BIG BOY | 24 TON Armored Car T18E2 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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BIG BOY | 24 TON Armored Car T18E2 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
    Attempt #48

  2. More hell let loose

  3. please play the grizzly or the duck, I really enjoy the at planes

  4. I’ll never participate in an event like that unless one of the prizes is the e-100 again or an is7

  5. How do you scout people with the binos?

  6. Where can i get this background/garage ? Looks awesome.

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger : its not a puma

  8. Don’t you just LOVE push notifications on the PC?

  9. Did he spend his golden eagles just to get the Chronicles medals and managed to get that T18E2? Because i got the feeling he did since he got like over 25 000 GE and i have like 150 GE and i just don’t just don’t bother getting another golden eagle bundles and getting tortured by the chronicles requirements since it looked extreme

  10. is it bad for my mental health that i saw that gta track coming from first 5-10 seconds…. to much internet i guess..

  11. Hey nice sound track at beginning.

  12. Yeahhhhh that introoo!

  13. The turret looks stolen from a mini KV-1

  14. why is does he randomly combust in the beginning?

  15. CinamonToastCake Gamer

    Phly so many application on desktop

  16. Phly please do Girls Und Panzer tanks mainly St. Gloriana but others are fine.

  17. Im tired of tankdaily were is phly?

  18. A Small Mustache Man

    Looks like a kv-1 with wheels

  19. Abdullah Alkholil

    Moon Rover lit af.

  20. Memedaily

  21. nice hanger where can i get something like that !?

  22. Phly stop trying to be funny please


  24. ‘HANZ! zid you saw zhat?’

    ‘nein comm-‘*that fucking thing kills german tank

  25. Are you going into Downtown with that? To buy some Number 9

  26. i just fucking love the end of the video hahahahaha

  27. I can’t wait for the Sdkfz 222 and more Puma variants!

  28. That car is also a good hull down car👌

  29. The best feelin is when you see yourself in a phly video, the worst is when he instantly destroys you

  30. You could say for the T18E2 a battle uphill is literally an ‘uphill battle’ =)

  31. pew pew

    [Crew knocked out]

  32. Do a German mig15 bis with ssk rockets and the leopard 2 k please

  33. Wow youre on fire Phly, get him!!!

  34. Can you have War Thunder link your discounts to steam wallet ?so I can you it ?

  35. I liked that intro old but gold 🙂

  36. play the 17 pounder m10 phlytankly

  37. Way better than the sherman

  38. Did anyone else notice that Phly’s ingame username was Tankdaily??

  39. It’s nahhhht a puuuuma!!

  40. Avast game mode

  41. Earth Federation Space Force

    i want BA-10 😛

  42. 210HP My car has more them that, I understand why it’s slow.

  43. Hey Phly,

    i think i found the most useles Tank ever, it is a Russian Tier I T-60 with an 20mm gun…
    I swear to god, if you can kill 5 People with this tank, i will donate 250 $ ( euros, cause I’m german) in your next stream. Write me on War Thunder ( ArktossGaming ) or send me an E-Mail ( if you complet this mission… Or you just make a Vidio about it…
    Good luck Sir.

  44. NANI?! *hiroshima*

  45. Puma has 28.9 Kg of explosive mass ?

  46. how dou you make hangar like that

  47. “The spotting mechanic system on these um light tanks and armored cars are so fun to play with.”

    *Cries in M8 Greyhound*

  48. Hello. I am new to the game and i want to know how to spot people in tank, realistic.

  49. Beest music broo !!

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