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Gambling to get Bisonte is not your only option to an autoloading heavy tank! Here’s why I think Somua SM is better (maybe)!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. 😳 Turret is paper


  3. Unlike the bisonte the somua is very good . that troll armor with the good pen and not so long good reload. Dont use turbos QB is the only CC who is a unicom who uses turbos for anything meta . Arty is what held him back in the first game not the speed. But maybe you should use turbos so makes it easier for me to scrub you scrubs out : )

  4. Live battles are the best😍

  5. Interesting, that second game: Full tier 8 game, no arty, QBs team had 10 premium tanks out of 15, the enemy team had 13. And not to say the tech tree tanks present in the match were bad but most of them finished at the bottom. =(

  6. Playing yesterday was a nightmare. Every Tier 8 match up had 2-3 of this… Pure cancer…

  7. Hey, QB. I was wondering if you could make a video of the eagle 7. It was my first tier 7 tank and it was also the first tank I got 3.3k damage in. I would just really like to see how you play it. I wasn’t able to find a video on it from you…

  8. Can someone tell me how QB boosted his credit to 48%? My Christmas tree is level 10 all maxed and it’s 38%

  9. Do not like the turret armor

  10. Title rule doesnt works here, yes its much better. On bisonte accuracy around 10% is normal..

  11. using extra rations, can allow you to drop vents ,and keep turbo with both dispersion modules

  12. Better than Bison?! Are you joking right?!

  13. I would love your modpack…

  14. “In the hands of a capable player” does it mean this type player “In the hands of a capable player who can lose almost every game?” 🙂

  15. I was thinking about buying this. But you only get a few hours and now I’ve missed it.

  16. 50B is still pretty good, it’s just that not many people could use that kind of fast-big-no armor platform. Still the gun is great enough that it could carry the tank alone along with its speed and dpm.

    50 100 on the other hand really needs some gun buff. I have no problem with its lack of armor, but if the gun is too unreliable what is the point of it?

  17. All premiums are good at the beginning!
    Then something magical mystical happens, and they’re not that good anymore!
    They’re some “Classified” variables that get changed. Not just a power creep!

  18. damn, that first ‘available’ is so Italian-ish

  19. i mean, you cant trust that armor, on bisonte, you can. Thats all there is to it.

  20. Hey qb react to “Jingle shells” song… It is awesome.. 😂

  21. Iv got nightmares from this thank

  22. But at least i never have problems penning

  23. The Somua poops croissants as it drives into battle

  24. Calin Vurdea Photo Art

    In the hands of a medium player like me (aprox 1400 wn8) it still shines. For me its the best heavy t8 tank!

  25. Missed the sale bc I had surgery :<

  26. wait sorry how many of your team in game 2 were premium tanks ? the f***

  27. Try the Lorraine 40t it is fast and has a four round mag, it fills in to what is missing on the Somua SM

  28. Show your crew lay out too

  29. “Can you believe it’s got frontal armor?”

    Well it’s wargaming, and a heavy tank, and a tier viii premium… so yeah.

  30. PS4 Peasant reminiscing on when wot was good.

  31. Today is day 8 of asking quickybaby to reach out and help world of tanks console.

  32. RIP wot console o7

  33. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls hahha copyright man

  34. Somua SM is definitively a monster. I love It and it gives a lot of credits

  35. My AMX 50-100 was recently top of the tree, between that and having this as a crew trainer I’ve got one of my best crews in it now.

  36. It’s my favorite tank!

  37. Somua is my standard premtank to make credits. Only problem is, bad turret armor. On the other hand with the good side armor, side-scraping is possible, but i’d gladly swap that for turret armor. Running it with turbo, bonds vents and bonds stabilizer and ofc coffee and croissants (it does rarely catch fire unlike stuff like 430u)

  38. Back to the turbo discussion: It so hard to decide really, cause one is almost always 1 equipment slot away. Either you have better reload (i leave the rammer out sometimes even on non-autoloaders), better mobility /stabilization (rotation-dev). And in the end, vents are always nice, but they also do only push everything a little bit. +3% better reload vs +10% ? oh well, 3% won’t buff the tank from a bad dpm to a good dpm, then again 10% won’t do that either…
    Turbos are a funny thing. If you out them on vehicles with good top speed and bad power-to-weight, you do it for acceleration, good power-to-weight and bad top speed, you do it for the top speed, but in the end, you will get a slightly fast tank, in most cases not a monster (T95 might be different).

  39. 16min: That ios actually the weekness about that new GSOR. What do you do when u got 1 round left ? You know, you got a very, very long reload in front of you. On the other hand, do you really want to shoot that 1 shell ? It is only 1 shell of a high-bursty mag. No tracking and then doing more dmg.
    16:45: well other near to op prem tanks also like 274a / CiS.
    was actually a nice surprise when a met an enemy turtle yesterday and (i was already quite tired) and didn’t know where to shoot him (doesn’t even have a huge coppula). That thing does not have bad stats, but you rarely see it on the battlefield.

  40. O look its mr Qb with Everything he wants but complains about not having 60% win rate/ me stuck with tier 5 and 8 and can not get to tier 10 (getting a tank i want) So QB dont complain about not getting the premium tank you want think about people who have been playing for a couple of years and give lots of time and money and wargaming dont give a fuck about people like us but give you everything you want.

  41. 16:40 Thats what I complain about daily

  42. Only good for stream players they completely give 150% win ratio for them and always nice maps some one like me keep getting retard players and die fast . Let me tell you something this map on the video shows I haven’t played for almost 3 months( means i don’t get this map like that at all )I haven’t banned it as well so it’s almost unavailable for me how can this be fair?

  43. Something I really just paid mind to when QB mentioned it, about French heavies being lackluster at Tier X…I rarely ever see them.

  44. ‘In the hands of someone who gets to be top tier in a +2 MM battle”.

  45. 2 shells out of 5 is not bad? it is bad sir, it is bad

  46. Gets wrecked with HE…..the whole AMX 50 line needs reviewed and re classified as mediums… screws MM. More than any other group in the game

  47. a turbo is useless at 90% of the tanks in the game

  48. Is bisonte op tank? No, not at all…but I love it. Its like ugly duckling 😀

  49. my god what a cringey neckbeard

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