BIG NEWS, Get Object 780 in New Assembly Shop Event | World of Tanks Assembly Shop

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 780, New Tier 10 Reward Soviet Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Assembly Shop Event Guide.

Just one week ago I made an episode about the upcoming Object 780, which was spotted on the live . Nobody knew how it is going to be released, until today. It will be the pioner vehicle in the new event called Assembly Shop.

What do you think about all of this?


  1. Total waste of resources… Each to his own I guess..

  2. damn why you can use blueprints only up to 36% of total price

    • you can use everything to max it out, they just showed what is possible
      these are my Calcs:
      55000 Gold
      100Mil Credits
      40K Bonds
      800K Free EXP
      or a bunch of Blueprints

    • Because lots of people have lots of unused blueprints

  3. I want it but it’s very expensive and limited

  4. Visa! MasterCard! Charge!!!

  5. Is7 is still the best

  6. It’s refundable so it’s okay I guess. WG need way to sink resources from the economy and a rare tank is an alright way to do it — although I hope it’s not an OP tank, I haven’t checked the details.

  7. Well I’ll be at work and will probably miss the chance to get it if it’s a limited amount

  8. Ok, this is a huge hook for whales, 180 Euros. Lmao

  9. I’ll skip this one. I’m poor

  10. so they are giving 15.000 free t10 premium tanks for anyone??? that doesnt seem like WG

  11. Fidelikusz János

    Hi dez like a week ago or so i have met a chieftain p in one of my match i screenshotted it.

  12. looks like all i have is up to 60%, so i guess I’m not getting it sadly.

    It looks OP, im not really looking forward to it, hopefully it has some actual weaknesses

  13. Just did the math on my account – can only muster 50%, so it’s not worth bothering I guess. Not gonna wave my wallet at WG.

  14. This seems like the first step to just selling tier X to players.

  15. Jasper van Houdt

    I’ve spotted 3 chieftain proto’s in the last 2 weeks so far

  16. alejandrozapataq

    Welcome nft tank

  17. P2w coming pay more money guys just paid im out =D

  18. Denzel Cockschinken

    which time is server restart?

  19. I don’t like the fact u put in front that is more convenient to convert gold in free XP. You know that will be a lot users pending for this… So if You are out of the 50k tanks u remain with the free XP not with the gold which You already converted. Very Smart wargaming.

  20. Honestly i know quite a few ppl who already got 400-500M credits, over 2-3M free exp. 55k tanks to grab… my guess is, its gone within 5minutes.

  21. 50k thats the whole na server at best

  22. lol Asia doesn’t even have 15,000 ppl playing right now. Plus this seems like a pretty cheap way of currency retrieval.

  23. Not excited! I was playins S Conq and I found one of those on the battlefield. I can only say yummy yummy. I think it is very situational and not as strong as they present it. The main selling point is those numbers for the first 15k tanks. Have a great day Dez! Peace!

  24. I rather spend my stuff on techtree tanks :/

  25. I can afford it easily, it’s very easy to build up resources in WoT, but I’m struggling to see a reason to get it. (Not helped by the fact on live, beta AND the WoT’s stat page are showing all different stats) I look at it’s armour and I see a tank that is so tall in the hull that it presents a big 200mm weakspot if it goes hulldown, it’s front does the angle to the side junk so you can’t sidescrape and even on level ground it presents 2 weakspots. Also because it’s bounce focused armour instead of thickness, you’ll get nothing for damage blocked as well.

  26. man looks like i cant get it…no free xp, BPs or gold

  27. I would have considered buying it – but that 3 member crew is a major turn off for me. It means that I would have to train a new crew (or at least a commander and a gunner)

  28. I want that juicy 6969 on ma tank but i prob wont get it

  29. I see tier 2 players “buying” their first tier 10 tank.

  30. Is it only me, or this is insanely expensive?

  31. Gotta drain resources before crew 2.0 where they can be used by whales to make max crews in 5 minutes of release

  32. Don t buy gold and convert today in freexp. You may risk to spent money on useless free XP If You are not quick enough to get a tank.

  33. Woaw WG !!!!!.,.. Great video Dez

  34. Third event like this this year. I don’t play tier X tanks much. Very expensive tank for me a free to play player. I will really have to think about it since I can get three Tier 8 premium tanks from the bond shop for less than this tank, and those tanks while not meta are far far more useful for me as a free to play player. Again this is the third event like this this year and we are not even half way through the year yet.

  35. it’s crazy the incalculable amount of resources you need to have to get item 780. it’s impossible.

  36. 001 is for ultimate chad

  37. @Bodorin Romica you can convert it premium days after

  38. Funny how once I’m outta town on vacation this pops up I hope I can get one

  39. The tank look intresting, but gold nerfs everything

  40. The only that is going to be in my way of “buying” this tank is the fact that I am working till 5 pm.

    P.S: there are no reviews so that kinda sucks

  41. @DMO OMD u can convert free XP in premium days?? For sure no

  42. U can convert with gold exp into free xp and will only cost 32.000gold with 25 exchange rate

  43. Jon .knallpistol

    Milking done right 🙂

  44. would really love to get 1 or 69 for obvious reasons.

  45. WG- We want your money

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