BIG NEWS, Results from Sandbox Test | World of Tanks 2.0 New Balance Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Big Update, New Balance, New Ammo, Rebalance, Tech Tree Rebalance, HE Ammo Rework, Rewards Tanks, Collector Tanks, New Statistics, Personal Mission changes and more! World of Tanks Update 2.0 Patch Sandbox Test Server Results.

► [Sandbox Results] New Balance official article: https://.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/

World of Tanks 2.0 New Balance first full sandbox testing is over!

This is probably the biggest change World of Tanks is ever seen in a single patch, even compared to the World of Tanks 1.0… This actually may be a time for a World of Tanks 2.0.

After 10 days of testing, they have come up with first answers and results.


  1. There definitely is a lot of positive feedback, sounds like they are listening to the community with this test and article…
    … or should I take my tin-foil hat out? What do you think?

  2. Making Arty balanced is not just a matter of shelltypes.
    WG should do what Armored warfare did in the beginning, when they literally COPIED World of Tanks, and left all the bad things out.

    Arty had a 20 econd Clip reaload, mostly 3 Rounds in the Clip, could switch between HE Clip and special ammunitions (Smoke, Luminous) with a 5 second delay while keeping the clip, every Shell at T10 with a maximum of 3400 Hitpoints on a Main Battle Tank did anything from 120 – 250 dmg with a reasonable accuracy but a relatively high delay between shot and hit.

    That made Artillery a useful, resonably strong and Teamplay focused Class that had to stay on its toes due to Counter Artillery fire made easy by pinging the position of any Artillery shot on the minimap without rendering the tank.

    Even if you couldn´t counter artillery yourself, you could always light it up with Luminous Shells fo Scouts or Light tanks to take it out for you.
    That was fun an ACTUALLY engaging gameplay.

  3. It was taking 3 mins to find the arty line on a tech tree, thanks to wargamint my teeth are white and fresh like a baby butt.

  4. Honestly I think about 50% of the player base simply whines too much. Why the heck people crying about premium ammo ‘” dealing too much damage”. Who cares? If you want premium buy it. If you don’t want to use it, stop getting yer panties in a bunch because others do use it.

  5. Since when does the jgdpz e100 do 1310 damage?

  6. Maybe no hp buff, and finally give us +1 -1? Just a thought

    • WG already said +-1 mm was considered but the numbers only make it viable on the RU server and just barely viable on the EU during prime time, it is not viable for any other servers because of the low player count

    • @LewdHawk low player count is a bad excuse, I’d rather wait a few extra seconds and get a game worth playing then be thrown in a game that’s gonna last less than 5 mins anyday

    • Brandon Whaley it wouldn’t be a few seconds especially for lower tiers

  7. Can you stop calling it WoT 2.0?

  8. More power creep to help mitigate alllll of the premium tanks they keep dumping. Buy a tank it is a monster. They give you or reward for participation and it is a piece of junk..

  9. PARA-DIME Dez 😛

  10. Hi Dez, this is good to hear about the HE rounds not to be changed but we are still waiting forTiger 2, E100, IS4, T110E5, T54 mod 1, T44, AMX 65t and many such old tanks need to be buffed and shown love. Apparently for the Wargaming ” Old Is Not Gold And Always To Be Sold ” is this true!!! ????

  11. Thorough is pronounced therr-row

  12. Still screwing over the Jumbo Sherman

  13. Namegoeshere Orhere

    TBH I was looking forward to the tier 6 to 10 tanks being made into pseudo-premiums. Don’t need to train up a second crew for the 113 and can use my BC 25t crew in the AMX’s. Although losing the derp Jumbo and KV-13 kind of sucked although the KV-13 would have made a decent crew trainer since it is a better tank with the 85mm, just not as fun.

    • Namegoeshere Orhere too bad the BC and the 30/30B crew lay outs are entirely different, I looked at doing the same. It’s not like you can just add a crew member or something either, the entire crew load out is different.

  14. The AP rounds damage increase is pointless like the higher hp pool for tier 8 and higher the only thing is what i think is the fv4005 and the fv 215b 183 i think do need less Hesh damage becuase for tier 8 tabk it is very unfair for those tanks to one shot you with out having an chance in the game against those vehicles in the games the other thing that very important is the gold ammunition i personally think WG needs to further decrease the hp dmg so players will have a better equal change fighting the higher skilled players i personally think gold rounds should be 30-50% less in effective damage then AP rounds becuase free to play players like my self cannot have fun when there is so many other players spamming all gold all the time and being very unfair to players like i that is my in sight for the game at the moment

  15. I feel like arty should be more of a support role, less dmg, more stun. Maybe give them smoke shells that are capable of creating smoke screens for some time and cutting off field of view. Smoke off enemy spotters etc.

  16. paradigm is pronounced pair-a-dime

  17. Premium rounds having lower damage but higher pen than standard works in WoT Blitz

  18. Paradigm==para-dime

  19. para-dime….

  20. apparently its pronounced “para dym”

  21. Any nerf to arty is welcomed by most players. I hate arty just like majority of players. WG, please limit arty to one per team.

  22. About freaking time they tried to listen! …now we just need them to respond to the joke of a Black Market (especially on NA) and what they plan to do about that.

  23. What is this? Who is this? What have they done to WG? Something must be really wrong, they suddenly started to listen to the players? I’m scared, I want the old WG back (no I really don’t)…

  24. i just want my old arty ap shells back!

  25. When licking the windows the WGguys can’t see their fingers therefore they can’t do any counting.
    Paradigm-speak: Paradaim

  26. Paradigm is pronounced Par-Eh-Dim (Dim “I” is like eyeball) thanks for the video

  27. Fun fact: this article, with the test feedback results, came out BEFORE i had my chance to fill the survey at the end of the 10 days test !

  28. What about the wheeled vehicles ? Any news? In the first article they released they mention of making a ” special MM” for those vehicles ?!!

  29. for arty , it is actually better to switch the current standard (low damage, stun) as special ammo, and the special ammo (slight higher damage, no stun) to standard , which should be the same as they are working with standard ammo being more damage-lower pen and special being higher pen-lower damage

  30. A return of the weakspots would help… Gunners hatch, commander hatch,…

    It used te be fun to learn these weaks spots. But now learning = press the 2 key…

  31. Good morning Dez, nice video and very good analysis.
    I missed the Training Room too. Since we had a mirror of our main account we could have made direct comparison using the live server first and doing the same on the test server. That would have been real testing.

    For arty-ammo first WG has to adjust the prices of the special-no stun-granades, second they should just increase the splash radius (not just +1 m but maybe +5 m since the damage decreases very much from the impact point).
    For the new tech tree:
    *they removed all low tier derp guns. By removing them from the vehicle (Cruiser II) or removing the vehicle (T40, Hetzer). With HE-penetration back these derp guns are back in normal use and will change the low tier gameplay to some extend.
    *playing low tier arty was most bad since usually you don´t start your tier 2 with 100% crew (the German tier 2 is/was horrible). I think TDs and arty should start at tier 4.
    *Additionally I would like 2 lines to grind from tier 2 (light tanks and medium tanks) for the “main nations”.
    *AND WG has to make better adjustments to the vehicles they move up or down the tiers. Until now they just increased/decreased the HP or removed a top gun. But vehicles that move up a tier kept their armor and weapons (SU-76M, Covenanter) and vehicles that moved down are now … OP? Like the Valentine… nearly bad light tank at tier 4 (-1/+2 MM) but on tier 3 (+/-1 MM) with 60 mm armor and the 6-pounder gun it is more like a heavy tank. Just compare it to the premium Valentine II.

  32. Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg

    Biggest hit is actually the Cruiser Mark II, currently it can use the derp but in the test server, it can’t 🙁

  33. I don’t mind if they change the derp guns since they are rather easy to play. However, the ideas they had were just too harsh. They have to be a little more moderate with the nerfs.

  34. WHY DON´T WG JUST ARRANGE A VOTE INGAME?? If they want the opinion of majority… JUST ASK!!

  35. It would make me Happy if they would REMOVE artas from the Game. Not “balance” them. Artas can’t be Balanced. Why? Becuse you can stay safe in the corner of the map, while clicking all over the place, without being concirned of getting killed… Tell me how u can call that as “balanced”

  36. This is a great example of the kind off Stockholm syndrome or whatever WG has worked in to their players. They do shit 90% of the year, then they say one reasonable thing and oops, the angry mob go back to being loyal zombies. Let’s not forget how this is not the first time they say something smart after fucking up for so long, and remember that they are still pieces of shit after all they said. Don’t bother folk, this game’s not getting better, WG is not gonna wake up and make good decisions, stop having hope.

  37. gold rounds should cost less … or standard more?

  38. still waiting for my premium days

  39. what community ??? wg community???

  40. Here’s how I will fix the HE. shells. Increase the Damage but allow HE shells to bounce off of angled armor by Taking away the shell normalization mechanic to them. So people won’t be able to spam HE and expect damage regardless of how thick the armor the HE Shell hits. If you have to increase the armor penetration equal to the caliber of the gun that is fired from to do so. This will make T49 and Sheridan’s 152mm gun better to use and reduce its dispersion from .55 to .40 and reduce its aim time down to 2 or 1.6 seconds. The KV2 still gets to keep its BS durping club. Hesh should remain the way it is currently but be able to bounce off of armor like the HE shells. So Aiming is required than just point and shoot.

  41. Thanks God. They are nerfing that fv4005. Not balanced tank at all.

  42. You introduce several OP vehicles to the game and you know it.
    Everyone complains.
    Next thing, you do everything in this world, spend tones of time and resources as to come up with the idea to mitigate that OPness.
    However, one thing you dont do, you dont nerf those vehicles.
    This, in a nut shell, is simply an incredible stupidity and pathologic stubborness. Never seen such a raw idiotism.
    Limit arty to one per game and dont require arty for the missions (give them some sort of bonus if they use it but dont make it a must).
    Nerf Chiefftain, 279, V4, Maus… Give them obvious frontal weakspots that could be penned with AP.
    For Gods sake reduce the speed of the EBR, remove that “auto-auto aim” and make them actualy hittable and not “imortal-but-just-wheel-damage freaks”.
    Reduce the damage of the 4005 and 183, those are the most hidious appearanceses in the game, one shotting for 2000 dmg is single most unfear and ubnormal thing in the game.
    Leave evrything else as it is and stop introducing 21 century cars into the vintage truck competiition.

  43. Wonder if they’ll buff the tanks with completely subpar pen/handling. Best example t32, 198mm pen isn’t bad bad, but too slow make use of flanking, and gun handling doesn’t allow to aim for weak points if there are any. Can’t make use of what it has. Rather fight in vk45.02a, has twice the mobility capacity, far better hull armor, turret is weaker but strong enough and gun may only have 200mm pen but has enough handling actually make use of it, plus being a heavy medium can flank to use it.

  44. Wanna know a joke, i did testing too did the survey, got the medal but nö promised Premium Account time for doing it

  45. They could have solved most issues pretty easily. Special ammo fine as it was in test, HE keeps penetration value but less damage when doesn’t penetrate (to get rid of HE spam) and SPG does less damage but stun with normal ammo, current damage with the special shell but reduce cost for it, and higher accuracy with the AP/HEAT shells to make them viable.

  46. So, they learned nothing… There are only 3 things they have to do to make the game more enjoyable for everyone:

    1. Cap the amount of gold shells one can carry in battle (e.g. 10% of total tank capacity). Players will think twice before spamming gold.

    2. Limit the number of artillery and wheeled to 1 per team in each battle. I think this will satisfy everyone.

    3. Change nothing else.

    P.S.: the tech tree rework BS is useless.

  47. 12:30 that is not fair for players who already spent time to research them

  48. the legend says if Dez hearts my comment, world of tanks will become a way better game

  49. Great!! Just bought 2 new tier9 Arty……the game is about inclusion if certain vehicles are in the game then they should be effective. The March of Power Creep of heavy tanks and OP reward tanks needed addressing. Another Nerf on Arty plus taking the fun yes Fun outta lower tier Derp guns was insane the name of the game is World of tanks…..not OP top tier heavy reward tanks. You have to cater for all players not just stat padding Unicom etc. Some people play the tanks etc for FUN……remove that might as well remove the game entirely.

  50. We need to believe this might be the first time WG will listen to their community. Don’t lose hope for them but stay vigilant, Dez!

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