BIG, DUMB, DIRTY FUN – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Japanese heavies are big, dumb dirty in World of Tanks the O-Ni is exception – let’s try make out opponents cry O-No today!



  1. Type 5 is really underrated. I played maybe 70 battles in it recently average of 3k+ damage and I’m a decent player. People just don’t aim for weak spot on it and bounce even heat because of some troll stuff. It’s def not really op or the best but it’s very fun to play

  2. These things hit me so funny because most of the time I farm them out but then you just have those odd moments where they shave off 1/3 of your HP (or more depending on tier) in a single shot

  3. Destined Warlord

    “As we put our damage total up to 4,807 kills” 6:13

    Channelling your inner Jingles I see QB XD.

  4. pretty much the reason why i left…


  5. Wot Addict Global

    These Types were TONS of fun before stupid warGAYming went and nerfed HE shells!!!

  6. I liked this video, helped me understand the japanes heavy tanks, thanks QB

  7. I love watching your losses, they are epic

  8. Wot Addict Global

    Also, I must add that the O-I Exp is Tooooooons of fun to play!

  9. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I miss the old S35 CA with is 105mm at tier 5 is just so brutal but why would they even need to remove it ….

  10. Hi QB, I just sold the On-i but I don’t know if it makes sense to buy the Oh-O. A lot of people advise me not to continue heavy Japanese after the On-I, do you really think it’s a bad idea??

    • i would say keep going, but that’s because that line has the playstyle that i like the most, and the O-ho isn’t a bad tank if you know how to use it best

  11. shame that m10 was a muppet

  12. Lol you really thought that Sissy wouldn’t cap out? Hehe Players these days only care about the win not if they actually do better. Had too many battles where our team capped out and left 3k+ worth of hit points laying wasted so they can get Win recorded rather than more money and experience. In the Shermans case it was ok because his team sucked and the only to win was hide. Had your team not sucked worse you coulda won that match but you had a lot of Rush to Die team members that battle.

  13. Juanito Alcachofa

    I had a great time with this video… Thanks QB

  14. I used to. But gold spam and the HE nerfs killed any fun I used to have with the game.

  15. Why would u go down this line its one of the most boring and least competitive lines in the game, big Derby guns, awful mobility and armour which you can’t even angle to make it better so everyone just fires gold at you and so you then suck because you don’t have the firepower to kill the enemy before they kill you either

  16. I got rid of the Type 4 as soon as I got the Type 5 years ago. Still have most of the mid-tier and up machines but I expect to cannibalize their crews if the Japanese TDs show up this year.

  17. Type 5 is powerful type 4 depends on the player and the opponent

  18. I just realize that we never got a tier 8 premium Japanese tank

  19. Waiting for the 1.16

  20. First QB intro messed up by commander

  21. I realised nowadays that armor is kinda worthless because everyone just uses gold rounds….
    Also the nerfed HE shells so derps aren’t even that appealing anymore

  22. Since the HE nerfs and steadily-increasing gold spam from the player base, not much reason to play the Japanese heavy line anymore

  23. Gamer_of_world of tanks

    Dude now I know what tank to get if I want one that can block shells.

  24. Haha I love the title makes me smile

  25. I quit WOT. No money of mine going to Russia.

  26. Gee, I wish I could play a tier 7 tank and get tier 5 matchups all the time….

  27. social3ngin33rin

    I never have this much fun in my O-Ni 🙁

  28. One is really op

  29. Are there any Ukrainian tanks in the game?

  30. I aced one of the Japanese Heavy Tanks… I believe the O-I, though a few months ago.

  31. Real TANK Russia vs Ukraine

  32. The problem is that EVERY tank that relied on armor instead of dpm or pen/fire rate has slowly and surely become obsolete due to power creep and gold spam.

  33. a request for wargaming. make it so that you gain less xp with the more amount of buildings and destructibles you destroy. this is because maybe russians wouldn’t be running over cars and stuff then in ukraine.

  34. All that penetration notifications not gonna be white, it’ll be gold if u are playing in asian server smh

  35. at the end, i noticed u didn’t Repair fix yur tracks, could ve make difference.

  36. the type 5 was my first tier 10, I got it after the he nerfs and i still enjoy playing the tank, i was actually the #2 type 5 player for a bit

  37. Complaints Department

    This is the difference between EU and NA servers. If you were in the NA server trying to do this, the gold would’ve been flying at you immediately and you’d have been half-dead right at the start.

  38. To be fair in the first match your team was absolute shit and the M10 RBFM near the end before the ramming spree was just absolutely worthless.

  39. I really do wish they would limit how many gold rounds you can bring into a battle. Especially when I’m seeing people who will bring a full loadout of gold ammunition.

  40. Great vid qb

  41. suffering from the Matilda curse.

  42. Now how much of tier 5 games does ONi ever have? Or is it more against tier 8 and 9 where it gets melted down in a matter of seconds. Just with standard rounds.

  43. That was a good game u did put up a fight !

  44. used to watch you back in grade 10, now i m almost done with uni and just came back to play wot

  45. Why are u supporting a Belarus aka Russian backed game?

  46. Just an average guy

    Wait, did I hear QB say it was a tier 7?

  47. I think O-ni is the best Japanese heavy tank tier for tier, especially with this gun. And is one of the ones I really like playing, so thank you for featuring it here.

  48. I initially (whenever they were introduced) hated these big fat stupid tanks. And my opinion has never changed. They are for stupid players who don’t know what a WW II era tank was. I know I am pissing into the wind.

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