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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m showing why the Soviet mediums are the best starting tech tree in and showing gameplay in the T-34, T-34-85, T-43 and T-44!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Ah yes…..a search for new content….

  2. A long video? 10% talking sense and giving good advice. 90% imature showing off. IMO

  3. T-43… my Most hated Medium I have ever played…

  4. I like the British medium tanks Cromwell, Comet, Centurions

  5. Good video QB. Would be great to see more of this kiind. Maybe after every tech tree show case. 😉

  6. USSR tech tree. There saved 36 minutes if ur life.

  7. God I need a pc it looks so damn fucking good ??

  8. The T 44 100 is just like that standard T 44…
    But better!
    And that sums up premium tanks

  9. T-34: I have the best DPM with the 57mm gun

    A-43: Am I a joke to you ?

  10. The best tech tree is from Mother Russia

  11. thx! good job!

  12. Complains like a little boy when getting shoot with gold. Uses gold himself without problem. Such a hypocrite lol..

  13. Where to get this t44100?

  14. i always watch your twitch vods of your tech tree showcases later, you should bring more of that content to youtube like this!

  15. Thanks for the video 🙂 The tips and tricks you mentioned were really helpful!

  16. Is it just me or did World of Tanks became the dumbest game ever right now? Here are my reasons, just a few of them

    1. Arty was rough before sure, one shoting almost every equal tier, some higher tier tanks and almost every lower tier tank. But now it’s kinda ruined, I personaly hate it right now, I’d rather get one shoted than stuned.

    2. Is it me or is the power creep too big, tanks like kv4, is4, tiger 2, t32, e100, maus… they’re not really that good anymore? 90% of the time I’d rather be in a is-m, obj 705a, 53tp, 277, 60tp… its not just me right?

    Also does it feel to me like the game got too expensive? It was always pay to win kinda but its even more pay to win now.. i feel like the console version is better?

    Anyway, toughts???

    • 1. Arty was a lottery machine. Your every 10th shot hit and ruined someone games. At least now it requires “some” skill (instead of full RNG) and getting shot by it doesn’t instantly kill you so you can play against the next shot.

      2.Power creep is essential to keep players interested in new content. Those tanks you listed weren’t ever really that good (apart from T32 and E-100 which are still good). They were mediocre and they still are. Of course everyone would be in the best possible tank

      Cost to play hasn’t changed. Premium is still 10€ per month or 80€ per year and premium vehicles cost 20-40€. WG is however showering us with free premium tanks, rental premium tanks, other gamemodes which reward you with credits and credit boosters. The credit economy hasn’t been this great ever. That’s why consumables went from -50% to -25%.

  17. IS4 or IS7? whats better for a newer player?

    • IS-4 is supposed to get buffed in the near future (along with E-100). Until that happens IS-7 is the better choice. After the IS-4 buff, who knows.

  18. While QB was talking about T-44-100 i got notification from WG about that tank ._.

  19. They are selling T-44-100 today KEKW

  20. I dont, at all, play World of Tanks anymore. But I still watch QuickyBaby and since this is over 30mins long…
    *Goes to the kitchen and grabs a snack and something hot to drink.*

  21. Me sees a 36-minute video by QuickyBaby: My work can wait…

  22. Thanks so much for this, QB. Your tip to use Binos on low tier tanks is gold, except in a free to play way. 😀

  23. Would i buy T-43?

  24. Me before clicking on the video: Is it a russian medium tree?

    Me after: well who would have guessed…

  25. I think you can also do a video on how to play the most common starting tech tree for new players, cause I think most players usually go for tanks they know about, the Shermans and Tigers. You can give tips about how to train the crews, what to spend credits and exp on, which gun is best for which situation and many other things.

  26. nice videos it is really important for new players. Next time if you want you can explain for new players more differencies between type of tanks like heavies or mediums and co cause when I began this game for 7 years i make my first tree was the Leopard 1 and drive the leopard 1 as beginner it was really hard and difficult to understand how it works ….

  27. T-34 was my most favorite tank when I used to play WOT. I had 3 MOE on this beast and had a blast at every game I had in it.

  28. I think Gold rounds make the game worse

  29. just finished watching the T-34 russian movie and then the first replay comes up… feels good man!

  30. the tier 5 tank destroyer LeFH, tier 7 tank destroyer E75 :thinking:
    does the quickybaby make this video in the morning or after the rage of the rank battle?

  31. QB I’ve never commented, and I’ve been watching your videos and streams for at least 6 years, but you are my fav content creator. Loving all these daily vids, keep it up bud!

  32. obj 430 u

  33. I was grinding that line lol
    I am on the T43

  34. Russian, American and Swedish are the most entertaining lines to play. The good penetration and excellent gun depression makes the Swedish tanks a joy to play. The worst are German and British. For the British either the guns are too small, or the tanks are too slow. And the German tanks, especially the iconic tanks, they are little more than pinatas that churn the credits for whatever opponent hits you. Their performance and kill ratios in WWII are in no way reflected in this game. This is a Belorussian game with a Soviet mindset. Play free to play German tanks, and you will suck.

  35. 16:00 EPIC COOLHEADED GAMEPLAY QUICKY! Man u got that game :D. Cheers.

  36. Gold ammo again!

  37. At least the most fun starting tech tree cause its definetly not the easiest

  38. no, best starting tree in WoT is C:GamesWorld_of_Tanks_EUunins000.exe

  39. I think beginners should start with heavy tanks, mediums are more difficult to play

  40. i like the longer videos but i dont have time to watchy them in one sitting just watch half in the morning and half at night

  41. This was a great video, it would be great if you did more tech tree videos. What I’d love to see now would be the british mediums (Crusader/AX)

  42. My first ever dislike on your content! It is misleading to run a T-44-100 instead of a tech tree T-44. The T-44-100 is substantially better than the T-44.

  43. Mhm…. Telling that the t-44 is the same as the t-44-100… NO just no! This tank rotates nearly 8 degrees FASTER, runs better on the ground, has the way better gun handling, has spaced armor and feels overall way better than the t-44…. But nice to see how you are in sync with the sales of wg. Wtf quicky, maybe in next life you get a real job where u don’t need to sneak up some belarus loveholes. Its a pitty, you could be a very intelligent head of something, but now you are a belarus puppet. But i guess you know that… and thats even worse :(.

  44. Hello qyuqybaby. Great. Great

  45. Hey Quickybaby, I don’t think the VK spotted you in the second game. I think it was the M10 RBFM from the trees on your right flank.

  46. QB I like what you have done here, but you don’t always have to show off premiums or your best games

  47. @QuickyBaby This is my favorite tank line , I have kept them all from tier 5 to obj 140 that is the jewel 🙂
    Thank you for the continuous good content you’re offering us on twitch and youtube. I’m not playing wot for the moment, and keep watching from time to time your streams and video’s.
    And what an great video you’re doing here!!! 🙂 explaining game mechanichs while practicing them, giving strategical plays/tricks, all this in a good mood and on a positive manner. Thanks for this! As strange as it may seem to me you have moved from a streamer I like to a star , lol this sounds weird (I imagine your face reading this ;)), and I like the idea of chat interction within game as you always do with a real star now 8)

  48. Great to see a video featuring some lower tier tanks, and some great advice for the newer players amongst us!

  49. More like Jap heavies. No weakspots to worry about on your tank nor the enemy, most braindead line in the game.

  50. I am a fairly new player in world of tanks but I have played world of tanks blitz and if they are as good as they use to be in wotb they are the best starter tree

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