Big Map Reworks Coming, Game Changer?! | World of Tanks Update 1.18+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Supertest Map Rework and Balance Changes on Berlin, Karelia, Lakeville, Pearl River, and Murovanka. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Berlin
03:50 Karelia
05:25 Lakeville
08:09 Pearl River
11:18 Himmelsdorf
:45 Murovanka

Siren Screen – Ooyy
Future Yellow – Ooyy
Now – AGST
Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
Two Peas in a Pod (Instrumental Version) – Ooyy
Losing Friends (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hall
Come 2gether – Ooyy

While we can preload the update 1.17 patch, let's talk about the future as well, about some maps wich WG is reworking on the supertest. I am going to cover 6 different maps under rework, so let me know what you think about this I will make sure to share the feedback with the WG guys.


  1. @DezGamez Thx

  2. A lot of theses maps have the additional areas around the edges that could possibly be used. Suggestion: Where possible extend the maps and provide another version of same map ( Small (regular size) Medium and a large size), By extending map size you add game dynamics at minimal cost vrs new map creation. What is suitable for a heavy tank on a regular size map may not be so on a larger size map. What is not suitable for a TD may become TD Heaven on the large map. Reduces getting “Stuck” with an unsuitable tank upon game entry from 50% to 33%. If accepted, please deposit 5,000,000 gold and add 10 years of Premium to my account.

  3. Murovanka – Such urban development with all the new houses and fewer bushes / trees. Expecting to see a Starbucks on the map soon! ( actually, the changes look quite good – especially the first iteration of the potential change to the map ) – TY Dez for update!

  4. social3ngin33rin

    Murovanka changes are HUGE!!!! Like armor meta needed a buff?
    A lot of HUGE map changes coming.

  5. thanks

  6. WG sucks at maps. Almost all the current maps suck and these changes don’t fix broken maps. If WG is reading this, wake the hell up and stop sucking at your job.

  7. Making things faster and faster. Going to completely change the game.
    Hey, I have an idea, why don’t they just introduce lazeing and Javelins’!
    That will make it faster.
    Maybe some MBT’s from the 21st century.
    Nukes! We NEED nukes.
    Nothing too big. Just tactical nukes. Or perhaps the dreaded Neutron bomb. That way the enemy crews will be gone and when you lose your tank all you have to do is have a short cool down and you can jump in the recently vacated enemy tanks.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket!
    Might I also ask, Where the Heck are the NEW maps we have been testing? For Years we have been testing new maps and yet to see one.
    WG are being LAZY or they are letting there “AI” do the job. Which Is easier and seems like the way WG would go.
    As long as WG can collect $$ from premium tanks and time along with creating a bigger ‘sink’ they will most likely never arrive.

  8. none of this matters. they still did not improve Ensk.
    They should increase the amount of maps you get to Block, from 2 to 4. at least!

    • Or….play only the 2 maps that are sub par, at best. If they increased it to 4 you know that it will be highly anticipated by the player base. This is the sad reality of WG’s high level of incompetence. Retard devs are running the show now.

  9. The house changes on Murovanka 2 line are about blocking LoS to typical hv positions from sniper spotter/shooters. They are not about the Side scraping as much (though that will also help). The version with the 2 extra houses each side will definately be better.

  10. Hey WG, How about making maps somewhat tier dependent again. No more tier 3 maps in tier 7 and up tanks? You know the ones.

  11. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Other than the Perl River change in the middle almost all the changes are unnecessary or at least not a priority. The three most imbalanced maps have not been touched yet again and they are probably the easiest to fix. Mines, either ramps for both sides to access the middle or at least make it more balanced so the south team has a better chance of making it up there. Mountain pass, add some cover on the south side crossing so tanks are not exposed for about twice as long of a distance as the north side. Redshire, just raise the terrain so the south side can make it to the zeppelin without getting farmed by snipers in the center.

  12. How does Berlin get changes almost every time yet things like the southside heavy crossing in Redshire still remain

  13. They should make changes to the air feild and mines map those 2 maps are both just unplayable for 1 side

  14. Mines…south spawn….cough.

  15. Google block this mafija game WG fu stupid pay 2 win program

  16. 1:14 News and comedy. How nice.

  17. Game play times, are not going up because of this. Making it a pay to play, has ruined the game. Tanks are what need to be nurfed. It is to late. Cyprus got money drunk, and the addiction will not change. WOT is over as a free to play platform. Sorry to see it go.

  18. I uninstalled the game last week. The addiction that Cyprus has with the money, has destroyed the game. 5 minute game play is the average. and free to play no longer exist. GREED HAS OVERTAKEN THE NEW OWNERS ! Not giving them another red cent. PEACE

  19. Odd, that no changes added to Fjords. Feels like eastern spawn there gets much more wins than eastern spawn.

  20. and they still havent fixed the shit Empire’s Border

  21. when i first saw the changes before your video came i thought to myself: either they hired someone who really deals with balancing who reads maps/forums with the problems of various maps or they took away the vodka and all of a sudden they work again.

    for a long time a major meaningful card balancing update! which was LONG necessary to be completely honest!

  22. about time…. as someone that has played since 2011 and seen a fair few changes…. the maps are getting tiring… and boring. i get the financial model but they always seem to resource new tanks but map dev has sucked over the last 7+ years

  23. They should remove the Assault mode from Redshire map they added last time. I dont want to play that ever again.

  24. Houses on the murovanka are dumb i think

  25. 420FunkyMonkey69

    I would like to see a hybrid of both versions of murovonka, the building of Version A by the hills with the buildings and foliage of Version B. Also Cliff NEEDS to be reworked, the imbalance of Cliff is basically a meme.

  26. I struggle to understand whats going on in WG’s gameplay developement team if changes like these take literally years to come out and even then these are such minuscule and borderline pointless. I could personally come up with a dozen more changes to each map just to freshen them up and not have boring drawn out battles just because everyone has learned the limits of the maps because they played them in the exact same setup for over 5 years. And lets not forget theres a ton more maps that have been left untouched and are totally unfair. WG’s attempts at balance seem very lackluster as if they have 1 person in gameplay team and 99 in tier 8 premium tank design team.

  27. Hey Dez, thanks for the video and het well soon! I like the map changes it keepa the game play dynamic, hopefully. I do not like the base location change, now the push through the forest is encouraged. Because you will always be able to decap. In the past this was a nice strategy that if the enemy team pushed you could always cap and still win. I cannot say if I like or dislike the changes to much, only time will tell

  28. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Which are the less effective vehicles nowadays? Non armored ones. So, no trees means no funking cover. This is just another fucking Grille 15 nerf. Once more a shit pushed over vehicle is nerfed again. Very nice changes for us for whon theey pushed over this piece of shit called Grille 15.

  29. Most of the recent map re-works have been trash imho, I now block Berlin as an example, what was a solid map is now mind numbing, how the F did that change get over the line.

  30. After a week of Frontlines I can say that the maps need to be a bit bigger at the higher tiers. With all the vision, accuracy and light tanks up to t10 we need a bit of space to maneuver.
    Maybe add another 100m to the width of the maps starting with tier 8.

    As for the reworks, the Murovanka version with the houses seems good, the Karelia changes are not enough, Himmelsdorf seems to need a bit more hill tuning for the team on the North. The South can still get safe on the hill while the North still needs to get exposed even if for a tiny bit.
    Lakeville seems a bit meh for the canyon. I still think that the ridge needs flattening or to be turned into a multi passage instead of one big opening. I don’t know how, maybe simulate a land slide that left some big rocks with 3-4 smaller passages between them.
    Berlin… we’ll see.

  31. Once again destroying TD positions in favor of hull down heavies….

  32. I agree with these map changes, they all seem positive. WIth muro, I think option 1 looks more interesting.

  33. Shinyone Incarnate

    I like more bushes & I like more trees. New bigger maps, & a light tank goat. The small maps should be for Tier I thru V.

  34. I think the changes look like they will have a positive impact on gameplay. I prefer the look of prototype A murovanka changes. What would be nice if we got some new maps that were trailed in the past recon events.

    I think wargaming should limit Mines to max tier 7 maybe even lower. The gameplay for higher tiers in the map is not fun.

  35. When will they fix Mines?
    The map is completely broken in the current meta. On team always gets the hill and 90% of the time wins the game. Even worse is the fact that one team has a huge advantage of taking the hill cause it has the shorter way up.

  36. woW. With the exception of maybe lakeville these changes are just laughably pathetic its sad. These maps need TOTAL redesigns but i guess those rocks moving a foot to the left will spice the community up

  37. Hey Dez! I think the changes are okay, we have to try them in the game how they actually work out. Murovanka I would say I prefer the first with the two added houses on both sides.

  38. Berlin is the only map blocked on my account… one of the worst maps in my opinion

    Would like to block seaport, empire’s border, paris & mines but a std account only allows 1 map to be blocked

  39. i dont mind changes to maps, but 75% of changes are not favored for light tank players. Some of the past changes even make me want to be an arty player only. Minsk was the worst changes and Berlin for lights

  40. Murovanka variant A

  41. for Muro, it’s a superbad changement for competitive 7v7

  42. They need to severely limit hulldown places in maps to get out of this boring hulldown meta. Limiting bushes in popular camping spots wouldn’t go amiss either. Maps desperate in need of changes are sand river, fisherman’s bay, mines, airfield, redshire.

  43. Ah yes yes now Berlin is playable, oh wait..

  44. all maps need to be bigger, the tanks move so much faster and have so much more firepower then 10 years aggo

  45. Vlado Pavicevic

    Wg Retaerdi

  46. So no new maps, AGAIN? cheapest laziest changes, AGAIN!
    EDIT: and the most unbalanced maps like Mines are not touched, AGAIN!

  47. The first murovanka is the better option, will finally get rid of those campers…

  48. Still amazed Mines continues to get a rework pass even though its the most blatant unbalanced map

  49. That Lakeville south side going mid was quite harder bcos,north can shoot hulldown.

  50. WG maps are old and obsolete

  51. Really glad they added more spotting lakeville worse side
    The other side has 3-4 good bushes to spot enemy tanks but other side has 2 decent bushes

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