BeSt TaNk In ThE gAmE | MUHH ABRAMS (War Thunder M1 Abrams Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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BeSt TaNk In gAmE | MUHH ABRAMS (War Thunder Abrams Gameplay)


  1. In fear of Bussian Rias complaints, we got very modest T64B, with weaker engine, that you could argue… needs a revision or replacement, to match Abrams ;D

  2. kamrunnessa rahman

    Yo phly prove that ur very much thankful to the subscribers.
    Make a air to ground rocket kill montage with rp3s,hvars,rbs132
    (rocket nerf)& for ur information only ur vote counts

  3. Every time you shorten Turret Depression to just depression it cranks me up lol
    “The Russians dont have depressing”
    “Hey I dont have any depression let me go to the lowest terrain possible”

  4. “Okay guys, it’s OP”

    -Phly, on anything American.

  5. Say what you want about anything, but the issue simply is that the Abrams is the best design for era IRL and is easily the best tank in WT, no matter how nerfed or what version the give, it is just so amazingly engineered to survive almost any engagement. They should’ve just given more modern M60 variants that fought with the first Abrams. It’s the same with Tank CBT and early live launch, when Russians where “OP as fuck” because they were just faster and could cap and flank way easier than the Germans (only other nation back then)

    • Basically I’m saying they shouldn’t of put this in the game because it’s just too advanced compared to anything else that really existed in the 80’s

    • Like it’s missing it’s better APDS-FS and people say it’s nerfed from its real life version, yet is pretty damn powerful. I’m not top tier, getting KPZ-70 when I hit 5 mil SL soon

  6. Gijin said it them selves , you can feel save while in the M1 Abrams, but with the T64b you need to be careful driving around with that shit… ))))))))))))))))

  7. So good that gets one shoted by a Sturmpanzer

  8. Haha…. never can play this tank, top tanks or jets are for normal players in Wt unreachable

  9. (Gets shot in the engine) “But I’m an Abrams!”

  10. your local communist


  11. When that 1 plane is up
    What i see is, when u r as rich as phly and waste your apdsfs shells

  12. *RUSSIAN BIAS!!!11111one*

  13. Renátó Schuszler

    Lol i hope this thing will be get 10s reload and less armor!

  14. play the abrams only using smoke shells

  15. I SAID the T-64B would be a fucking joke. I SAID that, in my video, and I got hate for it.

    What’d I tell you? The Abrams is the king after all. Welcome to reality, fuckers.

  16. Shooting down planes in an Abrams. It just had to happen, didn’t it?

  17. Brandon Brunöditious

    Modern tanks suck but very lethal. Why it sucks? Because of the sound of the turbine loudly and the rounds is very dangerous and very highly lethal weapon. Hey, dude I like your video and are you homophobia? Hey, dude are you a racist? I want to see more of your video. Try and use the HOT missile 800mm of rocket with a highly lethal weapon and I want to see you try the amphibious tanks though in the water. Press the like button and then pinned me.

  18. It’s the m1 abrams if you want to make it realistic then you gotta deal with the best tank in the world in game

  19. wow you really have alot of room for error compared to like playing centurions or shermans

  20. Finally, just have to wade through 9 tiers of shitty American tanks for a decent one.

  21. U are my favorite war thunder YouTuber

  22. just wait for T-90… then you will find out whats OP 😀

  23. It looks likes a tin can with a straw. Extremely sucky.

  24. fuck yeah walker texas ranger theme!

  25. BalisticAssualtRifle

    You make good videos but stop being a hard fuck and sniping air planes that doesnt show skill try doing some cool shit like hard flanking the enemy team or doing clutch shots on people on the ground

  26. Yesterday i killed a tank with ZSU-37 on 1800 meters.

  27. Gonna call it first:

    The M1 Abrams will be moved to Tier VII when it comes out.

  28. Phly, how about taking out the Marder 3 H in 9.0? Together with the Duck!

  29. You make me almost want to play WT again…Almost.

  30. The next Abrams Is abrams tusk
    huh i hope war thunder a t-90 and the t14 armata

  31. Have you seen one in RL Phly? It is such an impressive tank up close and personal. I love it so much.

  32. yesterday was playing with friend, he had abrams and 85% of the time in simulator battles he was one shotted, prior to that not so much… ninja nerf?

  33. i'm not mad I'm disappointed

    its why I’m not really playin that much anymore. the whales wail and money talks bullshit walks. Ha Merica in a nutshell.

  34. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    its great to see America do so well for once. <3

  35. Wow didn’t even have to aim to pen that T64

  36. Sup Phly, I don’t play WT anymore but still enjoy watching your vid’s, thx

  37. Well I mean the M1 is proven to be the best MBT in human history and has been in service for a long time because it just has zero competition ( don’t even mention the T14 Armata. it’s just a fantasy that has been proven to not even work correctly) So yeah. It is realistic for it to be op af. I do see why people complain tho. They do in real life too. Did in the gulf war and in Iraq, afghan and so on. This tank is a powerhouse

  38. Where is that center of mass???

  39. Hard to swallow pills: The M1 is a little OP and needs to be “adjusted”…twice….with a hammer

  40. Yeah there goes my fav intro

  41. anyone else think an American has join the thunder team. With big influence on the game. with the 50 cal buff . op Abrams. constant p47 adjustments ect. As the country that spends the most on military advancement yeah i get the Abrams is more powerful than any other tank. but what about modern British light tanks that laze targets and scout and so on.

  42. Vehicle request. ( Attempt 1 ) . Maus vs Abrams. The unicorn of the see as air support (me 262 pulkzerstorer)

  43. Gwyn's Last Knight

    Use the Tiger H1 and Stuka with 500kg bomb. True Kraut.

  44. Mmm i love cheesecake camo!

  45. I just want my challenger’s armour to be reliable

  46. I laughed so hard at the end of the video

  47. Keep in mind it’s the 105mm gun, not the 120mm chill guys.

  48. Where there’s an Abrams there’s oil.

  49. Challenger 1 buff pls sux to have to be the ugly sister of the Abrams in every match :/

  50. parker olejniczak

    Please play the zis 43 Soviet milk truck attempt 8

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