Big or Little Gun in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing the Borsig and asking the question: which is the best gun?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. I stick to the 128mm because of the better penetration. Most times I am facing big tanks frontally and I would rather have the 128mm for those situation. In my experience that 150mm fails to pen more often than the 128mm.

  2. Did QB just call the E25 GARBAGE?!?!?

  3. Ive had some luck with the big boom stick. At a good range the rounds actually dip more, it tends to do well against sloped armor

  4. The Tiger I at 15:12 represents my teammates in every game 🙁

  5. Quickly baby saying hole name me he knows a different language lol

  6. Smaller gun is better imo

  7. QB I have a suggestion to add to ur terrible content. Would you consider reviewing games where players didn’t do so well? I mean anyone can show u their one off game where they did awesome. U can show us a game where u play awesome or show us a game where it supports what ur opinion is. Maybe show games where people made mistakes and help us with what we should have done to avoid that mistake. Tell us what ur seeing and what u would have done and why. U get questions on how to be better at this game, well show us the bad videos and comment on them. Thank u in advance!

  8. The 128 is better in literally every parameter apart from alpha damage. I never, ever saw a reason to use the 150

  9. 9:00 twitch huh 😀

  10. The Conway, the type 4, o-ho, ugh choices

  11. When in doubt, use the derp

    And yes, we know you mean penis

  12. Skil4 the win, Quicky 4 the shill.

  13. 150mm gun is 2 tons lighter than the 128mm which makes a huge difference in the mobility.

  14. Lies and heresy. M12 is using warpack. It can’t hit the planet falling off a 3 foot cliff

  15. Rhm. Wurstwerfer auf Panzer

  16. Luís Augusto Panadés

    What about ISU-152 that has better gun handling in 152mm gun than Borsig in 128mm… that with 750alpha and 260mm of pen. Wow… nobody is saying that there are any russian bias… any!

  17. Then there’s players with a Skorpion who play Borsig with the 15cm to make it stand out more from the Skorp 😉

  18. QB I disagree with you, as I think that anyone be they a free to play player, or an experienced player who has a premium account can and will do better with the large caliber gun on the Borsig. But I do see your argument with the smaller caliber gun, with regards to the faster load time especially if you get caught out when reloading with the larger caliber gun. As that extra 2 to 4 seconds of reload time, can and often does make a difference when you are caught reloading in defending yourself. However, for those who have a little more patience as well as are smart enough to not push without backup will do better with the larger gun even if you are a free to play player, then they will with the smaller caliber. And I am saying that as someone who was free to play, and ground through that tank to get to the Grille 15. As it is not the side of your gun that matters, it is knowing how to use what you have to achieve your objectives. Put simply, big gun, little gun it isn’t going to matter if you do not know how to use what you have, you are just simply going to suck no mater what gun you use.

  19. Copy skil much?

  20. i gotta say smaller guns perform alot better compared to bigger calibers. i like playing a43 with 57mm gun. it’s the second gun with 85 alpha dmg and really poor penetretion. but just accuracy, aim time and dispersion values plus 2300 dmg per min in tier 6 makes it so op playing it. with coated optics and other things and skill perks ive got dmg per minute over 2600 which is far then good for medium tank. i got 427m of viewrange as well and to top it of with very good power to weight ratio you have rly good med for tier 6. it suffers in armor but because the gun stats and mobilty, youre quite hard of a target to hit.

  21. As one of the top winrate borsig players on the na server per battles played id have to say the new speed meta of the game brought on by the ebrs has really rendered big gun borsig useless. To the point that i recently 3 marked it with the long barrel. It was the first time i had ever actually tried to 3 mark anything.

  22. 150 mm gun is machine of death

  23. I like to play in my borsig with big gun because of HE shell. I one shotted so many full HP scorpion and su 130pm. It is so satisfying to balance those vehicle ???

  24. Its bigger brother the Rheinmetall Borsig Panzer IV? ?
    No sausages for u today, QB!

    Great vid, as always!

  25. wotb:12.8cm has shit DPM than Scorpion G, everyone uses 15cm

  26. 128mm everytime. Better pen and dpm

  27. I love how he call his wife a sausage

  28. This is my best tank in WoT. “Dabbing the 2 key” or switching ammo is something I’ve never done with this tank. Know why? It’s called skill. Y’all should try it. The fact that your recommendation is premium ammo shows how lazy and lacking in skill and the ability to strategically think the map through and where they’re going to go in WoT. I’m glad premium ammo had its pen nerfed. You can’t compensate for a lack of skill when you don’t have the over penetrating ammo you did before, huh?

    • Lack of skill? I use premium ammo to compensate RNG. No matter how skilled I get I can’t change RNG. If everyone used premium ammo thw game would require far more skill than if everyone used HE or normal ammo.

  29. “My gun is bigger than yours” 😀

  30. I love this tank.
    I play it with the large gun, I have found that the 128mm gun is not as accurate as it should be, so I’d rather fire HE with the big gun, even against tier 10 you deal damage. It’s funny, with the tier 9 WT I like the smaller gun. For a Free To Play guy like me the HE with the 150mm gun is more fun, yes it’s not as accurate, but it’s more flexible IMHO, as you don’t always get the wide-open maps, and in a city map you can pop around a corner, and blast someone in the face and then run away, with the 128mm gun this is not as good, IMHO.
    Also with the 150mm and HE you can often loop the shell onto the top of a turret or the top of the back of the tank and penetrate causing a lot of damage. YMMV.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  31. Hey Quickybaby…on the Russian server we call this the “Borscht” its soooo much easier than calling it the Reimetall Bor…..( fuuu ) Borsig…Borscht. I think you get it. Ask your wife. ))))))

  32. one tank people don’t use the large caliber gun enough on is the IS. its a beast with the 122 cause 390 alpha can 2 shot lots of lower teir heavy tanks and can allow you to play a run and gun play style more like the is-3.

  33. Slicky baby

  34. Quickybaby always chooses the most effective thickness, just ask Tanya

  35. The 150mm on the Roomba also makes it more agile. It really helps on soft and medium terrain.

  36. Well, finaly. Finaly i Can watch some good video, about old school tank. Not about russian or some freaking wheeled shieeet. But solid, and good tank. Thank you quacky! Love this video’s

  37. You NaughtyBaby

  38. That video is so relevant to the Japanese heavy tanks

  39. Quicklybaby could you feature the obj. 268 sometime? Maybe you could do a video of ‘oldie but a goodie’ tanks or maybe a new series where you play tanks that have been in the game for a while that no one really plays yet are still relevant?

  40. i prefer using 490 damage gun with 246 armor penetration because it’s faster reloading and aiming time also the accuracy is better compare to 750 damage gun..

  41. Monsieur Wonderbra

    Thats the point, wg could make the game more interessting. With different gun options, which are both competitiv, you could Individual play your prefered roll in the game. Good Video, thumb up!

  42. Definitely use the 150 and only use HE – honestly the best memes

  43. Great information video. Thanks

  44. 128 trolled me all the time. Seem to hit more shots with the 150

  45. Life commenting a game you dont even remember .. 2020 content

  46. Big gun. Because size matters.

  47. in fact. this is one of the best F2P TD in T8. use 150 mm and only HE or AP. if MM is -2 = AP. +2 = HE. You wil be consistent 1.5-2k DMG every game….

  48. Tbh the BIG gun on Ap rounds isnt that bad if you hit where you aim. Somtimes tho it misses by a mile where you shoot and gun lets you down

  49. I have a question. How can I fly with they camera when I watch a replay?
    Thanks for your support 😉

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