BEST TANK IN GAME – This tank is a MONSTER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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BEST TANK IN GAME – This tank is a MONSTER ( Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. What mouse do you use ?

  2. lmao there’s a whole in the turret

  3. you dident take out the me 262

  4. When are you going to play planes

    Without tanks just planes

  5. Only reason I pulled out my wallet for this one was to enjoy it before it inevitably gets nerfed and forgotten.

  6. this tank is dirty

  7. When I finally get this beast it’ll be nerfed. I see it coming^^

  8. But if u say hello to the T-64 from front ,”U R DEAD”.

  9. Lol world Of Tanks added this Tanks but it has the worst armor and a long ass reload

  10. That 17,900 repair doesn’t make it worth it, at most it should’ve been maybe 10,000, gaijin lost their damn minds.

  11. Take out the t-64a. I want to see some autoloader action

  12. I just found out it has suspension controls -____-

  13. @PhlyDaily you know that the Kpz has pneumatic tracks ? ;P more angle .. bla … bla…. ^^

  14. These new tanks have been frustrating to go up against. Bumped down to lower BR’s to maintain my sanity. Definitely have seen less planes in the air…which sucks when you like to shred planes with a Shilka. But as is, playing my Russians at tier 5 is no longer fun…and now it seems like tank research has slowed to a crawl so going to take an insane amount of time to work on another tree.

  15. The mobility of the Kpz/MBT 70, is just insanely awesome, phly I love watching your videos, can we please squad up for some grinding and perhaps build a friendship? God bless bro 😉

  16. Do you guys like mcdonalds

  17. I want the leopard 2A6 tank to come out.

  18. Kpz? Kanzerpampfzagen?

  19. now people are going to start bitching about nerfing this thing, just wait till new R6 tanks are added that can challenge this thing

  20. This is the panzer 4 F2 of high tier gameplay

  21. Downvoted because of the unskippable 30 sec ads.

  22. Now for anti Tu-4 time! take out the German Mig-15bis with air to air rockets and teach though Russians a lesson about air field rushing

  23. is this the mbt-70(haven’t watched yet)

  24. worst ping ever

  25. ok i dont really keep up with the devblog or anything but why is it have a yellow flag thing on the icon of the vehicle on the hangar

  26. Mig-17 rocket pods

  27. I prefer russian tanks … i bet is-2 one shoot this shit .

  28. HAIL HYDRA!!. Captain America Combo Ho 229 and the Brummbar. Hydra uber weapons! Attempt#6

  29. Its almost like an m1 abrams and that tank is modern.

  30. i come from 1 week ahead from the future… it got nerfed :
    reloading speed 10.5s minimal fragmentation 50% ricochet or non pen hit hull brake armor installed max speed 42kmh

  31. Play the new Japanese tank and the ki 109

  32. gaijin removed the armor reduction value on the tiger II H variants…

  33. do the is2 and pe8 for the MOTHERLAND!!!!

  34. Phly challenge time. On the new Fulda gap map there’s a bunch of m60s sitting in a supply depot can’t remember where I saw them but take your m60 and try and blend in with the others to get a cheeki breeki kill.

  35. the Kpz 70 got a 120mm Rheinmetall smoothbore gun for testing , the germans dont trust this 152mm ATGM launcher . maybe WT should change this? make a little difference between the Kpz70 and the MBT 70.

  36. it looks like an Abrams, only from the back

  37. Hey phly use the tiger P premium with 200 front hull armor for loving the unloved

  38. Hey phly get more slavness with combo T-64 and Yakovlev Yak-30. Be Slav.

  39. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    wait until the Abrams , the T90 , the Armata, the Merkava , and the newer Leos and it will be more balanced


  41. I swear this tank just got released on blitz…

  42. Wait there’s infrared in War Thunder?

  43. Tank with cannon hack reload

  44. Some ROBLOX players may experience deja vu

  45. APDSFS is waay too OP. It should not be detonating ammo so easily, especially wet ammo racks in Chieftains. That will probs be nerfed.

  46. finally germany meta

  47. For short (long) this is the best tank, light tank, scout tank, anti air tank, tank destroyer, medium tank, heavy tank,spg, fighter jet, bomber , ground attack plane
    Best rocket launcher etc in the game

  48. i cant wait to buy her she is so a powerful fast and beautiful  mbt i waited so long and hoped that some day she find her way to warthunder armour ok mosly everythink can pen but you can stand the ground against your enemy and make some damage if you play smart the tank is only so good as the commander is.

  49. Same story different tank: they will allow people to spend whole salaries to unlock it then they will nerf it anddddddd PROFIT. Very simple marketing.

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