BEST TANK OF WW2…IS RUSSIAN (War Thunder) Panther T-V

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  1. I love this game

  2. Wow.. Why am i so early ? XD

  3. 63 views fuck yea :D

  4. Tiger I

  5. How do you get this captured Panther?

  6. I think the best is the t-34 or the Panzer IV

  7. That 88mm T-34 is photoshopped

  8. I am so early that I need to bake some cookies for the late

  9. BTW: The Tiger (and Panther) didnt break that easy down, IF they had a good
    crew. A good crew newer pusshed the engine to the max. So the “myth” that
    they were unrelayibal is false. but they were heard to repair. 🙂 I think
    the Panther and Tigers are amasing tanks on their own, but the T-34 and
    Sherman was good, cause quantity. so ye.

  10. baron m8 youre the best

  11. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    russian bias, lol

  12. i know this is a tank destroyer but hellcat

  13. omg i made into the video at 0:32

  14. the Tiger and Panter was made as a counter to the T-34. When Germany
    attacked Ussr, they were suprised that USSR had that good tanks, so the
    Germans did what they did best. BUILD A BIGGER THING! and the Tiger and
    Phanter was the awnser and the T-34 and KV1 had problems with the new
    tanks, so they added a bigger gun

  15. I’m probably the only nigga on earth that thinks the U.S. had the best
    weapons of ww2.

  16. Panter is awesome until your oponent know how to aim.
    Cheeks of turret and , flat back of it, lower plate near suspension. Very
    easy to penetrate even with PZ IV G.

  17. Are you Canadian??

  18. Baron personally I belive that the sherman was the best tank of world war 2
    because of its mass production and being able to change its barrel from a
    short 75mm to a equip a 77.2mm turning it in to a firefly able to take out
    the patcher and some times the tiger in ww2. P.S what do u recon of my
    opinion and do u agree with me on it love to hear your opinion keep up the
    great work.

  19. Christoph Rantscher

    40 freaking HE shells baron? really? I mean i can tolerate your habit of
    taking worse shells as “secondary” wich makes no sense, but 40 FUCKING HE

  20. Hey baron do the F82E twin mustang in an RB please good luck

  21. Fun fakt: The Sherman and T-34 was more unreliable and broke more down than
    the Tiger and Panther (if they had good vrew)

  22. Baron u need to watch white tiger it’s a move that the Russian build the
    first t 34/85 against a tiger p it’s a great move

  23. There is one thing frontal armour does not save from IS-2 shells

  24. Baron, right click slow motion file in Vegas and check slow to stretch out
    or something like that, it makes the sound sound like proper slow motion!

  25. Centurion was best tank of WW2 (they were in Europe by 1945… even though
    the war in Europe had ended)

    consider this a troll response

  26. Lol is it just me that’s a completely mean person… When im in close
    quarters, while im reloading, I shoot the enemies main gun with my MG to
    knock it out so it’s basically seal-clubbing… Keep in mind im playing at
    low br’s however XD(BR 3.0-4.0)

  27. the panzer IV always had a 75^^

  28. So stupid that the russians get the best panther at a lower battle rating.
    If the russian panther A is at 5.7 so should the german be then.

  29. I would love to see the T34 88 as a German premium.

  30. For thos who thing the Tiger was owerengineeren take a look at the
    Tigerprototype made by Prosche. The engine caught fire when it was showing
    of for Hitler

  31. tiger 1

  32. TheAmityboopfliction

    Panther is undeniably the best tank of ww2 but Warthunder hasn’t done a
    great job of covering that, and that the Russians didn’t like using German
    tanks!?!? is Bs Baron Captured Panthers were regarded as bloody gold

  33. jagdpanther!!!

  34. 5:44 the 88mm T34 is shopped, it didn’t exist

  35. jagdpanther!!! Adolf him self sed so

  36. Tiger II Best tank WWII

  37. Hey Baron didn’t they give that tank out for Thunder league? i got that and
    a Br 109 after it got postponed

  38. Baron that’s a T34 chassis

  39. that T-34 with the 88mm flak is photoshopped and never existed.

  40. Mikołaj Bieńkowski

    This “build” in 5:40 is photoshopped Baron, you can’t trust everything you
    find in the internet 😉
    This is original photo×206.jpg

  41. Man why do u always take full ammo? Thats so dumb!

  42. Baron….(that ’88’ is a fake)

  43. baron baron, where did all your eagles go?

  44. and another one

  45. well tiger II is much stronger than panther ill go for tiger II

  46. M4 Sherman series is the best tank of WW2

  47. sadly the T34 with the 88 is a fake… there is a video where they show the
    same photo u show next to the real one… a T34 85 with the turret pointing

  48. Invisible Kartoffel

    Nice thumbnail :D

  49. Best tank for battle-Panther.Best tank for war-T-34-85

  50. IS-2 is best heavy of WW2,but IS-3 prototype is beter.

  51. Invisible Kartoffel

    I go with panzer 4 or Panther

  52. The T-34-85 is widely recognized by historians as the best tank of WW2, and
    the T-34-76 is recognized as the best tank in the history of tank
    manufacturing. Not even a point of view, a fact written on paper. Of course
    we are in the youtube comment section talking about opinions so facts are
    largely irrelevant :)

  53. According to Network54 forum, the photopshopped image of the T-34(r) mit
    8.8cm Flak seems to have first appeared in around 2007 in a Japanese
    modelling magazine – “Armour Modelling“, along with a number of other
    ‘what-if’ models. One user, Hisato Shinohara (who claims to have even been
    asked to make the image for the magazine) remarked that: “We only wanted to
    see what sort of things we can come up with. Please look at them as an
    alternative way to ‘just to enjoy and be playful’. We did say that they are
    all fake at the end. However, come to think of it, that it was not written
    in English and I can see that it can be a big problem! The intention was to
    surprise the readers for a moment, and for this reason, it was clearly
    stated that they were all fake right at the beginning.”

  54. sometimes i ask myself if your just shit at the game or stpid and i hate
    your golden eagle advert

  55. panther really isnt that good, tiger is so much better at everything even
    mobility theres literally no reason to use it


  57. I would say that M26 was best tank of ww2

  58. Plz play crussader aa mk1

  59. oh and the quad ’20’s Flak T-34 is a fake as well

  60. Panther really wasn’t the best tank of wwii. In fact it was woefully
    underperforming. it’s first combat debut was a failure, reliability issues,
    poor crew training, horrid steel quality, and forces labor that went into
    the tank damned the panther to look only good on paper. let’s put it into
    perspective, there were LESS Shermans destroyed throughout the entire war
    than there were Panthers built. During the Battle of the Bulge replacement
    Panthers werent even put into combat, they were canabalized for spare
    parts. The Panther is why America didnt want to put the Perishing into
    production from the start, untested equipment should not be tested in the
    battlefield, even when the Pershing was in Europe it suffered from engine
    problems and was too heavy for the majority of bridges. Boom, there’s some
    history for ya.

  61. best tank is the sturmtiger

  62. Jacob Henworth-green

    Late model Comet defo

  63. Stalin approves

  64. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    I think we need the captured Char B1 that was converted into a 105mm SPG

  65. If Warthunder would have captured French tanks that would be the first
    premium I would concider buying.

  66. wait, people actually think Panther is the best tank of ww2? This horrible
    piece of over-engineered crap that so under-powered they forbid it from
    towing another vehicle, over the fear the engine would bust out in flame?
    Really? Not to mention German’s late war production line was so damaged
    they couldn’t even make proper steel for Panther’s armor. Test showed only
    3 HE shells from Sherman’s 75mm gun made Panther turret cracked, created
    spalling all over the inside, hitting the crew. Nope. Nowhere close to
    “best tank”

  67. I think it’d be fucking awesome if Warthunder added some of those
    captured-modified T34 chassis, like the 88 flank t34 at 4.0 or the
    flakpanzer t34 at 5.3, even a straight T34/85 at 5.3 would be an equalizer
    of sort, also t34/76 at 4.3, but premiums. id love to see that, especially
    the 88 mounted on a t34.

  68. the best tank of world war 2 would have been panzerkampfwagen V Panther II
    with Sperber/FG 1250. If it ever proceeded to massproduction from the

  69. Try the User Mission with the german Tornado jet with reverse thrusters!

  70. Emil Andersson (Astarte)

    Really liked you commentary the first 10 mins Baron! More of that!

  71. Hey Baron if have got a question…
    I can not find the T-V at the russian Premium Tanks?!? Where is the Tank

  72. The Sherman but not of reasons power but versitility

  73. IMO the best medium would probably be the M26, but the Panther comes in at
    a close second. The Sherman was the most effective medium though. When it
    comes to heavies, its close between the IS3 and Tiger 2… but i think the
    IS3 edges it out in armor at least.

  74. 5:42 That image right there is a photoshopped fake. This is the original

  75. Why a lot of people say that T-34 was more reliable is because it had no
    time to have a malufunction with average life span of month tops.

  76. There will be German T34-76 ,and the T34-88 photo are PS work. One more
    thing most russian tank don’t have radio on it.

  77. T34 (all variants)… The problem with the German tanks is that they were
    too big and hard to make. I’m using production and efficiency here. i.e.
    how many could be produced, maintenance, and how common spare parts are to

  78. Best tank of WWII?T34-85 and the IS3
    its only my personal opinion

  79. Baron what about the skink aa Sherman

  80. I’m famous 0:32

  81. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Best tank of WW2? Centurion obviously. Well it did arrive at very end of
    WW2 and wasn’t use in combat bit never the less it was best tank in WW2.

  82. As much as I love the Tiger II H my vote for the best tank of ww2 has to go
    to the T-34. Cheap, easily built, well armored, fast, and a wide
    arrangement of weaponry definitely makes it a contender for the best tank
    of ww2.

  83. The panther had mechanical problems in the beginning. But they were quickly
    fixed and became very reliable.

  84. baron why arnt you going the golden maus

  85. hands down the best tank of all time is the m4a3 Sherman with the m1a2

  86. the best all around tank(jack of all trades) was the M4. The Best tank vs
    tank was the panther. Not to mention the Panther was never actually
    completed just half way threw.

  87. That picture of the flak 88 on the t34 has been confirmed to be fake and
    never created

  88. sorry for askin, is there an is7 in war thunder?

  89. use the king tiger

  90. Kieran Legenhausen

    The best armoured vehicle wasn’t a tank it was the Jagdpanther

  91. can you and slik do a moded men of war Monday?

  92. Panthers sucked. They were the most unreliable tanks of the war and never
    did much because they were always broken down

  93. T34_85 Zis_53 best tank, pls play it

  94. Cedric Jongeneelen

    well it is quite obvious that the russians didn’t capture many panthers,
    because of the orders the German crew had to blow up the tank when it broke
    down or stuck and they couldn’t get it out. the russians on the other hand
    didn’t have these orders and just left the tanks. this is why there are
    more t-34’s used by the germans then panthers by the russians.

  95. Why Don’t we have the Super-Pershing yet huh! I mean that should have been
    in the US prem when they came out.

  96. Make video complaining against gaijin

  97. choi william (윌얌)

    that captured T-34 with 88 AA/AT gun on it (5:45) is fake :(

  98. M60 patton

  99. I want Gaijin to add the Bundeswer Gepard with its AAA on the sides of the

  100. hey baron. what would you think of adding maby tier 6 with more modern
    tanks and planes. i think for the tank part it would be great fun :D

  101. Sorry for the dislike but when I’m forced to watch a 30 second ad, that
    video gets a dislike.

  102. Why is there so little shirtsen on the tV when on the German panthers it is
    completely covered? Is it because it was captured and had to take damage to
    get captured?

  103. theodosis polytarxos

    panther was the most unrelable tanks of ww2

  104. Why no more ab:(

  105. M4A3E8 SHERMAN 76mm HVSS best tank of WWII in my opinion

  106. tiger

  107. I can’t find the tank.

  108. Baron the maus was the best ww2 tank but it was not finished

  109. the Panzer was the best tank (IT WAS PROVEN BY EX SOLDIERS)

  110. Maybe the germans also used so many russian tanks because they didnt have
    so many on their own. Their productionrate was very low so they were very
    happy for any extra vehicles (and especially fuel).

  111. the best tank in the game is russian like we should be
    surprised?????????????????????? sry but come on come on!!

  112. Barons add kicking in when he saw his coelian lol

  113. KV-2 Best Tank :3 derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp

  114. I want the Sturmtiger VI in the game that would be awesome. An 38 cm gun
    holy shit . o0

  115. We need Sturmtigers VI for the derp

  116. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Baron’s lack of AB battles recently is becoming boring.

  117. Why do you not play world of tanks

  118. i want the skink that is all.

  119. I would also put in a fourth aspect to tanks, their ability to be mass
    produced and how easy it is to mass produce

  120. they should add the panther with the pz 4 H turrent its also called the pz
    V/IV 1 prototype was built and its in world of tanks

  121. Late war German tanks were unreliable because they got rushed into
    production and the early variants were still prototypes. They got rushed
    because Hitler had the development slowed down and cut funding.

  122. o u forgot the t34-88 with tiger 8.8cm gun it was captured german but then
    recaptured by ussr it had been a bit powerful fast and fast reload
    quite good look in world of tanks console

  123. german did capture a char b1 turned into pz.b2

  124. Baron,

    Frist I would like to thank you for showing my comment in the beginning of
    your video. It is a great honor. With that in mind I would like to add to
    your point about the the use of captured t-34 vs captured panthers. A big
    factor that I feel you may have overlooked was supply vs demand. The
    Germans throughout the Eastern campaign were able to capture large numbers
    of various models of t-34s. This is due to the fact that t-34s were built
    in very large numbers. That is one of the tanks great strengths. The other
    reason for this however was the fact of how the war itself progressed. The
    Germans captured large swaths of territory in Russia between 1941-43 and in
    doing so captured large amounts of soviet soldiers and equipment. When the
    Das Reich Division took Karkov, they found a whole factory full of t-34s
    and were able to equip two whole companies with them. That was a common
    occurrence for the first two years of the war. Also the Soviets were not
    well apt at combined arms coordination or logistics when it came to their
    offensives. They would have to build up supplies for months prior to an
    attack in order to keep it going and the lack of trucks prior to lend lease
    meant that they couldn’t have those supplies keep up with the advance.
    Soviets would achieve a breakthrough in the area, then the Germans would
    cut off the offensive force with their fire brigades at which point the
    soviet armored columns would be easy pickings (I.E. No fuel or ammo left to
    fight with). All those now captured tanks would then be available for
    german use. Also the T-34 was indeed robust enough than when they were
    knocked out, some parts could be salvaged from the wreck. It wasn’t hard
    for the Germans to keep t-34 equipped units in the field. The Germans had a
    lot of them from earlier campaigns and were capable of getting more from
    well coordinated counter attacks.

    Now the Soviets had the reverse when it came to the Panther. In comparison
    to the t-34 not a lot of Panthers were built so supply was lacking. Also
    the German crews were better trained than their soviet counterpart so
    weren’t as likely to have their tanks fall into enemy hands. As mentioned
    above the soviets weren’t great at keeping the supplies moving with the
    advance. They built a lot but getting it to the front was a problem. Why
    send up new panther parts when your struggling to get ammo and fuel to the
    fight. Also generally what knocked out a Panther was something very
    powerful so getting it back to working order after having taken it out was
    often more trouble than the soviet mechanics could deal with. All of that
    meant it was hard for soviet forces to keep Panther units in the field.
    There weren’t a lot to capture and those that did weren’t easy to maintain
    or replace.

    As always I respect your opinion and look forward to your thoughts on the
    matter Mr. Baron

  125. Your assumption / The fact that the Germans used more T-34s than the
    Russians used Panthers is hard to deny, given the numbers in which both
    were present, and espacially when looking into the surrounding situations.
    Afaik, the Germans used T-34s on the Eastern Front as PzKpfW T-34 747 (r)
    because in the early years, the previous generation tanks, PzIII and PzII
    were the majority present on the frontline, Pz IV F2 were scarce and the
    Panther had yet to arrive or was only present as the too early and
    flawed WIP version. Also, they soon enough couldn’t replace their losses
    and were quick to use anything they could find. And T-34s were captured a
    lot, being famous for getting its crew killed as much as the enemy. The
    Soviets never had to rely on captured tech, they could hardly do the
    maintenance anyway. If one tank was down, who cares, lets order in another
    two. Basically an endless resource like their manpower. In the end the
    choice of “Doctrin” comes down to quality vs quantity. I’d go for the
    quality, given the results of most tank encounters in the war, even if the
    odds weren’t in favor of the germans. But of course, these are also heavily
    reliant on the commanders and crews.

    When comparing the tanks of WWII, one should always categorize them. “The
    Best Tank” is problematic. Go for medium tank, heavy tank, etc. Categorize
    per year. Something like that. But I’d argue, in theory, with a trained
    crew and not-sabotaged production material the Panther was the best
    allrounder overall and I think its general design did influence later
    generations of tanks after the war quite a lot.

  126. panther and tiger1-2 transmission got 1000-2000km duration life alot was
    found transmission broke then destroy by ennemy fire

  127. Give the Germans a captured T-34-85 next

  128. Hunter Liesenfelder

    And don’t forget the T-34-88 witch is a T-34-85 with the Tigers 88mm gun

  129. If the panther wasn’t the best, then it was the Pershing

  130. If the panther wasn’t the best, then it was the Pershing

  131. that thumbnail doeeee

  132. Damián “Das Deutsche” Pinedo

    When you play ze Germans, you become German.

  133. We really need French tanks…

  134. I would like to see the Erastz M10 (Panther disguised as an American M10
    Wolverine) in the game as a premium. Just google it if you don’t know what
    I’m talking about.

  135. i think the tiger tank is the best

  136. I love the TV. It really is OP. German tank+Russian tank=VODKA OP TANK OF

  137. Panther = Glass canon.

  138. Ratte. definitely.

  139. lol a tank wich broke down every single time it’s final drives run for more
    then 120-130 km, prone to catchign fire on his own and with a rather poor
    armor profile is considered the best tank of ww2?

    yeah sure that thing couldn’t even run out of fuel before breaking down

  140. I’m still waiting for my French tanks ;-;.

  141. ummm baron ummm Germans issues with armour nope engines and transmissions
    were issues but there armour was dam good now had they adopted sloped
    earlier they would have been way more dangerous

  142. Would you like to see the amphibious Sherman added to research

  143. “you will rarely have a lack of pen” trust me, I would find a way to be
    really shit with it

  144. baron look at real life plz not warthunder because boy your veiws are messy
    because 3inches of armour on a pz4 is dam think and warthunder you really
    cannot rely on armour because everyone is slinging HEAT or APCR

  145. Can you do more Vietnamese tanks ? I’m very happy about that ! 😀

  146. play the marder 3 big boi

  147. the Panther was not the best tank, just the most advanced.

  148. just a quick question when did Baron become drake?

  149. Since you have men of war Monday, can you do torpedus Tuesday?

  150. I don’t know if already use it but if you did not yet can you plz use the
    Tiger Ausf. (E)?

  151. panther is nc in ww2

  152. Hey Baron I’ve been watching for about a year but could you do more men of
    war with devil dog gamer

  153. When I grow up I want to Be in the maries

  154. Baron should I go in the maries

  155. That picture of the 88mm mounted on a T-34 chassis was fake. It is evident
    by the fact that the 88mm gun is heavy and there is no obvious stress on
    the chassic

  156. Thanks for getting me hooked on World of Warships from your vids… 🙁
    Oh well, I would have wasted that 130 bucks on vodka or something. The
    hours, OTOH… On topic, the T-34 (85) if cost is a factor. Good
    reliability, good gun (could take out expensive German super-tanks produced
    in low numbers), good maneuverability, good speed, advanced (for its
    time) sloped armor, and produced in massive numbers.Not saying it’s the
    best one v. one tank. But in war, if it’s one v. one, you’re doing it
    wrong. Oh, and Go Gators!

  157. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    Were there conversions of the T-34 with the Kwk40? Cause that sounds
    And yes, they do need some French tanks, the Germans can have the Marder I
    for example

  158. Can you tone your mic down a few notches i can barely hear gameplay if i
    want to i must turn my volume up which makes you ridiculously loud.

  159. The Italian Royal Army captured and used a number of Russian T-34 tanks.

  160. Notsosneakyninja11

    Tiger h1 bezt tank ever

  161. we need more tank torpedus

  162. play the m60 without heat

  163. IRL the T34-85 was the best tank of WW2. It was even used up into the 70’s.

  164. The German tank doctrine was fine. It was the lack of Air Support that
    doomed it. With the Luftwaffe protecting the sky above them, the Germans
    may have never lost.

  165. hai mai name is Baron and i bring 40 HE shells into battle :)

  166. did they ever stick a 90mm on the Jumbo? that would be one awesome tank

  167. Hands down 4M GAZ AAA was the best tank of ww2

  168. I think king tiger is the best tank in (WW2)

  169. Baron! for Men of War mondays, be honorabru and please fight for the Empire
    of Japan! 😀 fight the Allies and send them a message that Asia is for the
    Asians :D

  170. Best tank of WW2–T-34-85
    Mobility, firepower and support ability combined, also they are easier to
    produce and has a low profile.

  171. Its odd that in Western Culture, they think the German tanks were the
    best. German tanks were always inferior to their enemies, why they won
    battle is because their crew were well trained. French tank were better
    than German tanks. Russian tanks were better than German tanks. Germans
    tank were better than the Western allies tanks, but western allies didnt
    build their tanks to fight other tanks, they built them to support
    infantry. No one wanted to build tanks to fight other tanks but after the
    “Tank-Panic”, the Germans had no choice than to try to produce tank that
    the only purpose was to fight other tanks ( and they did OKAY, but
    obviously not good enough. in terms of mechanical failure, engineering
    failure, cost production, time production, hard to repair, etc etc. In
    reality, those tanks sucked )

    While on the subject, lets not forget the “Tank-Panic” of 1941 when they
    first encounter the T-34 and KV-1. There was not a single German tank who
    could destroy a KV-1. The German had to improve their tanks so they came
    up with the Tiger and the Panther. But by then, the Russian had the JS-1
    and JS-2. So the Germans made plans to counter those again ( By having the
    Maus )

    I think Westerners ( and I am, a Westerner ) think the German had better
    tanks because of hollywood movies, but I could be wrong. Another theory I
    have is that , since the American soldiers called EVERY german tank, a
    Tiger, when they came back from the war, it probably spread like wildfire
    that the Tiger tank was the best, when in fact, they meant to say that the
    Germans had a really efficient way to use tanks for battle. Their crews
    were well trained in armored warfare. Since the German produced tank that
    could fight other tanks, and the Allies produced tanks that would support
    infantry, or cruiser tank ( for the british ) I think its probably from
    that point of view that it was put into Western Culture that German tank
    were the best.

  172. In my opinion the country with the least love is the Italians. They were
    given a few fighters and bombers and amalgamated into the German tech tree.
    They have decent low tier tanks and excellent self-propelled guns. the top
    tiers can be supplemented with foreign tanks that were in Italian service,
    such as the Leopard 1 (if they were given their own tree). Mid tiers can
    easily be filled with rarities and prototypes, but seeing that Gajin had no
    problem with implementing a wide range of rarities and monstrosities for
    other countries, that wouldn’t be an issue.

    There is also a lack of better fighters (except the MC.202, but which was
    underarmed) such as the Re.2000 and Re.2001, and the more modern and very
    well armed MC.205, G.55 and Re.2005, which are more than a match for the
    Spitfire Mk.V’s and Mk.IX and a good chunk of the American and Soviet
    fighters. Even when it comes to bombers – the S.M.79 was a decent medium
    bomber but in reality served best as a torpedo bomber. There are other
    bomber and ground attack designs that can be implemented.

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