Best Starter Heavy Tech Tree Line!? | World of Tanks 60TP Lewandowskiego Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Starter Tanks in World of Tanks – The Best Starting Heavy Tech Tree Line for New Players. World of Tanks 60TP Lewandowskiego Tech Tree Line.

Today I am going play with a tier 10 Polish Beast – 60TP. This entire heavy tank line is actually one of the best line for new starting players and also for returning players who are looking for some simply solid heavy tank . Big firepower, big alpha, armor… I mean what more do you need? 🙂
What do you think about that?

Enjoy the show! 😉


  1. What are the best tech tree lines for new players in your opinion?
    Let me know and as always, have an absolutely fantastic day! 😉

    • @Dany Stana They are not a very good introduction into the hull-down meta. You are better off with 60TP, as far as learning to work a ridge line – which is what 90% of wot is nowadays – for a brand new player, anyway.

    • As if Polish Heavy Tank line is easy?
      Wrong, the low tier polish tanks have garbage stock grinds .and only at tier 8-10 is the Polish tanks good

    • got the IS-4 recently and it’s very good, lot’s of armor
      my first T10 was the FV4005, when the derp was still good for 600-700 on non penetration

    • I recommend using the t.6 tokin in 40tp and continue to 60tp, but if u decided to start from t.1 u will suffer very much, until u reach t.7.

  2. 60TP is a great tank and a great line… but you good players CCs with more than 100k games just forget that the line doesn’t start at tier 8! 😉
    This line is not bad at all, but at tier 6 any new player will be on the serious test if he wants to continue to play this line and this game as well! Tier 6 in this line is IMO the worse tier-for-tier tank in the game! It’s bad in every single thing you can imagine! No speed, no armor, no accuracy… but! When you survive this, everything starts to look much better! 😉
    Maybe the IS-7 line is a little more beginner-friendly line than this?

  3. This is my first line I played, loved the 50TP decided to play 600+ games with it and managed to get 2nd mark, but I wanted to move to 60TP and idk for some reason the gun handling feels much better on 50TP though that’s probably because it gets apcr instead of heat

  4. The Sanity Assassin

    I’ve been having fun in the IS 3 II tier IX Russian double barrel heavy recently. its not Op at all putting both barrels into soft squishy tanks, sides of any tank or up their poopers…

  5. This has been my most favorite heavy tank to play. I run straight gold rounds and never expect to make money but the tank is fun to play.

  6. I was thinking completely different when I did E5 line : T1 Heavy is goood, M6 is meh, T29 is very very good, T32 is meh, M103 is “the beast” (better than E75 in my opinion) and E5 is good but I can’t feel it

    • E5’s fat cupola kinda means you’ll get penned anyway but there is the conqueror and super conqueror with the essentially the same playstyle although with 10 degrees of gun depression so yeah if you feel like you can suffer through the British tier 5 to 7 heavy tanks and love the US heavy tanks playstyle, I’d recommend grinding it or you could also just play the swedish tree although they are radically different from the E5 in some aspect.

  7. The Polish commander has an epic voice nearly rivaling Dez’s. Quite enjoyable to play this line partly because of that. XD


  8. Emme hyväksy tilauksia

    60tp first tier10 I three marked!!

  9. Absolutely love the 60tp

  10. My 60tp is cursed. Every battle I have in it my team always wilt away and I’m left alone. Don’t have the same issue with 53tp and 50tp.

  11. Is this a trick question? Russian, all lines.

  12. Obj277, IS7, T110E5 . Congrats u reached 100k credit goal!

  13. I think the IS-4 line is a great starter just because the line is very balanced but the armor is thick and can get a player out of a bad game plan.

  14. IS7 line or E100 lines are probably the easiest to be honest!

    Username: KurtisBib
    Server: NA

  15. My first Tier 10 Heavy is T57 Heavy. With the autoloader gun on this tank, I can support my fellow tankers. But this tank line is very hard to play because normal AP round pen is quite bad compared to other nation same tier HT.

  16. Strange advise, cause there are other heavy tank tech-tree lines which are more forgiving when making a mistake than the 60TP line. And I believe tolerance to a player’s mistakes should be the most important criterium when recommending heavy tanks to new players. For instance, the IS-4 or IS-7 line fit the bill better as far as I’m concerned. But that’s just my view, feel free to disagree.

  17. Do yourself a favour and get intuition on 60tp

  18. i still stand with the IS7 being the most noob friendly tech tree, starting from the IS3, 257 and is7, all of them have very strong turrets, and good frontal armour, but what makes it forgiving is that the troll side armour of all of those tanks indeed do save noobs time to time from really bad positioning and RNG.

  19. My 1st heavy was type 5 because there isnt anything to do, it will bounce often

  20. polish below tier 8 is horrible tier 5 ,6, 7

  21. When I played the 45TP I was shocked by that power … then 53TP !!!, 50 TP !!! and 60TP !! every four of them are beast

  22. Is it already the 1st of April ? this ist A Joke right? … Right? its a horrible Tank und you want to kill yourself. Armor doesnt work and the gun … oh boy the gun

  23. 50tp was poop when I played, no armor, especially on the hull.

  24. armor meta powercreep cancer
    The TP grind is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the worst in the game; so hard to get to the high tier when it becomes more bearable.

  25. In my opinion best tech tree lines for beginners are russian medium and heavy is7 or is4 line.
    For free to play players definitely Strv line, high standard shell penetration… you need to know how to position urself and it is an easy damage farm.

  26. i actually enjoyed playing polish ht but after i get 60tp and get ammoracked 3 times in a row i just sold the tank right away. it’s just a big nope for me

  27. IS-7 was my 1st heavy ( required for a clan I was joining back then ) and is still a good heavy today.

    On another subject 14:44 Ally IS-4, WarGaming should shut down his account for at least a month. seriously to wish cancer and death to someone because of a video game, the dude needs to step away from the internet and get a fucking life!

  28. I would not recommend this line for new players to be honest. Russian, or even E100/Maus will work better.
    Polish T7 is quite good, I enjoyed playing it, you need to watch out for your coupola,
    T8 is good, but you need to play it more as a medium tank, unless you are top tier, where you can bounce some shots. Otherwise you shouldn’t rely on your armor,
    T9 is average at best in my opinion, its armor is weak against T9 & T10. Only aplha damage is a nice feature,
    T10 is quite good, but again, until opponents will load gold, which Dez has shown in the video.

  29. Can you make video about how to get festive atmosphere to level 10 quickly?

  30. Was it this tank that started the ‘Need’ for a HE nerf, how could i not like it?!

  31. Since the new update there is a BOND HARDENING available in the comparing mode

  32. I like the 45tp tier 7. It feels good and is fun to play I think.

  33. IS-4 hands down… people who say IS-7 line is a clowns. Why? Because, IS-7 is trash tank, it can be penned in every angle almost. U CANT sidescrep when u go 1v1, enemy can just pen ur PIKE left or right.. only thing is hulldown… and thats its. also the gun is shit. 303pen gold.

    So IS-4 for the New Players to feel the power of real Heavy Tank. 🙂

  34. British heavy line also excellent from tier 8

  35. i’m the only one impress by the arty shot at 8:35 on the e100 ?

  36. I know, its not a popular opinion but I love IS-4 and its whole line. All of them are sidescrape monsters.

  37. I think its patton line honestly.. because it’s unforgiving. Way better than is7 with which u only learn bad practices.

  38. …and IS-7 line 🙂

  39. I am on a 50tp now close to 60tp

  40. 60TP was my first heavy with which I did 10k+ and yeah for new players it’s very good, others are the IS-7, IS-4, you mainly need tough heavies that don’t get punished too hard for small mistakes

  41. i still love the 60tp

  42. If you’re new to the game, don’t go for the WZ-111 5A, terrible grind…. I found 277 relatively fun and recently got IS-4, worth it.

    As for the 60TP, good grind from tier 7 onwards, and the tier 10 is lovely.


  43. The only problem with 60TP is that you have to suffer through 40TP to get it

  44. Even t.7 is very good in my opinion, it has poor armor, but when angled correctly, it becomes reliable.

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