BIG BRITISH BRUTE – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Centurion 5/1 is a Big Brute in World Tanks and here’s why I love it!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. when l first look at the video l looked the time when he relased it is like 2014

  2. great stream today QB

  3. I wonder if they will ever change the sound effect of some shots; they don´t really sound tank-ish xD Take for example console sound effects, way better.

  4. Actually the 5/1 is an Australian RAAC brute.

  5. Wait, wasnt Belarus the “Last Dictatorship of Europe”?

  6. The dedication QB has is amazing I wouldn’t mind if he took a few extra days off to just live lol he’s done enough for us god bless this man

  7. When you’re in Belarus playing on a Polish map in a British tank

  8. Sounds and all is not that bad mate. Have fun with the family!

  9. Yeah i played the Centurion 5/1 yesterday. And i got corona virus while staying at home and playing it, WG be like: You must not play Tonks you must get corona. Eitherway nice video.

  10. Plot twist: Babushka will NOT make draniki!

  11. The 5/1 is a amazing tank. By far the best centurian tier 8 in the game. So worth the gold.

  12. Nifty Potatoes Sweet Potato

    British. Makes Australians sad. RAAC, Royal Australian Army Corps

  13. Is just me or mic quality is better than before?

  14. wanna see u play in wz111-5A next

  15. camera und audio is bad, but props to stream with family!! keep up good work!!!

  16. Hes gone native…

  17. I did get agent K, and it is worth just for Sabaton voices. Lets play another map, i didnt like this one anyway!

  18. Finally, Bri’ish tonk

    Don’t forget to drink tea

  19. war thunder is better

  20. Blitz player here: Is there a difference between the Skorpion and the Skorpion G?

  21. What If this tank has 280 alpha…

  22. Had to install an audio booster just to boost the low volume m8

  23. I still don’t understand how WG can just get away with giving this thing hidden terrain resistances.

  24. British? Try Australian

  25. Hey QB have you heard of Sprocket? its pretty much a make-your-own-tank game! very advanced.

  26. Belarus is ready to be bombed by NATO and youre in the center of it … great !

  27. Good 4 u

  28. Put your camera lower

  29. Can someone pls elaborate a bit on the “new version” of the Sabaton crew voice acting?

    In what sense does the StrvK Sabaton voice acting differs from the old Sabaton voice acting?

  30. Um, that’d be an Aussie Brute. It does say *RAAC* in it’s official WG name, NOT “RAC” Based on a pommie tank, but we put the barbie on the back. 😉

  31. Comrade Quicky baby?

  32. As i thought all along, FV4202 is not only terrible, but forgotten as well, RIP

  33. Don’t worry, your video right now seems like the old way it use to be, NOSTALGIA

  34. I can’t stand these trashy tier 8 centurions. But if you’re gonna have one than this you the one to have.

  35. QB part slavic? Based QB

  36. Is it an Australian variant? RAAC Royal Australian Armoured Corp?

  37. something you dont see in this replay is the fact that the centurion variants all need a buff regarding their dispersion. the 5/1 has the “best” gun handling and it still has 0.17 base. thats horrible for 230 alpha. I personally think all 3 of them are kinda outdated and even tho I like to play them every once in a while it always feels off. 400m view range is great but the rest of these tanks just feels lacking in 2021..


  39. Yay! always nice to go see the fam!

  40. Politics aside, I think that this visit you could easily skip. I love your videos but people suffering in this country is bigger than me and you and this game we love. Please try to help any way you can because you are, after all, famous and much of the people did hear of you. Every little bit helps.

  41. I like this Soviet, non-fancy Quickybaby, he feels more engaging, more like a tryhard 2015 video 🙂

  42. The Centurion 7/1 is my go-to tank when I’m having a really bad day in WOT. I total love it and it’s so forgiving and iv been playing wot since closed beta so that’s saying a lot lol

  43. Be careful in Belarus. You may not know, but you are staying in a dictatorship

  44. Maybe if you would have repaired your observation device in time you wouldn’t need to blind shoot this progetto… creating your own challenges, QB style 😉

  45. ahh man no more twitch streaming right???

  46. wonder what percentage of WG Cent 5/1 sales QB gets.

  47. Looking away, the 6ith sense sound good off. Instantly turn to look. It was your video. LOL.

  48. Unrecommended game … bad player bad server +100

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