Big Buffs to ISU-130 + 3 Premium Light Tanks | World of Tanks Premium Tanks Buffed

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Buffed Premium Tanks – M41D, FV1066 Senlac, T92 and ISU-130 Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News.

00:00 | Introduction
00:45 | M41D Buffs
02:05 | FV1066 Senlac Buffs
03:52 | T92 Buffs
06:00 | ISU-130 Buffs
09:25 | Conclusion

► Information from: WG

In today's news episode I am going to show you 4 premium tanks, 3 of them tanks and 1 are getting buffed in the near future.

What do you think?


  1. Let me know what you think about these buffs? Light tanks getting a bit better, but ISU-130… What kind of evil plans does WG has with ISU-130? 😀
    Have a nice weekend, my friends!

    • They really need to sort out the tech tree tanks 1st. Really becoming pay2win fast. T10 lights needed buffs when they released them over 2 years ago, where’s the buffs for them?

    • @HailStorm Rising wg is a fool company ,
      hopefully you’ll get what u want comrade

    • WHERE AMX CDC????

    • @RedXlV Exactly. They are buffing tanks that have not sold well in the past or not many paying costumers have them to make them more appealing. They have all the statistics for this evaluation. Almost everybody has a T34 so they can’t really sell any more of them which means it is going to get buffed last if ever.

    • Dez, the definitely need to flip the ammo around so the premium round does less damage, but pens better. This way, the premium players would not just be flat out better against lightly armored tanks, which there are a ton of at tier 8

  2. I like the idea of changing pen and alpha for premium shells but I prefer the Steel Hunter method of lower alpha, higher pen. Giving premium shells more alpha and lower pen doesnt help in +2MM situations and just turns every tank into a seal clubber in -2MM situations.

  3. lowe’s dpm needs a big buff

  4. 1:40 Hmmm. Top speed from 25 to 28km/h doesn’t sound like a super interesting buff for a light tank Dez. Kappa

  5. the t92 would have been fine with a simple premium shell cost reduction by 75%, that tanks shell cost is the same for 150 as the prem shell for a 390 alpha gun, fucking hell.

  6. World of premium tanks… no more interest to play standard tanks. I like to play LHMTV and when i see they are buffing a tank which is already better… Frontline is just a premium/paypal mode for all these tier VIII they are buffing. I am so happy i do not have to play these mods (with steel hunter) to get tokens. This is the best thing they have done : merging rewards with the battle pass.

  7. Seriously…? That’s all the T92 got? It needed a POWER and Tank Traverse BUFF also.

  8. WG, buff the t 25 pilot 1. Give it more penertration cause it doesn’t have the accuracy to snipe.

  9. pay2win cancer

  10. The Grisha Inquisition

    I actually bought the ISU-130 for the short time it was available on the NA server. Now I’m glad I did.

  11. Show some love to ELC even 90 as well.. Gun handling is horrible.

  12. Waiting for t25 pilot 1 buffs, still have no idea why it has less dpm than the Progetto 46 which is a autoreloader

  13. Other tanks to buff? Lets see
    [AMX CDC]
    > Camouflage: Increase stationary camo from 11.12 to 15.01, moving camo from 8.32 to 11.232. (+35% Camo before firing)
    > Alpha & DPM: 260 or 280 per shot, and keep the same rate of fire.
    > Terrain resistance: Decrease resistance by about 10% on soft, 5% on medium, leave hard terrain the same.

    [Jagdtiger 8.8cm]
    > Alpha: 280 per shot (just like Panther 8.8cm), but lower fire rate to 10.17 (2850 DPM)
    > Penetration: 203 -> 223mm AP, 237 -> 254mm APCR
    > Traverse Speed: 32/s -> 38.4/s (+20%)

    > DPM: Bring fire rate up to 6.875 (2200 DPM)

    > Gun Handling: Reduce tank traverse and moving dispersion from 0.28 to 0.25 (-12% Turret/Moving Dispersion)
    > DPM: Bring fire rate up to 4.75 (1900 DPM)
    > Terrain Resistance: 6% better on soft terrain. Leave the others the same.

    [Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager]
    > Camouflage: Increase stationary camo from 22.63 to 24.89 , moving camo from 13.57 to 14.92. (+10% Camo before firing)
    > Alpha: 260 per shot, and keep the same rate of fire. (2165.8 DPM)
    > View Range: Increase view range from 360m to 370m (+2.77% View Range)

    Just my two cents. T92 should honestly get a base damage boost to 170 at least.

  14. T92 also needs an alpha buff and Senlac I don’t mind as it is except the accuracy so I think that buff will be great.

  15. About time on the 130. It’s next to useless against 9 and 10s in the current meta.

  16. 121 got buff
    My 121b : i thought b mean better

  17. I would like to see changes to the special ammo as well. Decrease the damage of heat, but keep the high penn.

  18. buffs are a load of cosmetic BS

  19. This is the complete opposite direction though. You gain alpha for less pen rather than losing alpha for more pen.

  20. In the meantime sad T34 noices once again….

  21. the isu-130 buff is useless since penetration doesnt matter as much as bad dispersion which this tank has, meaning it’ll never pen any fucking thing with 187 pen, you will be bouncing off tanks with 70 armor, bouncing off the sides of artys and all this other bullshit, it will be dumb as fuck and nobody will ever use that shell type because it’s not going to be reliable and you cannot rely on goddamn blind luck in this pos game, it’s already RNG garbaged as it is. so yeah the other buffs look nice though, but this one is trash , fuck the isu-130 it’s dead to me, i’ll prolly trade it in next opportunity i get

  22. I just hope WG won’t down-tier the AMX CDC while retaining most of its stats but with lower hitpoints ala Dracula in WoT Blitz.

  23. So basically whatever advantage the HWK30 (view range 410m) have over its peers has been nullified. Shouldn’t the HWK30 be buffed too then??

  24. that feeling when the prem British light is getting buffed and the tech tree has yet to get any love

  25. ELC Even 90 needs mobility and gun buff. Wherever is gonna meet wheels goes directly to garage.

  26. lol wg! TWATS! I get snap shotted in my T92 light by EBR over 400 meter so of cause i need more pen!!!!!!!!!! WG logic!

  27. these are no buffs… they can change such things over night and nobody will even notice them…
    btw senlac is and stays the worst light premium tank

  28. Community: wheeled vehicles are OP, pls nerf.
    WG: OK, lets buff some premium light tanks instead…….

  29. IS-6 needs a roof armor buff. T34 could use a buff as well. T25 Pilot 1? Pz. 58 Mutz?
    A lot of premium tanks are still in the dust.

  30. T25 pilot is still crying in the corner

  31. ISU-130 coming to a premium shop near you very soon

  32. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    IMO, the SU-100Y and the ISU-130 got the best ammo balancing.

    you should have a downside on using gold rounds as of using the regular rounds. regular rounds in your master-of-none ammo, prem should have either high damage but low pen or high pen but low damage while HE is the gamble shot if you’re gonna hit the weak plate with splash decently or not.

  33. Finally they’re buffing CDC… no, no they’re not.

  34. t92 pen buff lmao, the tank needs a full rebalance not penetration

  35. Yep, that’s the way to go with all ammo in the game. More skill and tactics involved in your choice of shell. Bring it on WG.

  36. not like the isu needed that gun arc increased or anything. Did they add in animations where the gun breech folds out the armor on the side when its forced too far over?

  37. stil not enough pen

  38. Does someone remember t25 pilot? I hope they will buff it

  39. I love how they buffed the only british light tank that was any good. Priorities am I right guys? Dont worry, I get it, it also happens to be a premium tank. But still, I think enough people bought the senlac, that we can afford to fix the tech tree ones, right wargaming?

  40. The Senlac needed it. Wish they would buff its camo. The T92 cost/dpm with premium ammo is precisely why I traded it in. I agree “special ammo” should have a pro AND a con when pressing the 2-key. I wish it was universal for all tanks.

  41. Senlac has crazy dpm shooting he

  42. I wish they would somehow buff the jtiger 8.8 ffs. If meds tier 8 get 320 pen with their guns with gold.. why is the jtiger so subpar

  43. Buffs no one was waiting for… And tbh they better nerf the viewrange from all tier8 and up instead of buffing that of a few tier8 premium lights.

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