Best T8 Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of Tanks the TS-5 currently has the highest average win ratio – does this make it the best T8 TD?


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  1. The biggest thing will all of WG “world of x” games is that credits are not given enough, it’s like you have to have a premium to make good. It’s bullshit. All they need to do is buff all credit coefficient of every non premium 1-10 tiers to +25%

    • Either that or pay 10€ per month. I’d rather take the option of not to pay if I don’t want to than being forced to pay if I want to play.

  2. and this was super painful to watch. He wasted so many rounds.

  3. The daily videos are great so far. Thanks for all the work you do on this channel.

  4. how do you do the arrow ping in the map

  5. There’s a reason why the Proto was the other survivor, fully crewed out, it’s dpm is second only to tier 9 tds. Yes the Armour is not the best, but it’s ability to bounce shots if played right is fantastic……

  6. Is anyone else have the bug of not being able to sell a tank?

  7. Only problem is that it’s just better than the tech tree t28

  8. This wasn’t a marathon on NA was it?

  9. what was that on the map at 9:16- 9:22 and again at 10:34?

  10. Tier 1-5 sucks a$$. The tanks are slow as balls and you have two shots worth of hit points. The game starts to get somewhat bearable at tier 6. There should be a certain personal rating required to play tier 8 and up though. Some of these tier 10 players make me question why I haven’t uninstalled. Mm sticks you with the most incompetent players and you get blown out 0-15.

  11. Is it OP? A little, yes, by definition. It’s outperforming all the competition. As you said though, it’s a manageable kind of OP, with plenty of weaknesses to exploit.

  12. If I meet this thing in a corridor I don’t know what else to do but run away

  13. His whole shooting strat is willy-nilly

  14. really this guy must be quickybaby’s friend. every dog has its own day.

  15. It’s understandable that ts-5 shoots rounds so fast. This tank have little opportunities to create chances to shoot opponents – no mobility. So when poor bastard wanders into gun arc – must shoot now!

  16. Holy shit that EBR 75 FL needs to have a good drink of ‘shutthefuckup’. Yeah buddy, everyone should go to the enemy base when friendly is about to be overrun. Yeah buddy, I think burolina knows a skorp just plugged him in the arse. Fuck I hate dead generals in this game.

  17. are we forgetting Skorpion G?

  18. this tank is not even in top 3 tier 8 tank destroyers, simply garbage…

    • You are correct. This tank isn’t in the top 3 because it’s in the top 1. (Unless you count KV-4 KTTS which a supertester tank with only ~300 or so players)

  19. KV-4 KTTS was never available as a CW reward – you’re thinking of the KV-4 Kreslavskiy

  20. T28 need buff

  21. What do you mean? T95 has the highest TD WR in t9 and 263 is second. 268v4 and E3 has the highestin t10. AT7 in t7. All the high tier top WR TDs are none turreted. And AT15 and T28 is the highest tech tree TDs at t8.

  22. Jarno Van Herreweghe

    currently playing stock is3 and its sooo annoying not being able to pen anything onthe ts5 with only 175 mm pen, atleast the turtle can be cracked

  23. Anyone else notice they have the female commander?

  24. The rent must be due or the wife is spending too much money QB is grinding the videos lmao

  25. This dude is using advanced autoaim….

  26. Turtle Mk 1 doesn’t work as a whole unless you equip it with absolutely perfectly and load it with premium consumables because they give stun duration reduction and repair speed boost and what not. The gun arcs of the turtle, poor penetration and rate of fire let’s you understand that Turtle is close quarters line blocker tank like Ferdi but it’s not. It’s actually really weird long range sniper tank with unnecessary big gun arcs. Also the really unreliable armor of Turtle backs this role up more than the first one. But as I have played with the Turtle, it just doesn’t work as a whole because its speed in the other hand doesn’t support its sniper role either because everyone has already died when you get into position.

    I personally think that the turtle is a failed premium tank. It doesn’t do anything well enough so it’s impossible to define a role to it and that’s what causes it to fail even harder. No role, no really good advantages, other than the really high DPM and adequate aiming time so how do you play it? You don’t. It just doesn’t work as a whole.

    At one point I got over 80% winrate on it just because my team carried me super hard and I had time to do like 300-800 damage per match.

  27. Namegoeshere Orhere

    He needs to learn when to shoot and when not to, wasted a ton of shells on extremely low chance shots.

  28. Floris van den Steenhoven

    74 fps?!?!

    I hardly get it to 30

  29. All the help new games need is what all players needs, a matchmaking taking personal rating into account.

    So red players will fight mainly red playes with a few yellow and so on, this and no tire spread is the only fair MM ever.

    Tire spread is still bad and makes is impossible to fairly balances tanks since you have to consider all tire matches.

    • So then everyone will drift towards the 49% winrate / yellow and then what’s going to happen? Unicums and bots both have average stats and they will see eachother.

      SBMM has been debunked million times. It’s not going to work.

    • @Stubbari At least no tire spread and then rebalance all tanks acodiningly would be viable and level the feild somewhat.

    • @Molan Nalom Why does the field need to be leveled? You are talking about *random* battles.
      In the skill based gamemodes like clangames and ranked battles there are only same tier tanks in a match. There is no tier spread.

    • @Stubbari Random battle need the same, otherwise, tanks balancing is impossible.

      In over 10 years balancing and MM have been a problem, how about simplifying it and make is work well.

    • @Molan Nalom No it doesn’t. Random battles are what the name says, *RANDOM* . They don’t need to balanced or fair, they need to be random.
      If you don’t like to play in random gamemode then don’t play Random Battles..

  30. Um excuse me since when is kv4 a CW reward?

  31. Ehh, I still prefer my WZ 120-1G FT

    Also, does this player even know how to aim?? XD

  32. Having played the T28 and the TS5, i slightly preferred the T28. The TS5’s lower plate sits too high and everyone knows to shoot that.

    They are more or less the same tank though

  33. But the best tier 8 TD is KV-2!

  34. Quickybaby…Lecturer at WoT University

  35. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Ofc its better than the non premium T-28 xD

  36. looking at the armor model, the TS-5 lower plate can be penned by 200ish pen guns, and the cupola is the same. I can’t see this thing being extraordinary.

  37. The Ts-5 will probably do well in win rate because plenty are in the hands of good and dedicated players who earned them by grinding. This means the TS-5 will regularly be piloted by better players with good crews, more equipment and better tactics. The win rate will also be a result by player base, not because it’s a better tank exclusively.

  38. Hey QB I have been a grinding the tank rewards for this month and I was wondering what is the better choise from the premium tanks that have been ofered as reward for compliting all of the tiers.Whats your opinion?

  39. Once I had to 1v1 a TS-5 on about 70 hp while I was in my M12. I shotgunned it from the front… My 203 mm HE shell just didn’t do anything… Not even splash… That really sucked

  40. Another XVM video………pathetic to promote this cheating stuff as it is used by good players to single out the noobs for farming…you should think about what happened to this guy……Jarvis who was banned for life playing Fortnite, and he had over 2 Million subscribers!!!!

  41. Turtle is better, this gold spam was noobish i never load Gold at T8

  42. I haven’t played for a month, yesterday I played 4-5 games with this tank. Felt like I was a god.
    It really helps if you take a long break and clear out your toxic mind.

    But then I tried a regular non-premium tank… oh boi

  43. Hi quickybaby, chances are you wont see this but its worth a shot.
    I just had possibly the most intense match as a less then sub-par player and came out with an amazing result. The video was uploaded to the US server replay system under the title ” AT 8 Kolabanov’s Medal and first mastery. (Quickybaby) “. I was hoping that you could at least consider watching, if not reviewing it and tell me your thoughts.
    Thanks, sum_1

    edit: The direct link

  44. Gold-spamming-bouncing-mostly, autoaiming, enemy-sitting-infront-of-you Prem TD = probably the most underwhelming gameplay QB featured ?‍♂️

  45. Tomáš Štibrányi

    Laughs in Skorpion G

  46. Emilijus Jaselskis

    Well that’s Quickie I missed, more of content like that

  47. A week ago this guy from the replay died first in a tier 10 matchup. I know it because I did it, Thing is, I was in my T110E3. ? Now I see him on Qb’s video

  48. Slow + no turret = trash.
    Skorpion or SU 130 PM shit on this tank.

  49. I really like QB, but feel like when he is Talking about armour he Always say “when your meeting this tank WHIT HEAT, APCR” feels a bit like he incurages premium ammo even tho he might be talking about a teir 10 shotting at a teir 8

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