BEST Starting Tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – . Today ALPIN6373 is going to show you why I think the KV-1 is the best starting tank in World of Tanks!

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  1. Does it really count as “good angling” though, when most of your opponents have barely any chance of cracking that armor, regardless of angling? And even then, only with their best guns unlocked and fitted??

  2. What a moronic video.

  3. Mister Torgue Flexington

    That whole line up to kv1 is good. T46 is great with the 75. T28 is amazing with it’s crazy power to weight ratio and 57mm. Kv1 is great with any of the top guns.

  4. I remember when it took months for me to get a tier 6, now it takes 2 evenings.

  5. Autoaim mod*

  6. Quicky dump your political messages in your ads . Stay neutral please

  7. So true ,This was the first tank line I went for because of Russian Bias and I found it enjoyable

  8. I don’t think tier 3 sees tier 5 anymore?

  9. How to learn the game: get a derpgun. So much skill. No aiming needed and always damage. Bad gun handling on your gun? No problem when you have a derp. Accuracy doesn’t matter.

  10. The use of auto aim in this replay was terrible. I doubt this guy even knows how to aim.

  11. I have destroy many kv with my O-I exp. Communism cant fight japan.

  12. Best starter tank only apply on IS-6

  13. My friend has the tank now so we group up all the time.

  14. please just try to make a new account, and play starrting at tier 1 WITHOUT a premium account and WITHOUT buying gold.
    then play for a week or two. if you do that you could learn how to really advise new players.
    the way you are now doesn’t benefit new players at all

  15. With Russian accuracy you need to believe

  16. luck

  17. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    lol that strv left at the end was clearly a world of warcraft player

  18. KV-1 is very newbees friendly, + Matilda IV and Marders…. kept me out of frustration from my potato status.

  19. Don’t play this game anymore WG will close EU FORUM on Ps4&Xbox and maybe they gonna do the same thing on PC.

  20. Tomatos’ party

  21. The comments are almost as entertaining as the replay was. Great game btw.

  22. lol. Viev range is most inportant thing on lower tiers cause new players have bad crews and tanks are usually smaller than higher tiers so they have better camo. That’s mean if you have great viev range on lower tiers you can spot enemies much faster (specially on open maps) and destroy them before they even spot you.

  23. Is it planned to broadcast replay of WOT PS4?

  24. Not eally better than the KV-1, but same idea, the French B1 at tier 4.
    Bretty gud armor all around

    One hell of a reverse-sidescraper as well

  25. terrible gameplay, only luck and idiot-proof tank there. He was turning his side and back to enemy tanks, he almost only auto-aimed… nothing to show there. Nothing instructive. Idiot in idiot-proof tank playing versus idiots in weak tanks. So fun, such show.

  26. Beside the KV1 i often also recomment the T34 because its a super strong tank and u have so many different options after it and i ve experienced that most of my frieds want to check out different tank types

  27. This made me want to play the game again, especially buy the KV-1 back. Thanks Quicky!

  28. you are absolutely right

  29. you have to talk about the T1 Heavy Tank. I think is more difficult to use than other t5 tanks, but can be also stronger

  30. Do not underestimate the free game players ( non premium) they are good players with tier 10 tanks

  31. I will start wive this line was not going to but it seems right trouble this will not be on PC on Xbox instead but will try to work my way up to the PC

  32. This player is cancer

  33. My M3 Lee has a 60% winrate by the time I finished grinding through it… and a few high calibers and top guns. I just avoided Right-hand corners and hilltops like they were the fucking plague.

  34. LOL im so bad at this game 5067 battles only just got to tier 8 XD

  35. Best starting combo – Lowe, below 1k games played and red stats.

  36. I think this is a good player playing at tomate account

  37. i am not a great player 46% but i need help..but i work away and only get maybe 1 everning i can play before you all say anything ..thanks qb for lower tier help

  38. i liked the vk 30.01H its basically a german kv1, but it is also faster i beleave 😀

  39. Floris van den Steenhoven

    I love this tank! I can’t whait to play this tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. This brings back memories of the time when there was only one “KV”. That thing was just godlike.

  41. it’s a tomato!! Tomato always have rng. This player use auto aim with a derp and always he touch enemy we high roll.

  42. buy n tier 8 priem obj252u or is6 and free exp to tier8 is3

  43. And again wot really dropped the ball. Tigers M4s t-34s are all kinda crap and the tanks that never existed except as an idea are the tanks that rule the game. It’s a very puzzling way to go about things. Many of the premium tanks are actually real tanks like the type 59 ! And the tech tree is totally prototype stuff. Again such an odd way of going about things. I dunno I’m sure a normal (read that as non Russian) design group would have come up with a much better game.

  44. It’s important to have some fun when you first start so whilst the kv1 is solid, I had more fun in the Matilda. I has solid armour a super gun and it taught me early on that big derp guns could be overcome by use of cover with a fast firing high pen accurate gun. It’s a very slow tank but has some forgiving armour, which means that you can make some mistakes and still have fun.

  45. I was more like the older KV lol. Powerful main gun + nice armor. One shoot can do 660 damage. You will meet 10vs10 KV one shoot each others in 2011 games. In my opinion that was real World of Tank

  46. good tank KV-1 (or do I mean KV-2)
    Very Stronk

  47. Every one gold spam. Armor is useless

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