu-85? :]

  42. play the cheeky breeky asu-57 for the motherland! dont forget your mosin ;)

  43. can you show your loyal Aussie fans some love by playing the Matilda &
    Boomerang combo plz?

  44. Bogdan Stojanovic

    how to put these items on tank?

  45. Hetz some more. Destroy za Russians

  46. You need to take out a zis-30. And bring it into a tier 5 game with a mig

  47. and this is why the game sucks now.

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