BEST Starting T10 Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m arguing why the Object 430U is the best T10 starting tank!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I prefer play tvp or progetto ♡♡♡♡

  2. My first tier 10 was my E-50 M.
    Please leave as many Fs as you want 🙁

  3. If you want to play easy = Obj 430 U

    By the way, what a noob M103 and JgPanzer E100

  4. hey guys, every game needs something suitable for beginners.. in this game it is all BLYATMOBILES

  5. Thanks for choosing Cent AX,I think CENT AX and Leo1 are the weakest tierX meds …

  6. anyone else here that thought that this would be another list with the best 10 starting lines to pursue?
    got really let down when i realized that this was only another lazy replay commentary..and even one from his stream…yawn.

  7. Got two, like 2, tier eight tanks, decided nope this is too painful #wargaming and stopped playing to get higher tiers.

    If you gifted me a year of 2x rewards (at the same costs of regular) then yes, I would have tier 10, surely within the last 5 years and probably would have paid $$ to play.

  8. I’ll probably receive some hate because of this comment BUT…I’d recommend anyone who’s going towards their first tier 10’s to go for a more balanced versatile tanks like M48 Patton, Obj 140, Centurion AX. If you go for the most idiot proof tanks like OBJ 430U in this example, you will never reach the higher skill gap simply because most of your crucial mistakes will be forgiven by playing such unbalanced tanks and in a lot of situations + it encourages to fire more HEAT ( gold shells ) because 430U has bad standard rounds for current meta. Soviet bias in World of Tanks is crazy as it is…we don’t need more and more players going for it…. @Quickybaby you might wanna reconsider what you recommend to people because you really do impact a large audience and playerbase with your content thus impacting this game in a way as well.

  9. I think the super conqueror is good as well to start playing the game, if you can manage to get through the Churchills.

  10. Look at how the shots go into the middle red dot with 0.4 dispersion. RUSSIA!

  11. Isn’t tier 10 play mostly gold spam these days.

  12. All im saying is im a red xvm player and i got to silver in ranked with this tank 😀

  13. Just terrible grind, want it though

  14. so why does the ps4 version suck so bad? gameplay here looks great ;/

  15. Play wot blitz, it’s so pay to win more than cpu I think

  16. I would suggest to stick to mid tiers and learn the basics of the line you are grinding up. Object 430U is incredibly novice friendly, but tier X players don’t. It overpowered condition relies merely on sheer force.

  17. Thanks for making another video which addresses the problems of the ‘dont pay to win’ players.

    But I’m curious. I was not bad with my is3. That is to say I was usually in the top three at the end of the game. But with my is7 I suck big time. And you say it’s a good starting true 10. Will it’s my only tier 10 and I wonder how I can play better with it ?

  18. It ain’t right when a HT face hugs a MT and the MT wins.

  19. wow u got lucky

  20. This tank is broken. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise

  21. Is the Obj 705 the best for tier 9?

  22. I see a Bobject 430u replay i auto dislike

  23. I have the 430 U and isbthe fi ți t x tank wen I want ți have fun. Îți ia great.

  24. Fantastic video QB. The 430U does seem like an excellent tank. May need to look at this meself.

    For me, I still prefer the IS-7 as a great first tier X. It was my first tier X and I find it very accomodating. Great armour, great speed and a punchy cannon. Can’t ask for more really.

  25. I don’t enjoy the 430u that much. I find the 430 to be a lot better.

  26. Saw this gem on stream

  27. “filozof” means philosopher in turkish 🙂

  28. ekin deniz yıldız

    its not the best starter, go for is7

  29. Cookie marciano Schink


  30. The 50 was killed by the GW not the 4005

  31. Best starting tank 430U…. cause its OP and WG knows that it is, but won’t do anything about. Its better than my Obj 257

  32. WAF AUF E100, but wait, it was stolen from us

  33. That 212A at the beginning: “sry”
    yeah, sorry i shot you several times in the last two minutes
    i like arty, but cmon, that’s just idiotic

  34. What is the best NON Russian tier 10 tank?

  35. QB is a punk he acts so entitled, its cringeworthy asf and not showing of good genuine chatacter

  36. Screw this tank. Don’t encourage people to put more of this crap in the matchmaker.

  37. That M103 really screwed up by pulling back, allowing you to get behind the Jpz as well.

  38. “Cannibalises the enemy pig”
    Love it

  39. Best Starting Tank is TOG II

  40. I’m wanting to finally get back into world of tanks, haven’t touched it in years. What would be a few good options for tech trees to consider going down?

  41. That 212A… I feel like that player was a little greedy. The Ru 251 could have killed the Jg. Pz. E 100 with one more shell but the arty decided to shoot and got QB stunned. In my eyes, that wasnt necessary to do.

  42. Somehow the Obj 430U doesn’t work for me…maybe it is because my first tier X was….the Leopard?

  43. Can you make a guide for m48 patton please?

  44. i agree, its the best beginner tank by far. Cause it has everything. Its not to slow either. But all the russian meds are a good idea for beginners. Just avoid tanks like the german panzer mutz etc. They are good tanks too, but unforgiving at beginner mistakes. Just like the leopard. Wich is my persenol favorite. Spotting passive, then clean up at the end of a match

  45. Type 5 heavy best starting

  46. My first heavy tank was T1 Heavy, ohhh boy i had some bad battles.

  47. Swedish mediums aint bad either if dont wanna go head on too much

  48. Hey guys,im playing
    World Of Tanks on PS4 and i got few battles on my channel. Il keep on uploading and if u have time check it out and if u like it maybe even leave a sub.Thank you

  49. 7 years in Wot. Don’t have it and don’t intend to ever. Its like, what’s the point? To go “seal clubbing” in this easy-mode tank and brag what a good player you are for having great stats in it? Nah, have some self-respect.

  50. His nickname means Philosopher in Polish 😛 Reads as Philosopher but without “er” in the end 😀 that was hilarious.

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