Big Hints and Well-Deserved Rewards 2020! | World of Tanks Super Chaffee

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Source: DezGamez

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Christmas and holiday times are coming closer and it is time to start talking about this years Holiday Ops 2020-2021 events. But… of all, let's take our Well-Deserved Rewards from WG. On top of Bonds and Credits, we are also going to tier 6 premium light tank SUPER CHAFFEE.
On the top of that, in their video, they are hinting towards many other things coming in 2021 – New tech trees, Steel and more!

What do you think?


  1. If you sell both previous tank do you get them back?

  2. Maybe there will be coming more tanks with the dual nationality from rudy? The choose which nation feature but this time it will be between italy and czech?

  3. if I sell my super hellcat and t-50-2 will I get them again in the 2020 reward???

  4. @11:59 What if that means a more destructible model? Taking into account how the barrel separates from the turret.

  5. chaffEEEEEEEEEEE. Not chaffuh 🙂

  6. Oscar Bille Gaardestrup

    9 years and counting of rage quitting and having an absolute blast (doing dumb sh*t) with my friends and many good memories.

  7. Iam always little bit sad because i created my account 3.1. So i always pass the better reward xd

  8. Good explanation of this video,gg Dezgamez !!!

  9. is it a choice between the 3 reward tanks or do you get super chaffee this year without choice?.

  10. I think wg should give these rewards for played battles. Because people with 300 battles Are also getting IT. And that means, when you have super hellcat in ur team, its in 75% of cases a stupid person. Im getting not too much, because i do not play this game for long time. I dont care, I hope better players Will receve these tanks, And they Will make it work.

  11. So new Czechoslovakian tech tree line? Let’s hope that it will be the SPGs, because I will really be glad to have the tier 8 premium one.

  12. Crap again

  13. well, actualy, im from slovakia, and once under the post from WoT, there was a coment asking a question what to do with extra czechoslavakian blueprint fragements. and the answer from WoT contributor, or someone from WoT, was to hold onto them, cause there is a new czechoslavakian tech line comming to the game. she didnt say when, but she said that they are coming. i think she mensioned the heavy line, but i cant remember … 😀

  14. About czech my friend said he knows some guy who knows guy in wargaming who says they are working on czech heavy tanks.

    • yeah, so there seem to be a talk about LTs… would prefer TDs, dunno, could be all three even, once in their life they could do something nice

  15. I mean half the hints in the last video were fake or did not happen…. as indicated by the first newspaper story this time. So don’t get to hyped on the “hints” this year, BM is the only thing we will be sure about tho.

  16. I don’t know what other than TDs for czech there can be, but TDs can have entire branch from tier 3 up.

  17. statue symbol LOL

  18. How can they all agree that the “Stupid” Chaffee is a good tank for this?? Another Well deserved reward i can sell.. As a “beta” tester i would want something better. What No Gold?? as a “Beta” tester i expected more . Only 4k bonds?? how about 10 since 1 yr gets 1k of bonds

  19. Those cities are where the commanders are from, based on Cmdr_AF and the Chieftian.

  20. about new Cs tanks – Cz and Sk comunnity know info about new line of our tanks for some time because our CM could say to us we will have new line bout 3 or 4 months ago but last week she had Q&A strem and we tried to get from her what type of tanks it will be but she refused to tell us. So yes in 2021 we will get new Cs tanks but we dont know what type

  21. No german tanks…

  22. I started playing 01/01-2015, that is an easy day to remember. I have training books left in the game. 2 miljon credits is not so much for a free to play player, when you can not buy a tier 8/9/10 tank for that. But it is nice that they give something to all player for free anyway.

  23. Dez I have A Question? where do the Credits you pay for your Ammo and Consumables go to and why so much??
    Its not as if the give us new paved roads. hmmm

  24. Could Czech Italian Phrasebook hint at another Dual Nationality vehicle

  25. rip no chaffee to me,

  26. 9:41 this clock: x7:x7 Any ideas?

  27. Thanks Dez – always first with the news! …it was worth interrupting the stream 😉

  28. tanks on mars ,sounds good they should add a map thats totally out there and not historical ,did anyone notice the time on the clock was X7 X7 ? or have any idea what it might allude to ?

  29. Beta tester here. 🙂 Plus am a veteran so keep getting tanks on veterans day now and get extra points for tank rewards. “It’s good to be the king!”

  30. ive been playing 9 years so these arent bad rewards but the last years reward was dog sh** and then the year before that it was pretty good

  31. Anyone else selling T-50-2 and Super Hellcat right before to get free credits?

  32. Will you get the rewards tanks if you have removed them from the garage already?

  33. 20/3/2021 will have BM ??
    Or 20:2=10, 3:2=1,5(2), 42:2=21
    BM begin in 10/2/2021 ?
    What is F.N.I.D.17 ? Find (17) ?
    But what is that mean ?

  34. Bro, I loved horns 😀 maybe make them authentic sounding?
    Newspaper: “but 100 decals at a time?” I’m guessing unrestricted, unlimited (100 limit) decal placements in the future?

  35. it would be amazing to have the original T18 as a tier 3 well deserved reward for the next next year bc i belive in 2021 we ll get the awful panther 🙂 call me a little dirty seal clubber but that tank was hilarious and we all miss it

  36. Im only 5 years in but still im getting the tank

  37. I’ve nearly been playing for 4 years. I made my account on the 24th of December

  38. playing from beginning of april this year… no bonds

  39. as a community creator YOU know wot e xpress is runned by wargaming itself… leaks arent leaks if the game meant to show it so ppl can prepare their money for it

  40. M4 rev. owners, i have a question about how much credits exactly do you make per game. most people say it prints credits, others say its garbage.
    i dont need precise calculations of how much credits per game does it earn, i need just a rough idea of if i should buy it. if it is not worth it, you can reccomend me a credit farm (except for the skorp G, and the centurion)

  41. ASIA server will be a nightmare again. their Beta tester time limit is 07MAR12 – 26APR12. Well my account was created in 2011 on another server and transferred when ASIA server started up so I guess I get nothing again just like last year? We waited weeks before we saw our Super Hellcat and the honeymoon was over before it started. Way to treat the longest playing players.

  42. I was hoping for new bond tanks…….but, meh!

  43. Batalla, Cliff August P.

    yes horns

  44. I Just Download WOT Several Month Ago But Im Using An 3 Years Old Account That I Use To Play WOTB, Is It Still Count As 3 Years?

  45. What could have been nice is to give the tanks one by one, for example, the T-50-2 for 3 years then the super hellcat for 4 years and the super chaffee for 5 years. That would entice newer players to keep playing. One other thing to mention is that you’ll also get a present with decorations for the holiday ops which is also nice.
    All in all these are all welcomed gifts, thanks WG and thanks Dez for your great content !

  46. I’ve been playing since January 2017 so still quite new

  47. wow i mentioned this to cynical 1 month ago wow!!! wow!! wow!!

  48. Can anyone tell what’s the use for the emblems and medal for the years of service? Are they usable in game for anything?

  49. 25.12.2013

  50. People who joined in 2017 have gotten screwed out of a tank again

  51. jimpizzaman - Random stuff

    Ummmm…… Let me continue the game installation very quick.

  52. And maybe x7 xp missions? on the little display @9:40

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