BEST TANK I’ve Never Played (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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BEST TANK I’ve (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Try playing the Grant. Not sure you have played it yet

  2. Got to crew level 23 in my Stewarts. Never had a match like these. Had some good ones for sure, just never so good that I’d call the M5 OP.

    Kudos for not spawn camping, but in fairness, players spawning into a match at that point should have the situational awareness to know that the enemy team is going to be pushing spawn.

    Would like to see more Crossout or something similar.

  3. Can do things like that in the Cromwell you just can’t reverse to save your life….

  4. Nickolas Pambucoglu

    Attempt No.1 :

    Take the M3 Gun Motor Cariage and the PBY 5a Catalina and show the world how classic Tank Destroyers are played ! :3

  5. us mini combo. m18 hellcat and m56 scorpion attempt #9

  6. Szymon Milcz Milcz

    i got IMPOSSIBLE challenge… kill someone with ha go on +500 meters XD

  7. owo
    My favorite tank
    It took 9 tanks to kill me owo

  8. Play the most op tank at top tier the Ha Go

  9. *Rocket powered tea combo!* (Attempt 3)
    Use the Cromwell RP-3 and Hurricane Mk IV with rockets. Try and get as many kills as possible with the Cromwell’s rockets, but they’re locked to a range between 300-400 meters, plus random rocket deviation, so good luck!

  10. This thing doesn’t really do anything new but it does bring the shenanigans one can play with using the M3 and M3A1 and the BT series up a BR…

  11. Bless you.

  12. Battlefield Support c100

    Regular m4 in its battle rank destroys all tanks in one shot

  13. Battlefield Support c100

    God man North Carolina has been crazy in raleigh everything is yellow

  14. maybe do the m4a3e2 76? you havent played it yet on this channel i think.

  15. Battlefield Support c100

    Play the first m4 Sherman it is stupid op in its br

  16. How about the Crusader Mk III?
    Fast, agile, and one hell of a gun. My personal favourite tank.


  18. Battlefield Support c100

    This thing is great in heroes and generals too

  19. Battlefield Support c100

    Phly. Any idea when American tanks like hellcat and Sherman will get their gyrostabilized guns?

  20. Best tank i ever played was the M6A1, against Soviets i would get 8 to 10 kills easly, my record in the M6A1 and the entire game was 16 kills i think, pretty good combo with the 76mm and the 37mm if you use them at the same time (same trejectory)

  21. Try the LVT(A)(1)

  22. Welp, time to dust off my M5

  23. and this tank isn ‘t russian….

  24. Phly please play the new Japanese premium tank Ro-Go at tier 1
    #attempt 4

  25. I don’t get when YouTubers always think they sound bad when they are sick you sound fine I can’t even tell you are sick beside the occasional sneeze.

  26. how abou the T-34/85

  27. Panzer 4 H

  28. Nikolai Brix Hermansen - 6J

    How does that thing have a stab?!?!?!

  29. Matthew Garretson

    0:37 bless you

  30. Play the new Centurion Mk. 1 or the neglected by you Crusader!

  31. Have you played the Calliope(America)? It’s an odd “tank” that could be made into an interesting video. Could be a lot of fun!

  32. I love how enthusiastic you are when you play a underrated or bad tank <3

  33. Aimbot (joke, don’t get offended boys and girls)

  34. yo i realy love you intros and your vids are awsome pls keep up the good work

  35. Very honourbru! J7W1 Shinden + Chi Ri II

  36. u are so fucking op

  37. ah m5a1 my favorite tank!

  38. Horse in a cowshed

    Yup,definitely need to research this thing now that I’ve seen this.

  39. make a video for nashorn 88mm

  40. Me too phly i unlocked it about a 2years ago,and played it for the first time today xD

  41. Play the T34 prototype please!

  42. Bless you 😀

  43. try out the czech tanks, especially the 38 ausf. F, decent armor, good pen, good reload, pretty quick

  44. Shame with this tank is how War Thunder handles RP gain, so after about 3.7 is pretty much useless for progression.

  45. play the T-34-747(R)

  46. panzerwerfer next

  47. PhilyDaily Plz Play the GRANT 1 its Dobble Blaster with 37mm and 75mm

  48. I like taking my M5A1 with my higher tanks cause its great at spotting and annoying people

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