Big Changes Coming in 2020 | World of Tanks 2020 – Wheeled Rework, Crew 2.0, Bonds and More

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Changes in 2020 – 2.0, 2.0, 10th Anniversary, Special Shells, Bonds, Tank Rebalancing, Wheeled Tanks Rework. World of Tanks 2020 – Update 2.0+ Patch News.

► World of Tanks 2020 plans article: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/features-2020/

A lot of updates to about in World of Tanks. They just release an article covering plans for the 2020 and in this I am going to talk about all of them.

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Wheeled vehicles getting reworked, tank rebalancing… crew and equipment revision, lots of stuff to talk about and to wait for!
    What do you think about all of this?
    STAY STRONG, STAY SAFE! 🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥

    • Shinyone Incarnate

      @Tauno Kullamägi1) UNION it was not. It was a take over of surrounding countries. Like the previous Russian Empire. 2) SOVIET means an elected local, district, or national council. Elections were held, but as Stalin said: “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes.” People were not elected, they were appointed.
      3) SOCIALIST allows more than one party to exist. Communist tends to center on one-party, banning most other forms of dissent. 4) REPUBLIC is when the people vote for persons to represent them in government. This did not happen. So instead of USSR, (CCCP), it should have been EACE or Empire of Appointed Communist Elite, (GULAG FOR U COMRADE, or should I say coNrad.) You decide.

    • Best plan for wheeled vehicles is to remove them and fire the people who came up with their shit design.

      Preferably fire them out of a cannon into a rock face

    • I think Wargaming not giving Blue Print Fragments or XP is a Fat Middle Finger to everyone that spent the time and money to research tanks like the 113 or T-62A.

    • Shinyone Incarnate well Soviet Russia specializes in undermining neighboring governments and integrating them into Russia from the inside out. In some regions, like Caucasia and Central Asia, it was simply an outright conquest, whereas in they controlled Eastern Europe through a variety of satellite states and puppet governments. These had varying levels of Russian involvement, but they were all heavily controlled and influenced by the Russian government. To appease the so-called sovereignty of some countries the Russians called it the Union of Republics, because to them the name was simply another way to get more power. Otherwise you were correct

    • @Macbang most of the times that happens to me is when people aim too low

  2. 3:10 Blueprints…. Men i have 60 American and 34 Italian and 25 Checoslovaquian blue prints and i allready have those tech trees fully unlocked. I have 119 national blueprints that i can not use for anything… And i really prefer them to be transformed in to universal blueprints!! I have lots of national blueprints from all the nations and the nation that i have less blueprints avaiable is the Checoslovaquian!! for the love of God give me the option to transform them in universal blueprints please!!! If i only count the 3 nations that i have more national blueprints in store (Germany Russia and England) all 3 combined i have allmoust 300 national blueprints (99-Ger 86-Rus and 91-Eng) i only have 200 universal blueprints… i’m on the tier 9 Polish heavy tech tree and i have 62 National Blueprints for it…. I really dont need National Blueprints AT ALL!!! and i think many people are in the same position.
    I think that WG can give us the option to players choose from one of two options in this case of the exceeding Blueprints…Transform them in to Universal or transfom them in to other Nation Blueprints. National Blueprints are more valuable then Universal ones so i think that WG could make some thing like this { 1 National Blueprint = 1 other Nation Blueprint or 1 National Blueprint = 2 Universal Blueprints } i even could agree to have a small Silver/Credits payment to make this exchange. (for example for each National Blueprint exchanged pay for exemple betwin 1000 – 3000 Crs) but give the chance to make this convertion free of payment, with half the value for the exchange for example, { 1 National Blueprint = 1 Universal Blueprint and 2 Universal Blueprint = 1 other Nation Blueprint } free of any payment, but use Credits to make the payments not Gold or Bounds…

  3. so e100 line buffs, race cars nerfs and free shit ok I’m happy

  4. 10 years and 10 maps, smh

  5. Dez, I know English isn’t your first language, but PLEASE look up the difference between “what” and “that/which”. Hate to say it, but you pretty much use “what” wrong everytime, and it is rather annoying.

  6. What about the wheelies? I guess I missed something in the video :/

  7. 3:09 I love blueprints as well. They are very nice at letting me focus on higher tiers when I don’t like playing in low tiers. Really helps me advance through the tech trees

  8. Sounds just like WoWS captain only but with an added part being perks from the “Steel Hunter” mode?

  9. The console has 100 times more things then the PC version. They have tanks that were removed from the PC. They have maps that were never on PC and old maps that were removed from PC. They have an entire tech tree based off premium tanks called mercenaries. They also have premium arty and the old arty system that still one shoots things. Seams they put more work on the console then the PC.

    Also, how is not being allowed to shoot through some objects that you used to or slippery rocks a 3rd party issue? i don’t use any 3rd party software when playing tanks anymore. Sounds like a lazy excuse for them to not fix it.

    • SanguineMalcontent

      And, sadly, the console version is about 100 times more broken than the PC version. Also, different developers. Finally, they probably contracted out at least some of the work on their Havok engine, that or they’re outright lying, either is possible.

  10. The thing is that in the current meta, heavy tanks (or semi-mediums like 430U…) are the best tanks. So if wg nerf gold rounds, they are going to be even better!

    • When you dumb down the maps and make them corridor fights that tends to happen.

    • @matthew paine Do you actually play ranked battles at high level? Those “corridors tanks” dominate heavy tanks line as well as medium ones (Chieftain, 430U, S. Conq…)

  11. Cmon wg, where is the Hungarian tech tree? 😭😭

  12. I’m not sure about Crew and Equipment 2.0. We will have to see later in the year!
    What will happen to special crewmembers? Like the commanders from the Holiday ops, Team Clash or reward female crew?
    What about Gold spent on barracks? and so on

  13. I like the IS-4 line buffs, my first ever started tech tree line

  14. I just researched AMX 30 because I thought it would be logical to do but hey its just 181,000 exp wasted on the tank I wanted the least of the three you can get from de bc12t and now people can get it for creddits only, no compensation is a really fuck up honestly.

  15. bla bla bla, how about not putting 3 to 6 unicums against an all tomato team??? Which happens ALL THE TIME. if they are going to leave that then how about getting win xp for every battle, then I wouldn’t care if I won or lost just how well I played. I hate when I do really well and my team loses anyway and I get 300 xp, that’s just wrong.

  16. Ranked battles totally suck, you win 1 or 2 battles and then wot punishes you by putting you against a team with players of much higher skill beating you into the ground for 3 to 4 losses in a row. How is that ranked.

  17. WOT will NEVER be in eSports, as long as there is RNG… there is no skill in RNG. This was the reason they didn’t get in before, and will continue to be the reason. eSports is about players skills, and not a roll of chance.

    • There is RNG in every single eSports game… maybe not all of games have RNG but if u wanna be the best u have to be lucky… it can’t be 100% skill

    • @Luka Matic luck in most esports is entirely dependent on the other players decisions. Not on the game or engine itself.

  18. Bullshit from WOT, turn the IS4 into a monster, do fuck all to E100 and T110E5!!! Keep filling that sock with love my Russian bum chum developers

  19. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    If wg would give me the opportunity to transfer my blitz progress to pc

    I would take it all day long

  20. Je me suis désabonné

    I don’t find time code for wheeled vehicule, someone gets it?

  21. Thiarnach Slave to Darkness

    4-6 years too late

  22. I think the repair kit should be locked if the vehicle is moving and have a countdown for repairs to be done ( no more of that instant fix stuff )
    Not saying to be 5 minutes behind a rock to fix something but like 2 to 5 seconds depending on what needs repair and if you start moving it cancel the repair so you could reposition to a safer location.
    Wheel vehicles with a damaged tire should have drag included and not be able to still drive in a straight line, the more you drive with a damaged tire or track would eventually break said item ( like the speed governor that damages engine with time )
    This game could so much more pleasant for all players if WarGaming took it more seriously like 1 team has a tier 10 heavy with a 2k personal rating player MM should try to find another tier 10 heavy player with near similar PR ( so 1 team is not stuck with a Uni while other team has a “noob” )
    Win ratio is mostly team dependent, WN8 is only based on damage, but PR seems to represent so much more how a player is overall and I think adding this in MM’s calculations would make both teams much more equal and less one-sided.
    Sorry everyone for this super long comment, it’s just I like the game but it has so many flaws it becomes more of a headache at times.

  23. Load the Skill rounds

    Thanks Dez! This is a lot of work you are doing for us

  24. I’ve just trained my Dez Commander on the tank. Your voice sound amazing in this game! Absolutely love it! GJ 😀

  25. 15:00 sounds more like a close relative to WotB, well they did buff the T110E5 there and the Tiger II (although it no longer resemblece the former), and the prem ammo even before this.

  26. When is this update?

  27. Crew 2.0 sounds a lot like the crew skills setup for Armored Warfare

  28. Armin Muračević

    Only change for arty is: if arty’s shell doesn’t pen the tank how the fuck arty kill crew or destroy modules? Tank need to pen other tank to kill crew or destroy the modules, but arty only need to splash 20m away of tank to kill 1-3 crew members + 1-4 destroy the modules + stun 15-20 sec + 100-700 dmg, but when it pen it deal just a little bit more dmg. Stun is ok, dmg is ok. And three artas is too much, 2 max in one team per match.

  29. the thing im alot happier in this video is the fact the ebr will be nerf or fixed

  30. This “Crew 2.0” seems like it’ll have a lot of advantages. It should get rid of the current situation where if your commander has to take on other crew duties, that means it takes a hell of a lot longer to grind out all the crew skills you need to be competitive.
    But how to compensate people for current crews, especially with all those reward crew members, 0-skill BIA crews, etc, that seems like it’ll be the hardest part to figure out.

    The “Equipment 2.0” on the other hand is raising some red flags to me. It seems like this is going to have the opposite effect Wargaming is aiming for. If you can only have one piece of gun-handling equipment, one piece of defensive equipment, etc, it seems likely that there will be *less* rather than more variety in what equipment people mount..

    Whatever they’ve got planned for rebalancing wheeled vehicles, I hope they get it done soon and do it right. I’d like to see more wheeled vehicles added to the game, because more variety of vehicles is good. But only if the vehicles aren’t broken. There’s no reason the EBRs couldn’t be balanced. I’d suggest that if a damaged wheel should cause *at least* twice as much speed reduction as it currently does, and wheels should do a much worse job of absorbing shells than they currently do.

  31. I keep hearing this word “Role” but in all the dumb mechanics until they start utilizing the role of a tank in all of the facets i.e. economics and exp. then they are doing nothing worth a flip.

  32. I’ll believe it when I see it…

  33. DesGamez: Who Enjoys Stunning?
    me: raises hand while driving Bat Chat 155 58

    • I do too, and I don’t care if I’m the one dispensing it or receiving (even though my favourite artillery is Crusader SP with the stock gun, that doesn’t stun – got my reload under 10 seconds, and with the high firing arc? Yes, please).

      My reasoning is the stun will go away eventually, but lost HP will no regenerate, not even by using med / repair kit. And that my crew isn’t performing that good? Oh well, game on, it’s a challenge.

  34. Man… wish they paid this much attention to console… shots going out of aim circle is amazing! Or shoot and the shot is nowhere to be found. There’s more just can’t think of them off top of my head. If you wanna know how bad world of tanks on console has gotten, check out CloneGuy. Or a quick comparison. Console makes the pc version look like it’s in perfect condition. Oh let me add in reskins of tanks with autoloaders. Making the basic prem tanks irrelevant to world of tanks. It’s just getting ridiculous how they can make reskins but don’t want to make the game actually good by fixing the problems it has.

  35. Me: ‘watches Deathstar failing to one shot two VERY lightly armored TD’s’ okay now that’s some F***** up bullshit right there

  36. 6:59 that’s why you don’t power creep. Now they have to go back to the old tanks and do even more work than it took to make that new op premium tank. Since when do they care about MM wait time? If I queue up in my M53/M55 it says *notice queue times may be longer in this tank (or something like that). If they want to play a tank that will take longer for them to get in a game that’s their choice.

  37. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I really appreciate the time DezGamez takes to review the changes upcoming / in test phase. Keep up the good work, love the channel and of COURSE I am subscribed 🙂

  38. Luís Augusto Panadés

    When they launched that shit Sandbox rebalancing I told before that they were buffing strong armored vehicles and nerfing low armored ones: with changes in HE and AP damage.
    I enjoy the idea of stuning. But not that only arta stuns. HE should stun.

    The problem is shit vehicles and OP vehicles: Grille 15 is an example of a shit vehicle; Obj 279 (e) is an example of an OP vehicle. The problem is the individual balancing of vehicles not the fucking mechanics of the game.

    Any change is ok with the vehicles are unbalanced one againt other. They will mess with crews and other shit before fix what should be fixed. So the fucking OP vehicles like Obj will be fucking better and the shit vehicles like Grille 15 will get a few better. This will fuck the game more and more.

    I have almost six crew skills in my Grille 15 and it is still a super piece of shit vehicle that Wargaming pushed over me. Nothing can make that piece of shit decent or fun.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      For example: which is the compensation on Grille 15 for being penned by every HE in this game? Any! It has arty gun handling and can’t use vents or vertical stabs…. The problem is ever the same: shit vehicle balancing! It will ever be no mather what are the skills and perks and equipment. If the conception is shit the balancing will never be achieved.

      The worst part is that the shit vehicle is a pushed over one. I can tell you, Dez, that I never ground this piece of shit called Grille 15. I ground and bought WT auf E 100. Not happy in robbing me, they pushed over me a shit vehicle without compensation and shitll not happy they nerfed the vehicle: nerfed a shit vehicle that should be buffed.

      The thing is so indecent that they nerfed stats that are dependent of vehicles geometry like gun depression. And…. check gun elevation of Grille 15… it is offensive.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Anything will change if a .6 dispersion russian tank ever hits the center and a .24 german tank continues never hitting the center. This is a shit in this game, this is well known and ridiculous. Wargaming should change it.Everybody notice this and they continue dennying. Stop this shit and fix it.

  39. They could atleast let us sell the tanks for full price.

  40. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t subscribed, I just checked your channel every day lol I’m subscribed now.

  41. WRONG. you say they did everything they said except buffing is4 and e100. wrong. in the beginning of 2019, they said they will change the ammo, decreasing special ammo damage within 2019. they didnt.

  42. I’d love to see 7/56 team clash on tier VIII only, basically same as 7/70 just with premium tanks :3

  43. Buffing some reasonably balanced vehicles instead of nerfing power creep and gold spam…

  44. well i`m subscribed and have been for a long time and I raelly recommend you guys subscribe as well because the content is very nice. also…. DEZ…. if you reading this…. why do you never check your facebook ? sent you a replay some time ago and you never even checked the message…

  45. What about the rumor they will give amnesty to All banned accounts in honour of 10th anniversary?

  46. OH, where is the Tiger P? I asked that too!

  47. Crew 2.0 is an heresy for tank with many man.
    My is7 have 5 wooman with all comp, but my 260 couldn’t have all comp

  48. A damage system based on hitpoints is always going to be flawed.

  49. wg have a fucking obsessed with artys , they make the game so toxic with that stund shit , just cant get it

  50. why they arent tease classic server?

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