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Source: OddBawZ

The Dicker Max in War Thunder is a German self propelled Gun. Like, it’s a REALLY REALLY big gun too! The is seen on the 105 II but this Big Dicker Energy Tank Destroyer sits at only 4.3 BR!

The German Dicker Max is a designated Tank Destroyer that can hurl a shell with 190 of penetration at tanks as low as 3.3 BR! The Dicker Max cannon hits like a freight train with practically nothing surviving a direct hit from it.

The thing that makes the Dicker Max so is that it can sneak its way behind a hill and use its incredible gun elevation angles to shoot over while only exposing a tiny bit of the vehicle. For a REALLY big vehicle, it’s incredibly low profile in the right position.

A super fun tank in War Thunder!

Music 1:

INTRO (00:00)
THE DICKER (00:52)
OUTRO (23:56)



  2. I was in with Lubu Metro and Tanker and we were all waiting to see this video haha! Think it spoilt the surprise of what tank would be next to chat. Much love Odd, as always <3

  3. Miguel Alfonso Delgado Urby



    M22 swarm at 5.7 or you will see me if you go hiking in America .

  5. Late to the party but I am happy the D Max came out to play on your channel

  6. This man’s laugh is one of the most contagious I’ve heard in a while

  7. Holy Balls. I love this accent to the utmost. Keep up the great vid´s. 🙂

  8. Your laugh in the intro was brilliant

  9. dude that intro kill was great lol

  10. pure sadic OddBawZ

  11. Oddbawz laugh is so satisfying 😭

  12. Dicker is german slang for bro (apparently), so this is the BRO MAX (yes i know it means thicker max but the slang is fun)

  13. Play the stuer emil! My friends hate it but it’s amazing.

  14. Jonathan Bayley

    The absolute horrendous disrespect at the start of this video caused me to like and comment in 53 seconds 😄

  15. Oscar Nanayakkara

    2:56 same.

  16. The intro kill was so sweet 😂🤩!!

  17. Evil lol

  18. LOl wtf intro

    so much trolling :DL:D:D:D

  19. Odd this thing is supposed to go down to 4.0 next update apparently.

  20. Would you make a tutorial on how to bomb? I just moved from arcade to realistic and I don’t know how to do it

  21. Fun fact! The driver “cupola” or hatch kinda thing on the left side of the gun was actually fake in real life! It was made with the idea that the enemy would shoot the wrong side of the tank. This is also probably why the armour “works” ^^

  22. Why can’t I like the video twice for this insanely funny intro

  23. Why doesn’t Gaijin fix “volumetric?” Because it’s not actually volumetric. The shell has volume, but the armor doesn’t. If the armor were calculated using volume, your pen would be based on the volume of the armor you hit, not the sum of it. That’s actually 2 dimensional armor, not “volumetric.” It’s my number 1 issue with this game.

  24. Hahahaha
    That has got to be the best WT kill I’ve ever seen.. LMAO

  25. Odd what about the sturer emil with HE only?

  26. >be me
    >have the Dicker, but never played with it
    >join a game at 4.3 to try it out
    >get Alaska …
    >go in my chad Panzer IV/70A first, die
    >respawn in glorious Dicker Max that Oddz smashed the other team with
    >get bombed by actually Oddz in a P40-E-1…
    >Oddz finishes with 16 kills and we didn’t capture one point

    Can’t make this sh*t up… Overall, had fun, I recommend.

  27. Hey odd Ive noticed you’ve played all the notable Swedish TD’s except one. The 1946 PvKv. A personal favorite of mine. If I’d love to see a video of it on your channel in the future. Keep up the great content 👍

  28. SU-152 at 4.3 is even more powerful

  29. That bridge pop was beautiful. In fact I think it was the funniest non-accidental pair of kills I’ve ever seen. Too bad it went for content, you could have Thunder Show-ed it. 😂

  30. The Jumbo hunter

  31. Odd I have to say I never laughed so hard until I heard your Puma/Chaffe routine .Omg buddy you made my day. Thanx man

  32. i really need to play WAR THUNDER
    now like right now

  33. – German troops in WW II “Ahaha! This is a fat boy! Let`s call him after that fat one fat guy we know, shall we? It`s the ” Dicker Max” (“Fat Max”)! Ahaha, so funny!
    – acouple of years later the WT Community: Ahaha! It has a big gun and is called like a dick! Ahaha, so funny!
    I love accidantial language missconceptions 😀

  34. for the algorithim!

  35. how one could bomb with bomber sights avoiding the automatically levelling of the plane?

  36. Why would anyone use Dicker Max when Sturer Emil is on the exact same BR

  37. Odd please!!! You NEED to revaluate the P40!
    Yeet some some uncooked spaghetti and bounce a whole lot of inferior food products with that extremely good rolled homogeneous pizza plates for us. PLEASE!

  38. I swear the guy was literally uninstalling war thunder as soon as he fell

  39. Dicker Max Reallohn succs hahaha the ammo does less post-pen damage than a pz 4 f2

  40. Laughed at the first kill

  41. Odd had the best play list for music on Twitch. That was the 2nd reason I watched.

  42. TheGrassyGuy Nate

    That intro made me wish I enjoyed video games as much as I used to

  43. Almost cry at the start with the 109 bridge kill🤣

  44. Ok…what’s up with the shooting each other at every spawn in?

  45. I was sitting here looking at my computer. Neo Air case. Made for 5 fans. I’m already running 6 because I put a push/pull on my 120 radiator. Below the graphics card are all those empty slots. What the hell? Holes without a fan?…I just mounted a 7th fan to the outside, blowing in, directly under the 3080’s intake fans…

  46. Jackstalkerfear

    cackling like a maniac after absolutely shitting on two people their days

  47. How Oddbawz this thing is at 4.0 now! And you should try out the m10 at 3.3

  48. probably one of my favorite tanks

  49. just imagine benny sees that when odd did that bridge strike

  50. I have such a soft spot for the Dicker Max, back when the jumbo was 4.7 this saved me a lot of frustration since it could upper front plate them no problem.

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