BIG NERFS + 30,000 Gold Giveaway! | World of Tanks EBR 105 and Wheeled Tanks Rebalance

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Source: DezGamez

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Chapters in the video:
00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – WG Message
01:30 – Description of the problems
03:50 – Giveaway announcement
06:21 – Giveaway details
07:20 – Adjusting the Mechanics
10:00 – Example of the rebalance
11:05 – Second set of changes
12:00 – 90 Changes
12:16 – 105 Changes
14:24 – Conclusion

► Information about Wheeled Vehicle Changes from: WG

Today, as my second upload in one I am going to cover one of the most hot topics in 2020 in World of Tanks – Wheeled Vehicles and expected changes or nerfs to them. WG is finally going to share more informations about nerfs or rebalance to the 90 and EBR 105.

On the of that, to celebrate HOT weather with super HOT topic, I am also going to 30,000 super HOT GOLD in this episode! Leave a comment about this topic with your in-game username and server to be able to take part of it!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Second upload of the day, but this super HOT topic needs to be covered ASAP, even when I am on my little “vacation”. 🔥❤
    ⛔ PS! Do not forget to add your in-game Username and Server as well into the comment to be able to win your piece from the Gold Pie! ⛔
    Chapters in the video:
    00:00 – Introduction
    01:20 – WG Message
    01:30 – Description of the problems
    03:50 – Giveaway announcement
    06:21 – Giveaway details
    07:20 – Adjusting the Mechanics
    10:00 – Example of the rebalance
    11:05 – Second set of changes
    12:00 – EBR 90 Changes
    12:16 – EBR 105 Changes
    14:24 – Conclusion

    • Răzvan Partebună

      Hahaha thats too much???
      When you hit the wheels with a calibre bigger than 150 the wheel should fly XD

    • Not good enough, the central wheels are pretty much never used, but they will remain a super shield absorbing shells, with 0 impact on the characteristics…literally any of these top replays I’ve never seen a single person switch away from speed mode.

    • Djordje Stevanovic

      EBR is nerf best think in game in 2020 year

    • I think that big changes are indeed needed to wheeled vehicles , especially the the ebr , its just too fast , too hard to hit and just dominates way too much , for the good of the game overall and the player experience something has to be done quickly & i do believe it needs stronger nerfs , its just no fun to go up against whatsoever ever because you know its so easy to play in this vehicle and do very well , PowerHouseGtwitchtv on EU server , and thankyou for the opportunity at a whopping 30k gold !

    • Nerfs are a joke. They’ll still haunt the maps and be annoying AF. Wheelies should be deleted and later re-introduced into WoT as the weakest and the most challenging to play class. In that way they’d be played mostly by very experienced and the best players.

  2. Username: tva14
    Server: EU
    Make the tracks great again

  3. I think the changes a required but i dont thibk they should have waited so long it do it

    Server NA

  4. Username : master3590
    Server : EU
    Im so happy about the nerf, becuz I couldn’t shoot the wheel vehicles with my 35fps pc

  5. Username: Millenium_Earl
    Server: EU

    why still not fix this immortal protection weels they are fare more broken then the rest they nerf,
    in my “unluckiest” match i played t95 and strait hitted ebr 105 with gold for 5 direkt hits, result 0 dmg dealt

  6. 15:45 Croque Monsieur🇫🇷🥪

  7. Username: 451208
    Server: NA
    About time these whipper snappers slowed down, there are children about.
    Won’t somebody think of the children? Lol.

  8. Username: soul2fly
    Server: EU
    You must be able to do damage to the wheels.

  9. I want the wheels to stop when hit they are hard enough to hit

  10. username: haloo0311
    server: EU

  11. Charles-Antoine Bussière

    I think that this is going to be a good first step. Their mobility was just too strong, now it should at least be a bit easier to kill them. We’ll see how it will affect the games then we’ll see if it was enough or not to balance them. Hope that it will be enough, cause they are unpleasant to play against at this point.
    Username : cab_
    Server : NA

  12. Tuấn Anh Trần

    Username: Swarecrazy
    Server: Asia
    It should affect wheel vehicle more than that, like a slight turn or lost of dynamic when take a shot for example 🙁

  13. username : LcF_2014
    server : EU
    for sure ABR shold be nerfed in speed, its almost imposible to hitt in a move

  14. Username: hanswurstkenobi
    Server: EU
    can`t wait to see these changes come live…

  15. Omega English Channel

    I love it. No more cancerous wheeled car. But then I’m still worried about wheels that absrobe big ass shells damage. They need to be fixed too.
    username: saiphun987TH
    server: asia, Hong Kong.

  16. Username : Yan_le_tanker
    NA server
    I think these nerf are a good start, but there is another huge problem : they are, and will stay, powerful light tank killer. Other light tank cna’t do anything in close combat. Aand a alot of maps are either small or city, so these close fights will happens. EBRs will pen with their HE all the time. Other lights will either miss or have their absorbed in the wheels…
    My german lights are played very rarely because of that.. I still love them, but their potential was lowered since the wheelies came into the game…

  17. I am so glad they are needing the EBRs there are countless times where I hit a shot but it’s a critical hit bcs the wheels are stronger than bedrock IGN: cs_warrior_fighter

  18. Username: lusiferj
    Server: EU

  19. This nerf is definitely a step forward BUT I personally would like to see them removed since I’m not the best LT player and doing missions with EBR’s no matter what team they are in sucks.
    Username: DARTvader2004
    Server: EU
    Edit: a mistake

  20. tabehodai server NA . we need more wheelies

  21. glad they are going to be doing something. Pooch U.S server

  22. I LOVE those changes, looks like its time for Payback Ebr😏

    Server: EU

  23. I think we have to wait till the improvements are here but I hope it will decrease the overpowerness of the wheeled tanks.

  24. Thx for doing giveaways but Plarium is the biggest bag of dogshit. Still waiting on T32 pen buff on Ap.
    Server: EU
    Name: SoulFighter300

  25. Thats not enough at all, the only real nerf is the the fucking wheels now actually have some impact on its speed.


    And as for the slight mobility and gun handling nerf? what a joke. If they go from 95 to 91 nothing will change at all in 99 cases out of the 100. The same applies for the gun handling. Now you either hit one of its wheels and it becomes the old ferrari or you don’t hit it at all and is literally just as cancerous to play against.

    And considering it can still turn like full retard at 91, hitting this thing is still not easy and it will just mean that the ebr’s will play a little bit more catious but are still as cancer to play against as ever.

    Not to even talk about the absolute bullshit that center of mass shots don’t slow it down, while other tanks can get tracked that way. Like you either score a non penetration hit and slow it down, which gives you 0 reward for your effort. Or you hit it square on but it gets to stay the epitome of cancer in the battle.

    Motorcycles don’t belong it a fucking tank game.

  26. Wheeled vehicles created a new meta! However, they didn’t diversify gameplay but pushed it to a new monotone extreme. Nerf was long overdue! Server: EU username: krokodile_dun_dee

  27. Still waiting for arty changes but I’m sure we have another 3 lines pop up, be op, get complained about and get nerfed. Enjoy your videos in the meantime!

    NA server

  28. Username: Kiril1512
    Server: EU
    EBR need the aim nerf and make it like a FV aim so it can only shot very close distance.

  29. username: Capitan_Bart_Boss
    I think this changes will bring more balance to the game, but on the other side speed is the only thing that makes wheeled tanks unique so nerfing it will make them useless and nobody will play them

  30. mucha201 EU In my opinion those changes should be made a long time age. Some battles are literally unplayable cuz of those tanks.

  31. They need to reduce their traverse speed and auto-aim….
    Actualy… remove them from the game overall…
    Name: Danu_sorin
    Server: EU

  32. username: Bear773
    server: EU
    I think bit more nerfs will be needed for those…

  33. depends how will it be executed

  34. Username: Ronin_Kitsune
    server: EU

    I think its a good start to finally nerf a premium tank.

  35. username: shanne
    server: eu
    I really like your videos

  36. Username: jordan25
    Server: EU
    I really like the nerf I just hope this will be enough to balance them

  37. its a start lol ign firehundretyv server eu

  38. I hope they don’t nerf the speed too much, I need it for TTRs
    IGN: Guest666_666

  39. castrate theses mario-cars..myusername : fettbullette from e.u.-server

  40. Username:tnovyklev
    Server: EU
    I think it is good that they nerf EBR, other tier 10 lights didn’t have a chance againts them.

  41. I don’t mind the wheeled vehicles, but really needing the top tier wheelies’ mobility will help one-shotting them with an FV 4005.

    IGN: Lunenberg
    Server: NA

  42. Those changes are not enough.
    username: shelar
    server: EU

  43. Michael Levenberg

    Thanks, Dez, GREAT NEWS! In-game name: AntonioAndolini; Sever: NA. I’d also like to see WOT limit the number of wheeled tanks to ONE PER TEAM. Thanks for your content.

  44. name: ccorpse

    Wheeled cars become wheelchairs.

  45. pantelis Mestousis

    Username: asteroid_1974 Give to the wheels 380mm. Gun 😂😂😂

  46. To be honest, I am glad that the EBR nerf is not massive, in the way past nerfs have completely ruined vehicles. I agree that reducing the effectiveness of the HE round would have been good, but it will be good to evaluate the changes for a while, and then to decide if more is needed. The EBRs are a lot of fun to play, and I hope they never nerf them as hard as they did the Foch 155, T110E5, and so on. I do wish they would give the British light tanks a big boost, they are just so useless.

    MorningNapalm EU

  47. This guy has made my jobs in previous clans as an intelligence officer much simpler. Personally, I don’t think it is a point people need to stress. Some tanks are OP and should be taken down as a unit and not as a solo hero. Real warfare is about tactics and teamwork. I hate the EBR line, but I helped a few of my buddies up the ladder so I can tell how it normally goes.
    When the turbine polish comes, there will be a line of hate for it as well, so it’s just natural that tanks get nerfed for being op at their designs.

    I’m kinda sad about it since that is what I told my friends that the reward was, a fast, uncatchable combat vehicle to teach arrogant players to not solo the battle.

    Username: PanzarJager14
    Server: NA
    much love to the community and hope to battle you soon.

  48. Long awaited changes finally 🙂
    Server EU
    Username: Ser_Peter

  49. Yeah it was about time to nerf those hyperspeed wheelchairs xd

    IGN: Cedeman
    Server: Eu

  50. Username : Mask93
    Server : SEA
    They need to nerf damage to 320 probably . Less HE pen , it is punishing weaker light tank .

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