BIG NEW FEATURE 🔴 Field Modification | World of Tanks Field Modification New Equipment System

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Field Modification 2021 – New Equipment Loadout Feature. World of Tanks Sandbox Test Server 2021. 1.14+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 What is it? Trailer Reaction and Commentary
13:30 How it works?
16:00 ST-II Example
19:45 Example
21:20 Conclusion

Today they release quite a news out of nowhere, about upcoming new feature in World of Tanks called Field Modification. It is currently on the server, but today I am going to share first about it.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. At first I am going to show you full introduction about this and then later in the video I will try to explain everything + doing couple test builds!
    Check it out and please, tell me what you think – this could be very big…
    00:00 Introduction
    01:00 What is it? Trailer Reaction and Commentary
    13:30 How it works?
    16:00 ST-II Example
    19:45 M48 Patton Example
    21:20 Conclusion

    • Didn’t WG “simplify” the TechTree because it is TOO COMPLEX for the Players … and now they do introduce this?

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      Casual players are just fodder for WG’s select streamers.

    • What the hell is gonna happen to the clown car lines eh? They gonna revolt? then have mercy for the rookie ppayers and the freshmen.

    • I still find it a bit iffy because its not yet set in stone what counterbalancing with go happen with the stats. but if I look at some tanks I like to play
      – Object 705A: gonna get even more HP/Armor and and even more accurate gun (this I like ofcourse) but they will also become next to impossible to deal with, specifically with this HE change f*ckup and more lethal when you would face them, I reckon.
      – JPZ100: Accuracy and speedboost, sounds like you’d set up shop somewhere and start the annihilation… imagine this on ruinberg
      – Bisonte/Progetto 66: If they can properly boost their accuracy then we have yet another OP spaghetto on our hands, and think of it, if this makes a Bisonte good, guess what it’ll do with a Spaghetto or Bourrasque.
      – Object 268 V4: the possibilities on this one are gonna be wicked.
      – Tiger II: One of my favs and this could become really interesting to do some slight customizing of this baby.

      BUT: looking at what the current meta is, the state of tank balancing and the extremes we’re looking in certain cases, I am very sceptical if this is gonna be nice as it sounds.
      Basically this’ll only enhance the devides betwen the strong and weak.

    • @Skorpion Hohoho Wicked indeed.

  2. Bye world of tanks

  3. Tanks GG : ahh, big task

  4. Anonymous Coward

    make the game easier for the best players and fuck everyone else.

  5. The powercreep marches on.
    I don’t like that and I don’t need it.
    There are so many things that would be more important to fix.
    But no; lets screw new players more over and force them to pay money to play slightly decent successful.

  6. From an arcadic tank game to a magic game, to switch loadout in battle might be convenient but its bullshit, you should have to at least go back to your base/spawn to do that.

  7. Airinei Lucian Ionut

    Great now i can mount another turret on my is 4

  8. wE wAnNa MaKe ThE gAmE eAsYeR… fken joke… and if you wg are so generous and wanna give us players the ability to fine tune our tanks do it for free… not another pay wall. unlocked shit does not even remain unlocked… ASSHOLES !!!

  9. EBR be like : gas gas gas

  10. I don’t get what is there to be happy about. This will be coming after Crew 2.0 – the idea hasn’t been dropped. They apparently trying to balance the horrible tank performance after the idiocy of the new skill tree.

  11. So, when you drop on a map, see your place in the tiers, decide to go with alternate equipment configuration, it automatically expends a demount kit or 10 gold, right? Revenue stream right there.

  12. Gotta love an EBR in BBQ mode

  13. GG WG, lets add more things that are P2W! As if we did not have more than enough of this shit! F2P players will soon be like bots for the amusement of P2W players. What? Next update you will make goldspammers immune to standard ammo so we cannot kill your wallet warriors?

  14. This will just widen the gap between tanks/players with less experience earned or applied to them. It will also add even more Rng to the game and reduce the benefit of learning about the tanks in as much as you never know what load out someone has so you are just guessing at where they will go, the role they will play and reload times, speed, camo, view range etc.

    I had a tiers 6 to 8 game last week where our team had 45k battles (I was 15k of those) and the enemy team had 215k between them. Needless to say it did not end well, we lost 2-15 in less than 4 mins. IMO there is way more important things in the game that need fixing instead of adding layers and layers of complexity that no one asked for.


  16. I like the idea! Most of it looks pretty good! It will make +/-2 MM even more painful for the low tiers though and life harder for new players.

  17. Laimonas Matelis

    It’s a bit bad design that T6s will have disadvantage having less modifications fighting against fully upgraded T8s. Hope they will balance it out.

  18. The grind on this game gets worse every year

  19. Michael Robinson

    I fixed the error in the WG intro for this patch….

    “Every player has their favourite tank… their 1st tier 10…. which we – WG – have royally Fu#$ed with power creep and new vehicle spam to milk you for cash and leaving your favourite tanks sucking harder than a hooker pulling a bowling ball through a garden hose” ….

  20. i quit playing last week. useless changes last time only. boring. why to play. why so solve and learn useless things always. its for hardcore players only, not for low time players.

  21. if expected football event and they bring new shhhit 🙂 bye.

  22. So…..they actually want FASTER 15 – 0 games? Good lord….just imagine the new player who has been playing for an hour with his stock tank and 50% crew up against dudes with 20K + games with all these swap outs and fully trained crews……ouch.

  23. Michael Robinson

    These could be a massive credit sink across the hundred + veh many have but if you have favourites and stick the them this is really nice flexibility that isn’t behind a ridiculous paywall.

  24. Rubicon 3.0

  25. Wow, this will absolutely increase the gap between f2p players and paying players. I like the idea but why add so much extra cost in xp and credits just to fuck up “normal” players even more? This seems like the perfect opportunity for wargaming to make even more money. What comes next, improved customization without negative effects for just 500 gold?

  26. I like this. It’s a tradeoff.

  27. Dez do ebr. You can make it so OP

  28. More diffrence between experienced/older players and new players, we will have even faster battles, oh my…………

  29. Exp, cash, cash and cash.
    This is a cash grab directed at players.
    You want to play on same level as others? Pay us for exp and credits to unlock those functions, or grind, and grind, and grind, until you die.
    Sigh. F2P and P2W, and maybe you will have nice experience playing, if we give you nce RNG.

    Two load outs will be useful, but this promote old and reach players even more.

    Ehs… Good job WG. You made another thing that segregate players.

  30. In general this seems like something pretty cool, nevertheless some concerns arise at the same time. For example, all while I totally appreciate to be able to accelerate a slow tank and improve it’s traverse, I have a bit mixed feeling about the current meta in which we seem to go every time faster and this on maps which have been designed in the old days where a tank going at 55 or 60 was a rocket light, now we will have some heavy’s faster then this. Furthermore as good as it looks for the higher tier players, I think lower tier player specially tier 4and 5’s will have a very hard time and probably not enjoy their game experience when facing fully upgraded tier 6, and the tier 6 players can even configure a special “low tier slaughter” loadout and with a simple click bring havoc on the battlefield giving the lower tier players an express ticket to the garage.
    So yes, the idea is great, and will bring some more diversity into the game, but I think it needs careful fine tuning not to frustrate new players and not to worsen the situation of tier 4,5,6,7 battles which already suffer by the nearly permanent 3 arty per game situation and way to big disparities in performance in +2/-2 battles.

  31. I hope this is pointing towards +1/-1 MM. The pref premiums have been buffed and outdated premiums are getting buffed so hopefully this means there is no reason to have +2 MM.

  32. The Elite status part for tree vehicles was my idea. Discussed it thoroughly with Dwight from WG himself. I’ve quit the game, but glad to see they’ve taken the idea into consideration. lol

  33. Ok, this is actually good

    Not like that stupid HE change

  34. Id rather see WG focus on MM. After 7 years playing MM is worse. Dont care how OP a tank is, a 40% win rate will keep your tank in the garage. Period!! Or atleast less focus on win-rate & more focus on battle efficiency!! Losing sucks & is game is starting to lose me!!

  35. so good luck on spending credits ….

  36. On paper, this looks like very promising but wait and see..

  37. Are you going to need to pay for both equipment sets separately?

  38. Imagine prioritizing the overall balance of the game instead of adding new “features” to help veteran tankers.
    3 SPG per team, OP Premiums, powercreep premiums that are way better than their tech tree counterpart, the never implemented premium/gold shell balancing. I DON’T KNOW man, there are a lot of problems that currently exist in the game and we don’t need any more unnecessary features that give an edge to veteran tankers.

    It may seem like a good idea on paper but the fact that their using the pre-battle loading to do such things just means they didn’t consider the players that have low-end PCs that take them more than half of the pre-battle to even load in. It’s already a flawed feature with a major problem from the very beginning.

  39. Wg don’t know their game anymore.

  40. People are not buying equipment anymore – lets make them buy five or six equipments for 1 tank and if they share their equipment between tanks – thats extra gold from them.

  41. kind of good stuff, kind of throwing in more RNG-ish stuff, since you already have no idea what against you actualy fight with current modules and such, but I like it isnt just adding since it takes something back on choosing

  42. I think this is cool and all but do we really need this?

  43. Some changes look cool, some not so much. Some even game breaking.
    But just in case I disabled the accelerated training for now.
    Having said that, since ebr came into the game and broke matchmaking even more than it was before I am playing WoT way way less than I used to.
    Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  44. this will make the EBR 105 even faster(not much, but still faster) as if it wasn’t already fast enough. goes from 95km/h top speed, to 97km/h, can get better accuracy while moving, and stationary. Oh, and it can also take less stun, and less HE damage as well. so, it will make SOME vehicles ridiculously OP. also the T95/FV4201 will take less HE damage. that combined with the next patch that makes it easier to avoid arty will make it OP(as if it wasn’t already.) 279(e) becomes more of a medium tank with regards to mobility/top speed, with a 4km/h top speed increase and a 5% engine power increase, before we take into account things that boost engine power and top speed in game already.

  45. It’s a shame that the model of the vehicle is still the same… I would like to see that those fields modification could be seen. It needs to like: better traverse > wider tracks

  46. Totally unnecessary change and feature, it will just speed up games even more.

  47. These morons are killing the game with their broken prems;) keep doing so dumbs = decents players are leaving and later the bad ones as well tired of losing streaks ;0

  48. One more nail to the WoT coffin!

  49. Are WG trying to kill casual and new players?

  50. Looks like WG problems and players problems are not matching.

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