BIG Alpha Tier 9 Premium WZ-114 – Marathon for Free Premium Tank | World of Tanks WZ-114

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World of Tanks WZ-114, New Tier 9 Chinese Premium Tank. World of Tanks New Winter Marathon for WZ-114, The Hidden Tiger. World of Tanks Marathon for a Free Premium Tank.

Today let's talk about the upcoming new Marathon in World of Tanks. This is our marathon in 2022 it is for a brand new tier 9 premium heavy tank WZ-114. This tank comes with a massive alpha, with good accuracy and armor… and you have a chance to get it for free.

What do you think?


  1. I will not be surprised if they would make it more difficult to earn it for free.

  2. EES as in chinEES dumb wordplay basicly

  3. It slow and 1658 that like a Lowe

  4. the Chinese MAUS

  5. looks good ,lets see your movie Dez than i know wat to do !

  6. This tank can reach up to 2700 hp, i dont want to face him with dat armor

  7. well i hope this tank will not be like the shit STRV is cuz i see gold amo is not mentioned and you will mostly see tier 10 like 9/10 of the mm’s

  8. this game is a money pit..

  9. 264000 base xp WTF. If your avarage XP is 600 you have to play 444 games in 10 days and be in the top 10 every single game

  10. looking at my retire 113 crew ..

    113 crew : dont even think about it

  11. Going to try and get it for free but we’ll see what discount I make it up too hahaha

  12. I dont think I’m gonna get this even with a discount. I hate slow lumbering heavies with long reload. With the current super fast games, it’s not worth the money

  13. The guy voicing the video needs to learn how to pronounce things properly. I started growing a brain tumor listening to his horrid pronunciation

  14. So which is weaker, the coppula or the glacease?

  15. They even put the cricket noise!

  16. Love the skin, love the model. Still won’t get it 🙂

  17. This one isn’t worth it unless they drop a micro patch to buff the gun handling values otherwise it may as well be like playing a T92 as shotgun given that the stock values are that bad actually just slightly worse than the T92. The lack of dpm is getting to be the norm with new premiums as well but expect some real suffering should anyone buy or even grind it out.

  18. I guess I just gotta play marathon thru, but did not expext that tank to be unolayable junk like this seems to be. Derp aimtime and no dpm, no mobility.. maybe they will buff it some year later and it will be worth to try. But I would not buy a single penny of this tank! 😀

  19. it’s like the devs dont play the game or watch anyone else play the game, all the CC bitched about tanks being to fast, so they just make a pile or shit with tracks, slow, bag aim time, bad gun handling, lumbering, they dont even realize this pos wont ever get to any position, because everything else will already be there and shooting it before it’s part way there. and again with the GLD crap, lol why did they keep pushing that on people, it’s useless anyone who can do basic math knows it’s useless

    i’m looking forward to eating these pos tier 9’s all day in any other tank in the game

  20. 530 alpha same as E75. But better pen 246>266
    Also better frontal turret armor.
    Why I’m even surprised at this point. Just another power creep premium.
    Edit: I realized that the gun/turret traverse speed is trash. Definitely gonna enjoy circling this tank to death with a quick medium or LT.

  21. Its kind of weird it is WZ 114 because after the ranked season and people completed will get the 114 sp2

  22. Fix Gold spamming and its mechanics problem? Gives you premium tanks instead.

    Tbh. Game’s getting dull lately and recent updates are making the game boring to play.

  23. Lacks speed…
    Worst gun handling of any other tier9…
    Terrible DPM…
    Mediocre armor…

    All of the above 4 statistics are what makes a “good” tank in WOT. Don’t waste your time trying to get this tank. It’s literally one of the worst tanks I’ve seen in a long time. Literally a lemon.

    Don’t believe me? Go look at tanks gg to see what’s up with this thing. Compare it to every other meta tier9 tank you’re going to face. Might as well only snipe in the back wasting a heavy-tank slot for your team.

  24. WZ 114: I have the armor to block any shots

    Jagdpanzer E 100: Let’s put that to the test shall we

  25. 70% discount is the halfway point for the grind, crazy if you dont get it for at least 50% off.

  26. That was like a 5 second aim time

  27. Cool, another tank to make people just spam gold ammo from the start…

  28. Another fake tank, come on WG. It’ll get nerfed after alot of whining about loses.

  29. Maybe they are considering slowing the game down a bit. I hope so. Pretty much everyone agrees the shorter games are not as fun and the games are way to short, especially for the very slow tanks.

    • Agree but I wouldn’t hold your breath. WG path has been clear for a long time now. The longer battles that even lead to a draw are very rare, had one the other day but it’s mainly when the two teams are balanced but like I said, that’s rare. One team normally have a battle rating of say 5k while the other has a rating of 25k so you can see why a team falls so fast.

  30. whatever tank you are in, believe in your tank and your tank will believe in you

  31. Chinese tank with gun depression? what sorcery is this?

  32. Ok… It is kinda op… Better hp than wz 111 5a, better pen, better alpha, better armor… The heck

  33. 6 second aim time?

  34. Free tanks have bad sides to them but P2W tanks don’t. All I see here.

  35. I with all the high alpha monsters being added to the game lately, battles are getting shorter and shorter. War Gaming needs to double the hit points of every tank just to recalibrate the balance between DPM, alpha and hit points to make battles last longer, like they used to.

  36. BEWARE–The gun soft stats are atrocious and the aiming time is almost as long as the Caliban, the reload is extremely long, the cupola is weak. Do not feel that you have to pay a lot for this tank!

  37. And the WG Premium Shitshow continues…
    how long will it take till T9 is screwed like T8?
    What will T7 think about?
    Just a big GG

  38. Why does this sound like an April fools video?

  39. I don’t mind the low dpm, accurate slammer gun combo, but, the soft stats being 0.33 and the aim-time being that high just makes it a bad t-30. If i had soft-stats to compensate for the abysmal aimtime and DPM, it would be a cool vehicle, like the 122 TM, but this is just a travesty

  40. In Germany it calls “HartzIV” event.

  41. Maurits van Eijnatten

    7:38 “Copula”
    Those nasty enemy shells, copulating with my cupola!

  42. My guess is I’ll get to lvl 4, 5 or 6 and end up not paying the rest….. Just like previous marathons.

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