BIG! – Kranvagn NERF, AMX mle 54 BUFF Incoming | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Kravagn and Emil II Nerfed and AMX M4 mle 54 line Buffed.
Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:16 French Heavies
02:02 AMX M4 mle 45
02:39 AMX 65T
03:41 AMX M4 mle 51
04:24 AMX M4 mle 54
06:53 Swedish Heavies
07:37 EMIL II
08:36 Kranvagn
10:00 Conclusion

One of longest awaited news.. Tier 10 Swedish heavy tank Kranvagn finally getting nerfed, or at least this is what they are testing on the supertest server… At the same time the French non-autoloading heavy line will receive some love, some buffs.

What do you think about all of this?


  1. I have a reason to play wot again

  2. WG Is wrong about Kranvagn!!!!!!!!!!!! They can nerf topspeed, thats good. DPM is also sick, u can nerf that./ BUT PLEASE dont make gun handling derpy cuz then its no fun to play WoT cuz u feel like u keep missing all ur shots.
    WG should nerf OP turret armour of kranvangs and Emil’s by giving to turrets AN ACTUAL WEAK SPOT below the gun.. U know like the armor model has this piece of armor thats supports the gun and is not part of the turret is itself. Make that piece of armor 230 MM just like weakspot on 268 v4. I dont care if tier8s can pen u in ur face. AT LEAST u have a damn weakspot. Ezzz fix ezz game.

    Edit: just please think!! Kranvagn can still be nice tank if u give turret an actual weakspot. Its OK if the gun is quite good. Just nerf turret armor and mobility. The logic is soo simple. Come on guys dont u agree???

  3. the french shell velocity they should not touch

  4. Gerben Kolthoorn van

    Why are they only buffing the non autoloader frenchies….the 50b is soo old but still they dont buff it…that line also needs some love

    • WAT lol i love my 50b its in a amazing spot right now its a ambush predator not a front line brawler its a med at heart. dump your clip and ram and you can kill any thing that isnt a super heavy. i love ramming is-7s and coming out on top 50b is amazing right now and doesnt need a tune up.

  5. Ertugrul gabalı

    The AMX M4 mle 54 will not gain popularity with these improvements.
    The Kranvagn is a powerful tank, but it’s also accessible to any player in the game.
    I don’t understand why a tank that can compete with the bounty tanks bothers the wot team.
    After a while, they will bring the buff again to this tank.
    Buff, Nerf, Buff, Nerf…

    • Wut?

    • I mean, the whole community is clamoring for the kran nerf and for good reason, it’s too strong. Just because there are other op tanks doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t nerf this, it doesn’t make sense.

    • @Anubhav Mondal and also is vz55.
      This a business move and not game balancing. Removing a old unprofitable Tank from the queue.
      If it was for balancing then where is Rino’s buff or VZ55 nerf?

  6. It was time for french heavy..

  7. RIP kranvagn. it was fun while it lasted 🙁

  8. From playing the amx m4 54 I feel heat really shouldn’t pen that massive plug of a gun mantlet but several times I’ve had other heavies throw heat shells right through it

  9. Now Remove the weakspots from panzer 7 and my german heart will be happy.

  10. These short videos are helpful, much more so than some CCs’ 30-min efforts.

  11. Finally good changes, AMX really needs some love and i agree with you on the Kran, it most of all need a weekspot, lower top speed would be just a chery on top.

  12. is shit nerf ,why ?,,maybe because smoke op tank premium [chief and other ]saw we lost time

  13. Kranvagn nerf is too much to be honest…Lower the mobility, ok, i’d say 50 is fine, 45 is way too slow. Lower its dmp, im ok with that. But accuracy and gun handling, oh man, I fucking hate RNG.
    Let me tell WG how to balance it, just make that square below the gun a weak spot, and lower dpm, that’s it, still strong but you have chance to deal with it, at least.

  14. catalin paraschiv

    f .. this! wargaming should better nerf OP tanks like chieftains and 279, obj 260! and not tanks that are from tech tree
    . Krangvagn is already not so good, so i dont see why they want to want to make it even worse. if wargaming keeps on with this kind bad choices i will soon quit this game.

  15. Instead of nerfing the Kran by giving weak points, they still apply the same stupid nerfing formula they use for everyting. “Lets destroy gun handling and everybody will be happy”. And it causes the opposite, eveybody getting more and more frustrated because RNG just keeps them failing shots. WG when you will listen to your experienced player base?

  16. Kranvagn was my first tier X, I bought it right after the buff but I haven’t played it once since people realized it was stupid broken and I can’t wait to finally sell this boring pos

  17. Making the plate under the gun a weak spot whenever he raises the gun to cover the cupolas, maybe make the cupolas slightly bigger and reduce the dpm is all it would need imo… dont nerf OP tanks to be impossible to play, nerf them to be possible to play against if that makes sense.

  18. Kran is basically a mediocre tank now. With these stats you say goodbye to dpm, snipe shots, sniping at all and quick placement. Seems a little overkill, but we will see

  19. AMX 65 T has actually been something to laugh at since it came. Utterly useless second turret, and i would not play the tank at all.
    But there is many tanks that need buffs….. so many in fact, that you could argue that WG has let powercreep take over too much for too long time. Now almost every tank in tech tree needs buffs. I played T56 vs tier 6 the other day, what is a KV-1s to do against a Skoda T-56 ? Not Much, i can tell you. A tvp TD with 3.8 sec reload and 100 mm HE ? Yes not power creeped at all.
    I actually DO play the tier 9 AMX, while the tier 10 sits in garage….. might need to take it out more if this gets real

  20. I payed 2.5k gold to grind the fuvking skin for 3 weeks and now they gonna nerf the kran, bruh.

  21. So the problem is that more people are figuring out how to use the Kran and it makes the OP Clanwars tanks less relevant? That’s what I’m seeing with these kinds of changes. Have to keep the top clans happy. Right Wargaming?

  22. 0,40????????? 45km/h???? they will not nerf kran, they will literally remove it from game…. who is in charge of these changes hahah, meanwhile S.Conq is ok?
    how should a casual player like myself deal with the chiefs and 279e’s? Kran was literally the only thing i had that actually allowed me to stand my ground against those…

  23. The buff to the french line is really nice, i was waiting for pz.kpfw VII to recieve some love too, since the reload on the frenchie was buffed but sadly nothing :C + i would say the german heavy does not have that much batter armor for it to be considered… arguably the weak spot for that tank is so bad that the tank can be played just frontally and if you play it frontally you get penned to the copula, gun mantlet… just everything. If there will be a buff for it someday i would love for them to fix the gun mantlet so that it cannot be penned like it can now. Atleast one style of play would be viable then.

  24. Evildarke Evildark

    Yeh sure nerf the Kran which make sense (but not this hard one) Where is the Chiften nerf? where is the Early nerf? where is the buff to outdated tanks like Type 4-5/Oho and so on
    So many tanks was needing a change they nerf tanks down to the ground.. 15 less speed? i mean come on are you serious meanwhile mr.chiften yoloing with the some speed if not more -,-

  25. I hear only:
    Bla bla bla…
    ….Wargaming to all players without 279 and Chieftain:
    “Fu*k you all”
    …Bla bla bla…

  26. They actually made/making Kranvagn worse than it’s 1st version lol

  27. I wish they’d buff the Centurion AX

  28. Actually i think they f*ed up the amx more already in my case. I cant stand the big gun, is so unreliable for me (the same happens to me on the e100, im testing the big gun and im doing much worse with it). So, this thing is not a buff, more of a nerf. Ridiculous. So if i need to play this tank, just put the big gun, and spam premium, yay! what we wanted *facepalm*. What about a nerf to the reward ones that break the random mm from time to time 😉

  29. please nerf Chieftain and 279 e next WG. Thx

  30. Those buffs are still insufficient for tier 8-10, nerfs are too big. At least nerfs are not where they should be.

  31. Cool. Just when I get the kran, this happens….

  32. finally my favorite t10 tank is getting love 😀 😀

  33. Nerf for Kranvagn is right but this Nerf is to much. It cripples the tank.

  34. “Second shell” COPIUM

  35. Amx premium ap rounds are still crap at 296… hardly gage the tank what it needed

  36. The speednerf is nice, but I remain unimpressed.
    Why don’t they just give those vehicles a ‘proper’ turret weakspot somewhere.

  37. why dont buff type 5 heavy

  38. Lol tanks but nerf like lol game. Uninstall it already .

  39. Noo, this is a bad nerf, because how would you even fight against chieftains and 279e.i dont want this nerf, because it destroys the whole tree. Pls stop this, otherwise we will eat chiftains with 279e souse

  40. I guess I will just buy a chieftain and laugh at WG’s balance adjustments.

  41. Those nerfs are straight up crazy. I understand that the Kran and Emil II are overtuned and need to be nerfed but this was way way too crazy in my opinion, they will go from one of the top picks at their respective tiers to just another tech tree tank that everyone will forget about in a couple months time

  42. This is a welcome change as far as I am concerned. Tired of 46% ers sitting hull down in there arty skill level Heavies bouncing everything. In particular the Kran. Or your typical Kran purple stat padder camping the back of the map whining at LT’s to spot only for him.

  43. I’m not a heavy tank player, they bore me, so from the point of view of the way I play I don’t really care what they do but …what they need to nerf are the reward tanks. There are few heavy tanks (from the line) that can compete with reward tanks and they are nerfing one of them.
    Not nice

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