BEST Tanks for Frontline in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Frontline. Today I’m giving you my on the tanks for Frontline!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. SPG is the best. sorry quicky but i disagree with you..

  2. Just Súper Pershing and 5/1, those 2 tanks carried my scrublord butt to general more often than not

  3. can you trade in expedition tokens for gold and bonds if you dont want any tank ?

  4. I’ve had great success with the E75 TS, Renegade, Progetto 46 and EBR 75. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the T-44-100 though.

  5. What am I supposed to do if all I have is Chinese TD and stock Chinese LT?

  6. Change My Life 180

    I like Is-3A in the frontline

  7. WZ 120-1 FT. Great for defending the cap circles from a ridge line. Been using it lately and people really don’t know who to pen it when it is hull down. Usually making at least Captain with it as well

  8. Lol for some reason I personally do well when I bring out my isu152 first. Just 3-4 hits is enough to send you to Sergeant and when you oneshot a person on cap, it just skyrockets your rank.

  9. I got general 4x in a row with The Bourrasque, you have to play it slowly using the reloads carefully, its awesome for punishing tanks that are unnawere from you in some locations

  10. I love the videos QB. As an idiot on the vehicles I’d say, knowing the enemy’s weak spots is critical. I dont play because of the cost to be competitive. Free to play players don’t have a chance in hell to do well let alone win.

  11. of course, premium tanks

  12. wrong game and world of cheat ^^

  13. The charioteer is basically a medium tank

  14. So few good german tanks for frontline 🙁

  15. Atlantians Gaming

    “It’s a one vs one vs one vs one …. in a battle royale format!”

    So… it is a battle royale? Because that is what a battle royale is.

  16. “You can unload about 1500 damage in just over 11 seconds with the Somua SM”
    Quickybaby definitely failed his math classes.

  17. Put progetto 46 in its own frontline against other progettos

  18. Cool, two more Tier IX tanks to sell.

  19. Quicky :”The lorraine 40t is one of the slower mediums.”
    Lorraine at 60 kph :”The fuck did you just say?”
    Super Pershing :”HAH, GOTTEEEEMMMM!”

  20. I took a break from work to play frontlines. Honestly, work felt more interesting.

  21. I think QB’s opinions about the bourrasque r wrong as I perform exceptionally well in that tank( 16 battles and got to rank 15). Last FL mode season I couldn’t do it, but now, general is much easier to achieve thanks to the awful bourrasque that QB claims to be. I dont even need to load gold rounds because everyone plays MTs, which I face most of the times.

    • Were all of your games General? If so then it doesn’t really matter what tank you are playing (as long as it’s mobile).

  22. ahhh steel hunter was fun… until they start to queue up together and solo mode and play like a platoon mode …..
    and we dont have replay to report that…. basically t22 med over again….
    i have tried to ask many people about that… and no one seem to care

  23. As if it was designed for fronline…
    ebr 75 fl < it's in the name xD But really, take out the caernarvon ax and you can literally fire 230 dmg every 4 seconds with inspire. Who doesn't love having a front lost but just sitting hulldown for the 50 seconds it takes for the bombers to arrive dealing 3k dmg to the poor souls trying to get to the repair zobe

  24. QB you shall use a gunlayingdrive instead of vents on your bourasce

  25. Andris Lielbiksis

    My trio is progetto,bouresque and t44 fl

  26. Meh…no ATGM, no new ammo types like APHEBC, APCBC no new armor system what they promise on t34-T30 line back in the days ..pahetic 😀

  27. I’m kicking ass in the borrasque

  28. glad i have none of those

  29. I completely agree with your take on the Buratsky, I spank them whenever I see them up close trying to flex. They have no chance 1 vs 1, their only plays is to be a support tank or snipe like a td. My go to tanks for getting my general ranks are 1. Prog46 2. LT432 3. Lorr40t 4. IS3A 5. P44 pantera. They are very punishing if you know how to utilize their strengths

  30. When I was in the defender team, the O-Ho was perfect too (before it was nerfed)! 🙂 😉

  31. If anyone should know paper stats mean nothing in the game and RNG is king it should be you QB lol. My skorp is .29 can’t hit anything unless RNG says so.

  32. cichlidhybrid martel

    T103 is my go to can do aboit 7k dmg per lives in this tank i think it loves those long range shootouts with its 130mm and 3k dpm also not SO slow at 35kmh, its kinda like having a skorp g where u dont need to hide but rather guet hulldown instead and bam bam bam the turet is RATHER good too xp … UNDERATED MUCH tank… drjobob NA server 😉

    • I haven’t seen that tank in ages. I remember players calling it OP (as they do with all new tanks) yet nobody is playing it.
      I don’t really like TD’s in the gamemode unless you are defending a spot. Too slow and situational for the map.

  33. 7:59 i felt that 💔

  34. Before watching the video i bet. Cars, Progetto, LT 432, Skorpion, Any french clip tank

  35. you forgot the wz120
    It’s decent and good in frontline but yeah it isn’t as pay to win as say defender so I guess it’s not good enough. The 50degr./sec traverse speed is really helpfull against tanks like the ebr.

  36. I’ve actually had great luck running my TS-5 as my primary frontline tank. I get general 4/5 games in it. Get engineering and smoke screen on it, hop into a platoon, go into a cap circle. You, in the TS-5, stare at a location enemies should come from while your platoon mates cover your sides/rear. If anything approaches you from the front, permatrack it with your 6 second reload. If you start taking hits, smoke screen and change position a little. Once the point is captured, rinse and repeat. Have had a few games where I’ve gotten general in just about 3 minutes by farming people who come into cap to try to kill me – just keep wiggling around and they usually bounce/hit your track, then you can use your crazy 3,500 DPM to make them pay for their mistake.

  37. UDES gameplay is totally destroyed in frontlines because of recon flight. you sit in a bush and out of nowhere you get spotted. light goes on you need to leave siege mode, but you sit like 5-6 seconds like a duck in the open. i have been wrecked sooo many times because of that and its just frustrating.

  38. Bourrasque snipes constantly across FL…Idk…

  39. How do I get to general ? Love your vids

  40. You missed premium arty 🙁

  41. Wheeled vehicles made me give up last year, and 3 days into this years season and I’m about to give up again.

  42. Andreas Friedrich

    No IS3A? Serious? That thing is an absolute Monster in FL

  43. Honnestly, I played to FL games with bourrasque and i was always general. I think that the bourrasque is just very nice for FL.

  44. VK100 and Mauerbrekker are good defensive tanks around the final objectives, Primo and Cent 5/1 also good hull down generally. Thing is with this mode is that ALL tanks can do well, its the attraction of FL.

  45. After my experience in frontline this season, I think I have to disagree with QB on Bourrasque, I don’t have one but I have been seeing a lot of Bourrasque in Frontline and they actually are performing quite well in frontline. Yeah, the accuracy may not be satisfying but frontline has a big map so people are usually more easily to be distracted. Then Bourrasque comes in within a decent range, clip the enemy and run away when the enemy starts to realise you and then repeat it.

  46. No premium tier 8’s as a reward this season…

  47. Kristian Fagerström

    @Quickybaby, I think it would be very educational (for me) if you would explain why you like the Udes03, but not the Strv S1.

  48. If you could only choose one of the reward tanks which would you choose

  49. Lars-Marten Nagel

    Don’t underestimate the centurion MK 5/ – ok, bit slow maybe, but good armor to the front, great accuracy for long range engagements (up to 0,29) and 10 degrees (!) gun depression. In many situations it is better than many heavies.I missed that one in the review.

  50. Uno que está vivo

    Question: is the tech-tree Centurion good enough?

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