Better Late Than Never – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m lost in World Tanks playing 13 105…



  1. stop touching your face all the time ffs

  2. Cvs + optics + vents/iad for field

    Vents + Vstab + rotM. for city

    That’s my setup

  3. I play on console and Jesus man there seem to be nothing but those light tank players that just make a beeline for the other side of the map and get killed super early

  4. ey QB, a friend of mine’s virus detector software thing, found a trojan horse type virus in the game code. Is this true or? There is photo evidence if needed.

  5. Bring back the olden times where everyone was blind as a bat, hardly anyone had good radios and lights truly made a difference.

  6. Light tanks are really garbage, I’m so glad I got the bat chat 25t when the Lorraine 40t was still in the tech tree and not a premium

  7. The time QB has a legitimate reason to complain about the friendly 430U face hugging is the time he blames himself?

    You made the correct play; the 430 player should’ve stayed behind the 60tp or at the very least not face hug to where QB didn’t have a shot.

  8. The guy in the Manticore knew it was you driving the AMX 13 105 even though you use the anonymizer and they queued up in another light tank, I’m guessing they tried to stream-snipe you and “unlucky-ly” was placed on your team, don’t give them even a passing mention.

  9. Interesting this releases just a day after skill4ltu released a guide on LT-15 using an AMX 13 105.

    Double dose of videos from a tank I do enjoy playing.

    • Thought the same, wonder when he records these

    • @Messerschmitt Well I’ve sorta noticed that QB tends to release similar tanks to skill4ltu like a couple hours after (on the same day) or just a day or 2 after.


      Not sure if skill does the same I haven’t particularly noticed. I’m sure they have.

    • Juan José Del Pino Rivas

      Honestly, it’s the kind of content players want to see, because the goal is to understand and play better with them. I don’t really care who uploads the video, it’s there for everyone to use. At least it’s not the typical stupid trololo EBR video, this is not a clown car but the typical light tank which should always support the team when needed.

  10. QUESTION PLEASE: If QB was playing with anonimator… How that manticore knew QB was playing ??

  11. The best builds aren’t rotation device it’s actually super shit to take your better with optics commander vision and vents/stabs vents optics/stabs vents exhaust. The rotation device is just sub par I’ve played a hell of a lot and done the testing with the 13 it’s my fav tank in game if you need a rotation device as well as stabs your too far to be shooting 13105 isn’t just a baby batchat it’s a baby bat chat that can run a entire game without being seen the whole point is to play in the shadows like old old bat chat before it’s nerf that everyone said ruined it a few years back. Play like that and used bushes and be smart and think a little don’t just yolo it becomes the scariest tank to find bc that’s 1.2k nearly and then poof gone into thin air. It’s not a Leo it’s a sneakier less hp less clip damage old bat chat. To be fair I have a 5 skill crew and run prem consumable in it with camo bia and both vr skills however all you need is sixth sense obv and then camo do bia third then whatever you want and she’ll be scary just don’t play like a ebr for god sake

  12. I love my Kunze Panzer for being a scout and sniper. I have a full upgraded bond setup and put my full leo crew on it and get almost 50% camo while driving.

  13. 12t as well for me…learning the role of a light finally. So true…balance between NOT getting involved early and getting OVERLY involved. I try to do some spotting but really I am focusing on doing early damage if I can. Then looking for opportunities to support. Great video QB. Thank you.

  14. 13 105 is a beast.

  15. The salvo of dreams! Great game!

  16. QB love the channel have been watching for a long time. End this series with my favorite tank at each tier. You can do an episode for Light, TD. Med, Heavy etc. You can skip the SPG if you want.

  17. 5:55 Hindsight is always 20/20 of course, but it was actually kinda stupid for the 430u to go around a tank that wasn’t facing him and then after failing to get behind him again, proceed to face hug the 60tp instead of backing off so that you could help him, not your fault at all, that was totally on the 430u.

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The one rule in WoT

    Without a good light tank is a guarantee lost

    • it depends on the map. in some maps, light tank can’t do any shit. in some maps, light tank is the hero (or the clown).

  19. That was a sweet finish. Very nice!

  20. Yeah…thats what light tanks do 90% of the game..fuck around and dont spot or kill shiet..and at the end they come out and pop pop just run around making frags on 5% hp left tanks..

  21. I feel that arties are now obsolete, thus light tanks are obsolete, thus tank destroyers are obsolete. The only tanks you need now are fast hulldown monsters with good gun handling.

  22. Royal Lion Gaming

    can you play the panzer 4 h with the derp it is my fav tank

  23. At the very start the first thing I noticed is all 3 light tanks went to the same area.

  24. misplay ? was shit. be honest. is LUCAYENKO a FAT HITLER ?? VOTE NOW.

  25. better i ate than ever

  26. Better use the HEAT than trust normal rounds…

  27. JingYun (Roderick) Huang 黄 靖云

    miss those days where 1390 could go in assasin way bigger targets

  28. @9:30 stream sniper or has twitch open in background?
    How did he know you were QuackyBaby?!?!?!
    I prefer CVS + Binocs + Stabs on my french lights, when i have the credits

  29. I beg you to stop saying tier 10LTs even “do well” because it encourages a lot of players who do not have enough understanding of the game to attempt to play light tanks, and when that happens, it completely destroys the game. I would say the truth is, top-tier light tanks are only for the best players, not for others, especially not for those who have under 50% win rates.

  30. Quickyban!

  31. i did 10k spot and 13.5k combined in this tank loved it

  32. Every game i get triple arty

  33. Quicky, been watching you since 2011.
    High Explosive Anti Tank rounds are called Heat rounds in the USA Army. Quicker and easier to say.

  34. As a predominantly light tank player, the power creep of view range on other tank classes was a big factor in me quitting the game some years ago. Sounds like it’s even worse now.


    Check out replays here !

  36. As time goes by, I really do favor AMX more than Batchat nowadays. Batchat used to be my all time favorites but nowadays, it feels too rigid, not flexible. Eventhough I play AMX very active and agressively, I still use the standard scouting set; CVS, Vents and Optics. Second set, I replace CVS and Optics for Smoke and Vert stabs. Reason being is to be more sneaky. Sure I still get out spotted by other lights but if you can deal with the enemy lights in the first 5 minutes, the rest of the game is smooth sailing. I can spot mediums and even TDs before they could spot me and reposition myself according to situation, giving me more flexibility to flank. Sure I don’t hit as much shots as QBs set up, but as long as I burst and leave to reload, I don’t need to worry much at all.

  37. Wot Addict Global

    I prefer TDs and Arties 😛

  38. “but never late is better”

  39. I never got very far off the ground in WoT PC, but I played WoT Console for a long time (until they introduced the modern tanks part of the game) The French light line was my favorite, and I got up to the Bat-Chat 12t (the Tier 8) and though I didn’t like the little Bat-Chat much (I felt it was worse than the 13 75 in almost every way while being a tier higher) this video is making me want to get back into PC WoT and give the game a try again. Probably shouldn’t, lol

  40. oh wow, been playing 10 years and I never knew light tanks had such a big penetration drop off lmao

  41. you keep on saying about there being less arty than before….you’re wrong imo…I see more games with 2 or 3 arty than I do with 1 or none…

  42. I play lights a lot but I’ve noticed in recent months that fewer players understand how to support lights. There are more and more players that will go to exactly the same place irrespective of the tank they are in. They might get one or two shots off but relocating seems alien to them.

  43. I’m kind of missing the viewrange circles on the minimap. Would really help here, IMO.

  44. Reh Panzerwagen is my first light tank tier 10 and I love it ,cause its a challenge to play it

  45. I said, “Better late than never
    Just don’t make me wait forever”

  46. I like a team of leopards, had a few great fun matches with friends in the platoon. We played as a “murder/assassin” squad, singling out a tank, then 3 gatling guns, one after the other did take out even the heavy KV1 in one group burst; fun! Not so much for the KV1 driver.

  47. Always nice to see your mediums becoming tankdestroyers…..and sit at the back.

  48. Remove the gold ammo our put a new batle hardcore where you dont use gold, who is with me? Lets make a vote for this, lets make the game competitive and fun again

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