BEST TANKS at Tier 7 in World of Tanks?

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Sometimes in World of Tanks you don’t want to always be playing Tier 10 so here’s some of the Tier 7 tanks for your mid tier enjoyment!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. best tier 7 is the T29! recently got it myself and i love how it doesnt even care if it has to fight 8s or 9s. its so powerful i love it

  2. Prediction: next couple of days will see a lot of T-34-1s and SU-100M1s in the game, trying to rely on the armour and hoping for a dose of that Quackbaby luck, while playing like dribbling noobs.

  3. That round was brought to you by: RNG
    rip that is3

  4. Shell cat
    At 15a (if you know what you’re doing n know how to cover it’s weak spots

  5. SU-152, tier 7 Death Star!

  6. Tier 7 is such a shit tier. Your tank is only barely better than a tier 6 most of the time, you are always fighting tier 9 tanks which is a massive jump in power and a worse match up compared to tier 6 vs 8

  7. Chinese lights!!

  8. definitely not a “relevation” but more like a “revelation”.

  9. I belive i figured the Legendaries have to be the fast little cards on screen i was going for them and 2 were legendaries woth the following
    30days of premium with 30 xp missions for around 9.86 Euros


    3M credits for 4.5k Gold

  10. im liking JPanther right now
    as for T 34 1 i like it too, but i just dont feel its that good with this awful gun handling, even with buffs, its still pretty bad, quite often you overaim shots and still miss real bad

  11. WG became moneythirsty 😡😤

  12. King tiger (C) best

  13. My favourite tier 7 is the T-34-2G FT
    Awesome camo and one of the highest DPM at tier 7, plus with bino, camo net and good camo crew it makes for a surprisingly good spotter

  14. Amazing games with both vehicles. But I don’t feel like QB had to fire gold at the IS-3s butt.

  15. Dude. Can you please bring your chair to a upholstery and have them refit new leather to the chair you apparently love so much?

  16. I’m probably the only one but I do like the T25/2.

  17. su-100 m1: I am the most powerful tier 7 hahaha!!
    (A KV-2 appear in front)
    also su100 m1: I take back my words…

  18. QB, you presentation style has vastly improved. You are doing it confidently and comfortably. Well done.

  19. 12:24 that su 12244 got hit like 5 shots in a sec

  20. please let us know the equipment you use ; )

  21. OK, but what equipment did you use on T-34-1 ?

  22. Милан Лесић

    T20 is underrated as most people play it wrong, but it has great camouflage and a nice gun with 240 alpha.

  23. “We’ll pay to have an advantage in the game.”

    That is everything wrong with World of Tanks right there.

  24. Make a platoon of at least 2 AT15As, easy win

  25. is wargaming still scamming with the “no you can’t have tank from crate”?

  26. dont think you can get more OP at tier 7 then the American T-29..probably the best tier 7 in the game by far!!!!!!

  27. @12:32 Really QuickyBaby, a relavation? Now that’s a revelation to us all.

  28. 12:18 lol relevation….

  29. Running2 StandStill

    its to appease the potential millions of chinese players wargaming can get.

  30. In this scenario. If WG pays vehicle’s gold equivalent when you have it in your garage. You can buy m4 improved instead of the smaller gold packs 🙂

  31. T-29 USA Heavy

  32. Struggling with English QB? Relevation? Surely, you mean revelation?

  33. Where is the t29?

  34. Funny how you said that the most influential tds are the ones with great armor and mobility. So, basically just the russian ones. Any other nation doesnt have a td with good mobility and armor. There, russian bias for ya

  35. Why do you always get the stupid and useless arty on the enemy team they had plenty chances to kill you

  36. I have got to say , you were the one who made me download the game , love your videos , iam a sherman fan and iam from Egypt

  37. Oh yes that always pisses me when someone feels like they have to bud between me and my target, especially if it is a light or a medium and I am in a heavy.

  38. The people: what t10 to get and what t8 to get cash

    QB: fusk u get t7

  39. Best tier 7 for me: T29, IS, Comet, T25/2

  40. Lol, I don’t drop the extinguisher, until I have fire fighting, preventative maintenance, and BIA

  41. The panther 8.8 is the best tier 7 tank… 😉

  42. For me in Tier 7, tech tree IS with a 100mm gun is one of the best! It can be played as a Heavy as well as a medium in some games. Honorable mention goes to T-43, it’s a good all-arounder. 😉

  43. Speaking of triggering…you had a revelation….not a relevation

  44. Hey guys, after watching QB on YT and Twitch streams for 5 years (!) I finally installed the game and started playing! If you guys have any tips for a starting scrub like me it would mean a lot to me: Butch_E30_M3_s14
    Tnx! 🙂

  45. King Tiger c is in my eyes the best t7

  46. 45TP and the T29 are beasts at T7

  47. I had the same offer today and it worked out. Thank you QB.

  48. So QB that all looked very good ~ but where are the typical turbo crush defeat 4min replay games in WOT ~ where you got frustrated and get seal clubbed we would like to see a ‘balanced’ video not just the nice you look good/cool Wins ) just saying

  49. The tier 8 sucks tho

  50. T-34-1 and T29 is the best tank in tier 7 but have the mediocre upper tier tanks and also same tech tree that their Tier 8 struggles a lot

  51. probably the only one but I like the comet and the setter, I love the British tanks

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