Big 10th Anniversary Final Coming and More | World of Tanks 10th Birthday – Update 1.10

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Today let’s talk about World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Final event, the final ACT V and what is coming with the update 1.10. This upcoming patch 1.10 is super big already, but it gets more and more stuff with every day, seems like it! 🙂

What do you think about all of this?


  1. Notification Squad, where youuu aaaat?! 🙂 Much love if you are part of it! 🔥❤🔥❤🔥
    Anyway, what do you think about this? What do you want to see the rewards being for the end of the WoT 10th Anniversary Event?

    • @YTudorel 24 i dont know

    • Give me credit boosters in the anniversary store ! Atleast, let me spend these anniversary coins on something useful , I have 1k left over after buying all the camos etc

    • Classified Classified

      A ez to get X will most prob. not happen but I would think that it would be nice to get that super chaffee. What I really wanna know is exactly how much money will I need to save up for that beautiful T77?

    • I would like to see EBRs and artillery removed from the game. Everything else is bullshit

    • I wish they would do a Viii event which will be easy to do as a gift for commit players out there

  2. It would be good if we were to all receive a tier X tank for the tenth year.

  3. i got cancer watching the gameplay of the super hellcat. god, that server reticle plus dynamic camera is such a disadvantage

  4. In that picture with the ” mistery tank” it was the Obj 780 and if They add the wt auf e 100 i Could sau WG shut up and take my money ;))))

  5. It’s sad when you think about where this game could have been this year. Instead it’s filled with OP premium cash grab mechanics and devs that want to turn it into a FPS. As a beta player…this game i going down hill quickly. Crew 2.0 and equipment 2.0 are probably going to kill the game from what I’ve been hearing from people.

  6. I desperately hope they bring back that WT E100 because that vehicle was one of the big reasons for me to start grinding that line.

  7. Call me naive but there is still a hope that if we used first code, collect all golden keys maybe use code from puzzles in the future; i truly believe we will get 13 57 🙂

  8. its like going to a wedding and you can only get a present from the bride and grooms online list, problem is, the cheapest item is a £500 washing machine… the event so dar this year has been dull, boring, and not anything to look forward’ll soon be forgotten as ‘meh…’

  9. þe after þought

    If I get that POS super Chaffee for my 10 year anniversary reward I will be immensely disappointed.

  10. Went to read the comments to see others opinions… quickly remembered that the only opinions in a WoT comment section is crying regardless of what wg actually do

  11. Give me chieftain

  12. IllogicalProblems

    Objects 780 and 268 v5 shown in the pics? Pog

  13. a free tier X vehicle for all players is the only thing I wish for

  14. Agricultural Bank Of China

    Ra ra rasputin in your recommended, my man

  15. Annihilate MAGA Cult

    this anniversary doesnt feel like a celebration but like work. im fed up with grinding and battle pass ruins the matchmaking. everyone is a sniper now and opportunistic players just camp the redline to make as much damage as possible to get the most points. winning a game isnt anymore necessary to progress and this makes me mad. you go spot, nobody supports you. you play arty, nobody spots for you, you play heavy and are the only one who attacks….why? i hate this event.

  16. Wargaming: wait, there’s more!
    Wargaming a month later: wait for it, it’s coming!
    Wargaming a year later: almost there, tankers!
    Wargaming 10 years later: *T30 skin and free T5 tank blyat*

  17. Dez, i love your channel and i always stop by to watch your videos every now and then to see how the game is going, but man, you have been sounding so biased lately, to say this event has brought the “best time to play the game” is such a lie, it has been incredibly disappointing so far. Like another guy has pointed below, we have received more rewards from the christmas event than this one, you are right when you say this is an incredible feat by wargaming, to keep their game popular for 10 years, but then they reward the people that have kept the game alive for all those years with a skin (that you have to grind for) and 10 fire extinguishers? This is like a slap in the face of everyone who has managed to play that far lol
    I also have no doubt that the reward tank is either locked behind a grind wall or just plain bad.

  18. 10th aniversery in league of legends u got loot worth at least 50€,that i actually are gonna use, not fcking worthless badges…

  19. Anniversary coin are just useless

  20. Free tank from WG ? Forget it ! It will be another trash bundle for 30/50/100 Euro, at least in my country.

  21. Informative. Anti-climactic, but informative.

  22. WOTBlitz somehow rewards its playerbase much more generously unlike WOTPC. I got myself a free Skorpion G on the Christmas event on WOTBlitz.

  23. Hope we can get the object 268 version 5 . I know there is a picture of he obj 780 but i doubt we will get this i bet its a clan wars reward.

  24. Yea i earn way more bonds playing tier ten. My fav tier. Also if the obj 780 is a clan wars reward that would be cool for clan wars players now give the rest of the players access to one of the older clan wars tanks if that is the case like the vk or the t95e6 or even 907.

    • You already have got M60 and 121B …. Which is a big disappointment for me… I played hard to earn it and u guys just buy it… So retarded bullshit nothing special anymore these days

  25. Your the man dez . I to would also love to play the wt e 100 again.

  26. I will say this if they plan on not giving us access to the wt e100 or the obj 268 version 5 they need to STOP showing them . Wargaming wonders why people getting annoyed when the tanks dont show. They say no WT e100 to return but they keep bringing it up in leaks.

  27. if it is a free tank it’ll be rubbish like almost every single other free tank they give away, or like a low tier tank that no one will use anyways

  28. basically, the reason everyone is upset or thinks the event is trash is because it’s ten years, we have given them millions and millions of dollars over the decade and they are not giving anything back, in fact they are just trying to grab more money during the entire event. it’s pretty disgusting from where i’m looking, i dunno what they are thinking, they are about to ruin the entire game anyways with these new changes, so it’lll be like happy 10 years! and everyones gonna quit playing lol

  29. I kinda miss getting tier2 tanks. Alot of em I still play every now and again.

  30. they should do a free wheel spin containing horrible meh and op prem tanks and let rng speak for the players that why people’s will be technically happy getting a free t8 prem tank

  31. damn playing since 2012.

  32. Do super duper accurate and even faster/best batchat as possible using equipment 2.0

  33. @12:43 WTF Waffentrager auf E100 in the patch notes? Dez, you trollin? Seriously though I am extremely disappointed with the nerfs to the progetto even though I don’t own it, and that Wargaming is not keeping to the word that the bounty equipment we paid to gain access to is no longer equivalent to bond equipment after this patch. I don’t think they should be buffing bond gear, but to reach in to their paying players pockets and screw us over like this is gross.

  34. MyLaughingCompilations

    10 years and still Unbalanced! Biggest achievment ever

  35. I think the wt auf E100 can be added to the game right now.
    The powercreep since last time we saw this tank in action has been quite insane and it might just be balanced at this point

  36. Guessing you will get a special reward if you collect all gold keys. I missed the second chapter, so I only got 3..

  37. This so called “Celebration” has been so utterly Meh, that I had actually forgotten that it was WoT’s 10th anniversary.

  38. Maybe the classic server will be the last event

  39. The event did nothing to persuade me, who hasn’t played regularly for over a year, to come back to the game.

  40. I want tier 7 Aufklärungspanzer Panther as a gift for 9 years of fight, WarGaming😔

  41. I got a tier 8 premium. One of the most generous gifts Wargaming has ever given out. No complaints.

  42. What’s the code? I can’t watch the full video cuz of my internet..

  43. Just gonna say, this game has a case of “evolving but backwards”
    Even though I havent played the game in the early ages, I can really tell that the game was better when it was young by watching old wot vids… Now it gets more grindy and hard and paytowin…

  44. all i want is something useful, tier5 upwards premium tank, all the other stuff is fluff! have not spent any coins, this has actually got me using new tanks with no cammo, so refreshing, rather than the technicolor vomit of some of those skins, TBH WG use the smoke and mirrors to sell some old Premium tanks to those who dont realise the current meta makes them outdated.

  45. i don t care about the new garage and all the shiny things…very disappointed by this “fest” ! and as a “bonus” …italian mediums nerfs 😀

  46. we are affraid dont ask about the name

  47. How about bonds I would like a bunch of bonds instead of a low tier tank.

  48. 10 years, and ranked is still the worst game mode

  49. Yea no i still prefer war thunder

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