BEST T10 Light Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about my top picks the best T10 tanks in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Not Even a Nice Person

    What’s that auto aim cross mod?

  2. Can you make a video entirely on the WZ 132-1? It’s gonna be my first light line.

  3. Why do you upload so late? It’s like 21, 22 in UK?

  4. Hey QB since you started posting vids every day l doubt you will always have a good world of tanks vid so l hope you will find time to make some warthunder vids since they can be preety fun aswell, also try making some fun battles with jingless for example

  5. Power to twerk ratio . . .

  6. Light/medium tank meta ruin the game for me.

  7. Vive la France. За Родину!

  8. I don’t understand why there are only two tier 10 light tanks in the game. All the other light tank lines end with two tier 9 tanks, but for some reason the Russian lights and French wheeled lights go to tier 10. Shouldn’t all the light tank lines have a tier 10 tank at the top of the tree instead?

  9. is the fv215b heavy tank still worth it or should i just get the chieftain or super conqueror?

  10. “I might be featuring the EBR 105 too much on my channel”

    Has featured it four times in the last 102 videos lol

  11. This is exactly the type of stuff I love seeing. Give me the top tank of each class and then 2 other alternatives and why. This is the most useful video I have seen on WOT this month. Really gives me an idea of which trees to progress through.

  12. So tell me QB, is daily video upload the way you deal with No Nut November?? ??

  13. It’s gonna be the manticore hands down

    • Actually Manticore is the best performing T10 light (along with EBR). That might be just because it’s a new tank and not that popular.

  14. Wilshire the Orange

    “without being suicidal about it” is probably the most important takeaway from this video tbh.

  15. Best medium》Soviet
    Best light》Soviet
    Best TD》Soviet
    … starting to see a pattern here

  16. Thats konvalina11 in your team, in the second game, the dude being featured in the pz ii J video long time ago

  17. Do a video on the tanks you think are keepers in low tiers.

  18. Thought it was a top ten video

  19. QB I’mma be real
    You look a little stressed out, maybe it’s just me tho
    I love the everyday video + the double, triple, even quad replay in a single video
    And I even bet this is HUGE for your channel cuz it’s a lot of content and it brings more people in
    But if you feel like it
    Take a little 1 to 2 day break off of the streak

    Yet again.., it might only be me :p

  20. What are these bonus Chevron games he is talking about?

  21. QB: “what shall I say in a weird way today? I know, I’ll start saying I’m “inside” a game/game mode instead of just “in” it, and I’ll say it like 50 times. Yehhhhh”

  22. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    @Quickbaby WZ 111 1-4 vs T-10 please

  23. Is there a point of playing lights with vheeled wheehicles around?

  24. Video on Chinese tech tree because you haven’t made a video on them I’m a bit

  25. Hey QB im from the NA server and today i had a game in my 430U where i had 10000 damage and assisted combined. If you could please watch this replay it would make my day. I also never fired a single premium round. Have a great day!

  26. What is that golden star when you cause damage to another tank?

    • It’s the Ranked mode symbol for you doing what your tank class is supposed to do. It gives you some extra XP. Heavies get it from blocking damage and so on.

  27. Panzerwagen play like a tier 9 or a tier 8 medium

  28. Nice tactics

  29. Its bec your heavy tank gameplay in ranked is now a meme lol

  30. answering the title is easy, EBR, done. those are the best tier 10 light tanks

  31. Man, look at all the digusting meta tank picks, lol.

  32. QB’s german gets better and better… gj

  33. Hey guys it’s cookie baby

  34. Hate the wheeled machines as they are not tanks broken element of the game!! Great video on 2 tanks though.

  35. Battle won because of Gunnyhoo…. KEKW ( it’s a MEME thing)

  36. I skipped ahead through the video to get to the EBR battle…………..

  37. Yeah t100 is so good that he get os by fv 4005

  38. I use wz light tank to ram other lt’s with a skill ramming

  39. I really don’t get how people have 60% win rates i got to 55 and then consistently started losing and dropped to 50% i can have a 4k dmg game with 5 kills in a tier 8 but because 6 people who do sub 500 it just feels impossible to fucking progress when i get shafted out of extra xp because the game puts more retards on my team

  40. Thanks for the detailed explanation on where you were going and why. Would love to see more of this.
    I feel like positioning is one of the most important skills to know in World of Tanks, so this was really helpful.

  41. Russian bias, he said “PUTIN”

  42. @QuickyBaby here is a Tier 8 light tank replay, I forgot to tag you when I uploaded it. Long-time fan…

  43. you make me feel like playing! good stuff 🙂

  44. Press F to pay respect to that Progetto 65 in QB’s team

  45. Hey QB, I really like your daily uploads!!

  46. Well I thought that BC 25t is the best light… QB what the heck

  47. i dont play lights cause i dont have the ebr 105 and lt100…just have as light sheridan and rhm and personally i prefer drive leopard 1 for ranked it is more succesfull cause of the insane gun handling really

  48. Light tanks were completly screwed in this season of ranked (and maybe last one). EBR can have exp bonuses for spotting dmg either being spotted or unspotted, other lights have to remain hidden …. This is simply stupid ! You’re taking far more risks to spot ennemies in AMX 13 105 by driving close to them and you wont be rewarded for that !? I don’t bloody understand why they give cons to light tanks and only pros for EBR !

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