Big Gun or Little Gun? Swedish Edition!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m asking the question if it should be gun or little gun on the T7 Swedish Leo!


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Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I expected content bout updates, changes and events. Not mid tier battles..

  2. I like minimal exposure lightning fast snap shots over a ridge in this so the big gun works with that.

  3. he’s just remaking content all over again

  4. I had a lot more fun playing as an ambush tank with the big gun. I had a hard time with that tank’s effective traverse most of the times when I tried to use its mobility (this with the smaller gun).

  5. The big gun because it’s meta due to the corridor maps heavily favoring high alpha. There’s a reason the latest premium tanks keep pushing for higher and higher alpha even though that has lead to WG considering an HP increase for all tanks in the first place.

  6. Totally agree, more gun options please.

  7. yeah, I hated the Leo. The fact I’m playing it again is that I’m starting the medium line now. The 105 needs to be buffed to handle Tier 9 tanks. why only 300 damage when the T29 gets 330. All my matches with it so far have been only with tier 9’s. A few of the matches I was the only one left alive that could have won was do to freaking low ball rolls.

    • Because the T29 is a heavy tank. Unless you haven’t noticed most of the heavies have bigger alpha than mediums. Most of the TD’s have bigger alpha than heavies.

  8. Federico Spadone

    QB mentioning “burlesque” and a not specified number of “shades of grey” in the same video.. QB feeling kinky?

  9. tier 7 leo run away

  10. i don’t like 105 gun of this….RNG not love u

  11. I play the 105 and I love the mobility of this tank. The 105 also improves more the better your crew gets, I have BIA, snap shot and smooth ride, play wth vents and a rammer and it really makes the 105 work much better than the 75.

  12. social3ngin33rin

    Alpha is still king;

    that is why they removed the BL-10 and are making it obtainable through pay2win. The T34 was removed as a free tank and made into a pay2win. The Lorraine was removed and made into pay2win. They remove the good things in life and make them pay2win.

    • That would make sense if the ISU-152 didn’t have 750 alpha. Just because it has the BL-10 name on it doesn’t make the premium any better than the regular ISU.
      Lorraine was removed? Umm, it was moved to T8.
      Your comment makes absolutely no sense to be honest.

  13. On the topic of guns for different playstyles: goddamn it weegee gimme back the 76mm autoloader on the 59-16 WITH the crap penetration! Used to be my favourite tank

  14. This is one of the only f2p multi-player game that actually works as f2p. Stop complaining about it!!! Yes, having a premium account speeds up the process. By exactly 50%. Do you know what speeds up progress even more? Learning how to play, and getting good results!

  15. Baatarzorigt Baatarjav

    I found your videos are very educative to new and on going players! You have my subscribe dude

  16. Great contribution here, QB: thanks. I agree completely with you about having a machine in the garage with versatile guns.!

  17. 105 if you’re a youtuber or steamer, and 75 if you aren’t either of those two.

  18. QB: Made that tier 7 run away…
    Me: *Twitching stare face* Jingles? You call the PTA tier 7 tanku? LuL

  19. who hear has a better session in WOT after watching Quicky’s videos…I know I do. I try an take a second and say to myself WWQD? “What Would Quicky Do”? More times than not I make better decisions that changes the course of the game and my result. Thanks Quicky!

  20. Jireh Alexander Duran

    Could you do a video comparison on the 90mm and 105mm on the T32?

  21. wow at 3,50 min nice counter

  22. I miss my autoloader Bulldog.

  23. they should let us choose the guns when the map is loading

  24. Idk why this is even a question for this tank, it sucks either way 😜 basically just a crappier comet

    • I thought the Leo was better than the Comet. I could actually carry some games in it.

      T20 is still the best T7 medium though.

  25. Good armor -> use low alpha/high reload
    Bad armor -> use high alpha/low reload

  26. Yeah, it would be nice if Xs had different barrels that you could choose from to change your play style, every barrel would have its pros and cons obviously

    • That would be nice. But then we would get couple problems. How do you know which gun the enemy is using? How do you make tanks different? If all 105mm L7 mediums could use Soviet 100mm guns and vice versa, nobody would research tanks like Centurion AX, Leo 1, AMX 30B, etc. because you could just play Soviet meds with the same gun.

  27. I Just bought LEO …..

  28. I’m enjoying my Swedish HT line. Currently at the Emil, my first real auto-loader and it is a dream of a vehicle. I cannot wait to take it into Frontline.

    As for the Leo, I played it with the 75mm. It was a breeze of a tank and I did enjoy it, however it left me wanting after my T20 that I no longer own. I just loved that wee American MT. It helped me to learn my MT craft and will remain a special vehicle for me.

    Great video as always QB. Lookin’ forward to what you have scheduled for this weekend.

  29. QB why did you not cap during the last battle for more credit since there was no way you would have caught up with the last enemy vehicle, the arty?

    • For more credits? Capping doesn’t give you more credits. You only get XP/credit boost if the cap is completed. But then again if you don’t kill all enemies your whole team loses some XP.

    • @Stubbari You do get capture points right and my point was the only way he could have caught that arty was to have been in a B-1B bomber, not what he was in. Other players were way closer to the last vehicle.

    • @steelepls But getting capture points don’t give you anything. Other than the base capture stats which nobody is looking at.

    • @Stubbari Just goes to show I learn something new every day since I thought they did which is why I posted the comment. Thanks.

  30. Hey QB I’ve been recently playing with both the 90 and 105 on the type 61. Both great! Cent. 7/1 similar style too!

  31. Only 105 i had 100% on eu and 2.5k battles in it. Had a few 5.5k dmg games.

  32. I found leo well balanced and great supprisingly enjoyable tank in overall

  33. i used 75 mil about 100 games, couln’t ace leo. I switched to big gun, i told my self, give it a chance. I got ace in third game with a big gun … I stayed with it and after some games i summarized it’s way better with biggy.

  34. Big gun 👏🏻💪🏻

  35. The higher the alpha damage the better a tank handels in my opinion.

  36. The big one, by far. I had much better games with the big one. With the lack of armor, you just can’t afford to trade with the small one when it comes to that situation. And the gun handling on the big one failed me only a few times. But the small one failed too. So, for me… The big one takes the crown easily.

  37. P on tiger stand for PUSSY.

  38. i played this tank with the small gun! the gunhandling is way better….the dpm is better…for my play style is the 75mm gun the better choice

  39. Small gun all the way. It’s just a better Comet.

  40. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    multiple gun on a tank? definitely not on TVP VTU, absolutely not enjoying that tank and it’s grind

  41. Julian Thrussell

    Panzer IV with 105 or 75mm Makes the tank fun to play. Love the Derp.

  42. Big gun? Little gun? I say only one thing: lkv 103 😀

  43. Big gun just pre-aim your turret and use your amazing mobility to clap 300 damage into people’s sides
    you don’t have armor so just go for alpha and you will get a monster 300 alpha on tier 7 is insane and a medium tank which has 60 kmph top speed and decent hp/t

  44. Lol I literally just got the leo. I am on the email 2 and gonna get to the kranvagn during this top of the tree but I re brought the leo as it is on discount so I can also go up the Swedish medium line. I am loving it with the 300 alpha gun

  45. The Swedish leo was one of the most dreadfull tanks i had played in years to the point i would have almost prefered the Chinese T-34s.

    Personally i couldnt rely get the tank to work well with either gun

  46. Pretty sure it has a 10cm gun, not a 10.5cm. I’m sorry for being that guy, but… I am that guy

  47. Do a video about the P.43.bis Big gun or small

  48. Talking about the bulldog had it for a week before the @$$ holes nerfed the crapp out of it

  49. Why would anyone play leo if you have free exp/gold/blueprints?😊

  50. khairul jamaludin

    Thanks QB, you’re one of the content creator.. Really put yourself to understand free2play player..

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