Best Sound In The GAME | 100MM HARDENED POTATO LAUNCHER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Best Sound In The GAME | 100MM HARDENED POTATO LAUNCHER (War Thunder Tanks )


  1. Hey fellas! So many of ya’ll are expecting videos on the LEO2k and Challenger. However I didn’t have enough time to get quality videos out of the dev. When it re-opens those will be next up on the channel.

    • PhlyDaily you posted this on my 19th birthday lol, a couple of years back you were streaming you asked how old everyone was and I commented “17” and you said young blood! Lol time phlys by and thank you for making every day better for me! Much love phly! Your the best out there

    • I give up on the F222.2, drive the derpy Pz. III N and feel the HEAT of the battle. Attempt #1

    • Fadhlih C. Widharto

      PhlyDaily please play the Japanese amphibious tank

    • Blaze_Bomber Tanki Online

      Phly, do you happen to have the links to the previous music you’ve used from your previous videos?

  2. Challenge Time Get three kills on three different maps using the SU122 ATTEMPT 35

  3. THIS IS NOT A LEO2k PHLY -_- ..

  4. Fuck this broken game, no balance at all in anyway. French tanks that are straight up better than their UK USA equals yet have same br, Panther D having the same BR as a ersatz m10……
    Vehicles at exact same br that can literally break physics with their ability, i.e m18s or yak 3ps.
    A crew system that literally allows a t34 stz to repair his breach after receiving a jumbo shell directly through it in 3 fucking seconds, because that isn’t a pay to have an advantage system at all.
    And to add upon all of this broken ass shit they have without doubt the worst matchmaking in any game I have ever played, I genuinly cannot remember the last time I was placed on a equal br or been top BR, 90% of the matches I play I am the lowest br in the match and I am still at the top of the team.
    Meanwhile 40% of my team has done something retarded died and then never bothered to respawn because they want to be cool like the youtubers and only take 1 vehicle because fuck teamwork right.

    This is without even going into the things that are just straight up broken in this game, like it’s many inconsistencies with HE rounds or traction that is litterally non existent 80% of the time, I mean a puma on solid concrete on a city map not being able to get more than 7km/h because of “traction”
    Not to even get into how scummy the customer support for this company is, oh you;ve had your account hacked name changed, eagles spent password change yada yada, lets not send you a single email about it, close every ticket instantly and deny that anyone could possibly fool their security and it must be my email even though the only thing changed was War Thunder…… Surely if a hacker had my email they might I dunno change the password, use it to get my steam account, use it to get my bank details…. nope none of these things just the War thunder account, and to make it an even funnier joke the actual name change was from “lamberto29” my classic hangle to “yapupsik” which is russian for “i am a puppet” yeah not dubious at all you cancerous sack of shit Gaijin.

    I don’t even hate EA or Take Two as much as I hate this company, they are lazy moronic incompitent devs that are to lazy and incapable of fixing their engine/game and are only interested in milking as much as physically possible out of their customers by constantly releasing completely op broken premium vehicles and making the grind so stupid for none premium vehicles that it takes an age just to unlock a vehicle let alone get the parts for it.


  6. think being lvl 100 and having maxed out crew skills all around might have something to do with the tier placements?

  7. Phly’s tank destroyer:hello fellas
    German tank:nope


    You think the 100mm in 6.3-6.7 is good? Try the SU-85 in BR 4.3!

  9. Phly is broke af with like 300k lions a couple videos ago now he has 1.8 million. Teach me the ways Phly

    In a custom battle, you, in a single tank must face against an enemy team of bombers. Every bomber can change the delay on their bombs. Whichever preset they use however, is up to you to find out. You must drive up next to the bomb, take a screencap, and GTFO Before your blown to bits!
    Attempt #5

  11. Top 5 Famous last word by Watchmojo :
    1. Oh Shit – Phly Daily

  12. Hey Phly, take out the P-51D-20 NA and The M4A3E2 Cobra King. Give the enemy Freedom

  13. Plazma Pufferfish

    I love this thing and the su85

  14. mixalakis frangeskou

    I am wondering the same think when i play my 6.7 brits ….

  15. We need to see the su-100y now! Show them the true power of Russian gun!

  16. So funny hearing phly say tabarnak!

  17. the real potato launcher is the sturmpanzer II. It’s basically a 150mm glass cannon

  18. It is really bad that you get uptiered so often because some tanks really get hurt by getting uptiered. Also could you play the churchill VII PLS.

  19. If only they had turrets


  20. Phly will you play the SU-152 or the absolute destroyer ISU-152? 🙂

  21. The reason other ppl get in 6.7 games with a 6.7 tank and you get put in 7.7 games with a 6.7 tank is you have a 7.7 tank in your line up. You have the T-54 1947 in your line up so what tier game you go in depends on what the highest tier tank you have. Did you take it out before you hit To Battle.

  22. YOOOOO I was in a game with Phly, on Tunisia!! :DDDDDDD Just yesterday holy moly

  23. All political dissidents must go to gulag to get 6.7 as top tier

  24. Phly why no magach 3?

  25. “Yes friends” 🙁 It’s ok phly

  26. Xnar Gaming & CO

    Remove kebab?

  27. 8.0 is now the god teir, they rarely get upteired.

  28. To get a good 6.7 game you have to pray to God of war thunder.

  29. Strategic Bomber

    Bless you

  30. Dragunov_AK47_01

    Nice 100mm

  31. dat sneeze do

  32. How do you spot so well phyl;o

  33. That was a really lame sneeze…

  34. prashantmakemerich

    dats my everyday story in warthunder. terrible BR match making

  35. I love my 6.7 setup (T114, Ontos, M56 Scorpion), but I wish I could actually take them in a proper game sometimes – every game I’m in is awash with 7.7 garbage.

  36. The crew must got ? score on each subject at school, before getting up with this tank.

  37. KnightOfHonor987

    Well you are lucky i got 8.0 if i am 6.7 like what can i do?

  38. Joseph Stalin Mr Coin

    Nice pushline Phly , you said you better shot the front door!:)

  39. I lol’d at that sneeze 😀

  40. Jan Rey Billanes

    phlydaily please play world of warships again

  41. Federal Bureau Of Investigations

    Hey can you guys give me dislikes?

  42. AMX-30B2 is 7.3 now

  43. Being uptiered most of the time just makes a mockery of the BR system I haven’t reached 6.7 yet but just had a run of 15 games with Brit 4.7 and wasn’t top BR once. Then of course you finally get top BR and suffer with a hopeless potato team. Sometimes just feels like the game was designed to reduce your enjoyment.

  44. Hey phly nice video btw these latest days I’m watching too much war thunder videos and I want to play it but I have xbox one, any idea when will it come out and is it worth it or its just a P2W game?

  45. AntlanticStrawberry

    Best sounds is with epic sound mod

  46. I never get 6.7 lol

  47. I love that accordion play at start… Look out for copyright claims for theat…

  48. Battle rating is screwed up.

  49. Deadmemes And Dankmemes Are My Favorite

    Dang it phly you made me think my alarm was sounding off because i remove kebab )))

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