Bet You’ve Never Used This on Leopard 1 in World of Tanks | The Leopard 1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Leopard 1, Tier 10 German Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Medium Tanks. World of Tanks Most Accurate Tank in The Game, Best Dispersion.

Today I am going take the most accurate medium tank in the game, Leopard 1, and I am going make it even more accurate!

Enjoy the show!


  1. I am having a lot of fun trying out and testing new, interesting builds. This one really surprised me with how effective it actually was.
    I have many ideas for the future as well, so stay tuned! 🙂
    But what are your ideas, what kind of interesting builds?

  2. Vents, Config and Hardening for me 🙂
    I just absorbed a shot from Grille a few hours ago

  3. I quit Rammer in some tanks for boosting accuracy, eg. KV 2, Artas, IS 2 and it works fine. New equipment was a very good idea Imho, gives more options for individual optimization.

  4. PickelJars ForHillary

    Ooh! Pooper shot. ~ DezGamez 2021

  5. Ive been running this ever since the equipment change hit. Tested a few others but this is by far my fav.

  6. Hi Dez, nice video once again. I sent a replay to your site wich I made with Char Futur. Please consider taking a look on it 😉

  7. Im rolling my Leo PTA with the better circle thing, vents and rammer. Works perfectly, on the way to second gunmark

  8. would be nice if you told us what you fitted as the icons are to small to see when I watch this on my phone

  9. Leopard: my accuracy is the best
    Stb: *in the background*

  10. I put all my meds turbo but still on some it seems to have no speed changes.

  11. After this video they will nerf this to entire sh*tness

  12. next video grille 🙂

  13. Yo. Can you make a next Video on grille 15 thanks.

  14. I’m getting quite far up my current grinds might start this line. Either Leo or STB, I am at m46 Patton and I’m loving it so I want more meds.

  15. I guess Hitler was guiding those shots?

  16. black market plz come while i have credits 🙁

  17. I think most of the improvement from the aiming device you were feeling was psychological. Without the aiming device your dispersion is 0.25 and with the aiming device it was 0.24. A don’t think the difference of 0.01 really made a difference between missing or making that many shots. The aiming device improves your dispersion by 5% so when you use it in a tank like the Leopard with such great dispersion already, 5% doesn’t equate to a significant improvement. You only get 0.01 lower dispersion.

    Aiming device works a lot better when used on tanks with dispersion. For example a tank with 0.36, you get 0.018 better dispersion, which is almost twice the improvement you get on the Leopard.

    If you used improved bounty gun rammer you’d get an extra 12.5% which is 450 extra DPM. I think I’d prefer the extra DPM.

  18. M60 Patton is accurate as well like leopard 1

  19. I think I’ll use this build on my Leopard PTA (but I might subsitute Bond-level Improved Rotation Mechanism in place of Bond-level Stabilizer). XD

  20. Bet not won I did use this set up as soon as equipment 2.0 came up running turbo, vents, ia

  21. LOL, now you know what it’s like to play Armored Warfare EVERY SINGLE GAME, even tier 1. The shots go where you aim them, NOT decided by the game whether your shot will hit or not, pen or not, or how much damage it will do. Too bad WoT has never been smart enough to reduce the insanity that is rng.

  22. only arty like airfield

  23. This game will be the best game ever if wg delete the RNG

  24. Wait untill the rng kicks in. I have Leo 1 and trust me on this one, you can have the best accuracy on paper and be fully aimed, when you are in the losing bracket, you won’ t hit shit.

  25. Maths is bad its almost 8.5 combined not 7.5 :)p

  26. 0.01 accuracy from that aiming equipment is hardly a good substitute for rammer

  27. Most accurate Gril PLZ DEZ!

  28. Retropaintball clips

    Can you make a build video for the t110e5? It doesn’t work for me anymore

  29. Buff the LEO camo since the MORONIC WG devs wont give it a fackin ARMOR buff atleast make it a true sniper

  30. Man please make more videos with tanks using this build

  31. hmm, you really think, that 1cm over 100m is that important, that you would not hit these shots wit 0.25 accuracy?

  32. german tank in that game have the bigest rng fiesta in the game

  33. Dez, you are such a nice person, it’s obvious from where you wanted the jgpanzer to hit you. I also watched the platoon video with skill and daki and you simple are a good man. Stay awesome, stay sexy, take care of your family 🙂

  34. I disagree with using Improved Aiming Unit. That equipment is piece of kaku. The accuracy improvement is negligible, in this case only 0.01, same as venting system. There is no difference between 0.25 accuracy and 0.24. I would rather take anything else than Improved Aiming. If you don’t want to use Gun Rammer, then go for Turbocharger, IRM, Additional Grousers or even a Low Noise Exhaust System. Every single one of those will provide much bigger boost to your performance than Improved Aiming.

  35. been using the accuracy equipment on grille 15 ever since 2.0 it came out, also you can fix the sluggy mobility on old favorite of mine, amx CDC with the grousers so it finally feels like it should be given to stats.

  36. For me if I have Bonds equipment in the first slot, the diective doesn’t make a difference. Here at 07:08 it shows that (-0)!

  37. From my experience, the t9 is way better than the t10

  38. Dez great video, thanks for sharing.

  39. BlackGost SchwarzGeister

    do stug3g turning speed loadout

  40. Ramming build for cs63?

  41. So bored of this broken MM no wonder people are leaving and I’m 1of them

  42. How about same equipments on Japanese STB-1?

  43. Yesss! The Legendary Dez “Beeeeooowwww” TM soundeffect is back at 10:23!

  44. Damn….. 14:12….. Did you beated y’a meat bro !? 🥺 It sounded just like 🥴😂😂😂 sorry 😭

  45. This build would be devastating in TVP 51

  46. Leopard 1 is my favourite tank in the game. I love love love the gun and the mobility, it has good viewrange too!

  47. Christian Sanfilippo

    nah Dez, real german tank is better with Turbo, vents, Improved aiming. make it a super fast TD. make it a grille contender.

  48. Hey Dez, are the löwe giveaway winners yet?

  49. I would like to see what you consider the most accurate Grille15 build for sure

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